Another one that needs prayers

  1. Hi, I need prayers. Right now I am very scared and trying to relax. I have been studying my tail off preparing for finals and the HESI. Well tomorrow my finals begin and end friday. My HESI IS on friday. Right now I have A's in the following classes: Nursing research, Nursing seminar and Christianity II. I am not worried about those classes. However, the class I am worried the most about is my Health Management III class where I have a B. Tomorrow is the final in that class, it is 100 points and it is comphrehensive. 53 of those points are over new stuff we never been tested over but recently been lectured on. 18 of the 53 is reproductive which don't worry me at all. However, 35 points of the test is on Adult neuro-head injury and stroke and that section really scares the living daylights out of me. All the instructors know it is hard and they said it is the section that students tend to do the worse on. I am trying to think happy thoughts and remain positive.

    Friday is the HESI and that is an all or nothing thing meaning if we get below 85% we get 0 points if we get 85 or above we will get 25 points.

    Last time this year in health management 1 going into the HESI and the final I had the exact same percentage which was an 85% well thanks to mainly the HESI and paritally the final my grade went from a B to a high C and now I am scared again. Thinking the same thing may happen and I am trying so hard not to. I have worked so hard this semester, this semester I have grown so much and it has been one of my best semesters yet. I am going to be highly disappointed if it is DE JA VU all over again like this time last year.

    I have been going over content, reading the book, working in study group, asking teachers for help, going over test strageties in my Kaplan book and going over NCLEX review questions from my Saunders book and Mosby book and CD-Roms. I have been doing pretty good on those. I have been averaging about a 90% on the practice tests.

    I just think some prayers and good luck.

    I will let everyone know the final results on friday.


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  3. by   CATHYW
    I would review the Neuro part ONLY on Thursday evening. Do not spend hours on it, but be sure that you know things like decorticate and decerebrate posturing, what nerves ennervate what parts of the body, and what would change if there was a nerve injury, sx of closed head injury and how to evaluate; what types of stimulation might be needed to rouse someone, and how to document, the Glasgow coma scale, when BP can go up or down as an indicator to what type of brain injury someone may have experienced, s/s of CVA, both hemorrhagic, or anoxic. You sound like a dedicated student who is going to do well. Be sure to sleep well on Thursday night. By the was, what is HESI?
    Good luck!
  4. by   peaceful2100
    Thanks, those are the same things the instructor told us to carefully look at.

    The HESI is a standarized test given to many nursing students all over the country. Not all schools take it. The HESI company will make up the HESI catered to each school and what the instructors from the school has given them as things they have reviewed that particular semester. It is to give an idea of how a student may do on the NCLEX. The say it give some sort of idea of who will be good canadites to pass the NCLEX and who won't. Based on 85% being the idea range. IF a student don't make an 85% on the HESI many schools are strongly encourage to tell their students to take enhanced review courses or such as NCLEX review courses before taking the NCLEX. My school is forming a enhanced review study session on their own and it will begin in August.
  5. by   GPatty
    As smart as you ought to be praying that the other students can at least match your scores!
    Seriously, you are going to be all right. Knock their socks off girl!
    :angel2: :angel2:

    Best of all to you~
  6. by   meintheUSA
    You'll do O.K.

    Our thoughts are with you (Friday will be here before you know it)So will next year, and you will look back and think, my, how time flys... LOL

    Best of luck girl..!!!
  7. by   ADN 2002
    Hey, Tonya,

    You're in my'll do great on your HESI. I was so worried about mine and even as I was taking it the other day I didn't think I would pass...but I did -- with a 99.89% -- and I missed what I thought was a lot of questions.

    2 weeks to go!!
  8. by   studentnurse_02
    Hey Tonya. i will be praying for you. good luck!! you'll do fine, i am sure! let us know how it goes!
  9. by   hotlooks
    Think big and remain postive if you want the dream it will happen. Good look i feel for you