anyone have a GERIATRICS program for school?

  1. Hey everyone,
    I am in nursing school right now (I graduate in May) and I was seeing if anyone elses school has a Geriatrics course in the last year of schooling. I am in it right now and I hate it. It is really hard and I am really nervous for this next test! Any tips?
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  3. by   achot chavi
    Lol, in Israel every nursing school has a G-s program and every student spends a couple of weeks on a Geriatric Unit. I know its hard and even panful but one never knows where your career might lead you. It is as important as Peds, Surgery, Neuro and Orthopeds. Keep your ears and eyes open, Learn what ever you can and remember, a patient is a patient. No one is more important than another even if the patient is old and feeble.
  4. by   Sunshine Sweetheart
    My school recently got a grant that required them to educate people on the aging population and it also required two staff members to go back to school to get degrees in aging. Also, one of the prenursing classes is about aging and health. In addition during clinicals we go to the nursing home for a couple of weeks.
  5. by   ICRN2008
    My school has a three credit course required course on gerontological nursing. We also spend four weeks in a nursing home during the second semester. It does not seem too difficult, but I've been told that the information will be very useful in nursing practice.
  6. by   SillyLilly
    We have gero as one of our rotations second year. ( as well as OB med surg, med surg 2, peds, and psych-they are all divided into 5 weeks) I do not like it, but i do not hate it. To us, it is like med surg, with keeping in mind the aging process. Also, most of the people in our med surg rotations are elderly anyways. I am lucky, as i do not like nursing homes and our rotation is in a hospital, in ECU.

    If it is difficult, throw us a question, and maybe the hundreds (or more) of us can help you. Also ask your teachers for assistance. Good luck!
  7. by   traumaRUs
    I am in a clinical nurse specialist course and we do a 3 hour course in geriatrics - it is very needed as our population ages.
  8. by   S.N. Visit
    I just finished an eight week rotation in LTC today. We cover geriatrics in our course called "Nursing of Adults". Sorry to hear that you aren't enjoying your program, I have loved every minute of mine.
  9. by   Imafloat
    We have a whole 12 week class in gerontology. We had to go to a LTC for 6 weeks and then we went to adult day care the remaining time. I feel that based on what I learned in this course that every school should have a geriatrics course. Our bodies and minds change a lot as we age, and the elderly are the fastest growing population in the USA. It is vital that nurses be equipped to deal with the special needs of this population.
  10. by   JenNJFLCA
    Med-surg patients seem to be mostly geriatric, so I guess we kinda did. We actually had an "older adult" class for 7 weeks, but most of our pts in clinical were older than 60 at least.