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Ok, let me say that the turnover in nursing school is worse than the employees at taco bell. Except, of course, that we don't get new students. We started out with a campus group of 20 and a... Read More

  1. by   sunnygirl272
    this thread makes me laugh...can't remember at all how many we started and finished remember the one who got canned for cheating...blatantly cheating....took the instructors forever to catchon...

    but the funny story is the girl who did well in class..but dropped out as soon as we started clinical...didn't know she was gonna hafta touch people....that's jtpa for ya....
  2. by   Mito
    We started with 60 students in our section, and after the first semester we were down to 35. Bioscience is what did the majority of them in, you know the story; lots of material and not really enough time to cover it. From what I have seen the students who leave the program generally fall into one of the following categories:

    1. those with personal problems, family tragedy, death or seperation, divorce.

    2. those who really like the end result but don't have the commitment to finish the program.

    3. those who watch to much TV (ie ER) and think nursing is action packed 24 hours aday and filled with prestige and respect (not always the case)

    4. those who are great students, but as mentioned earlier can't handle the clinical aspect of the job.

    5. those who can manage the clinical but are struggle with test taking and study skills.

    6. and finally those few that get into the program that you wonder what in h@## the admission office was thinking giving these people the opportunity to use potentialy harmful drugs and devices around sick people.

  3. by   Mkue
    i can see the weeding out process starting in my nutrition class. you have to have at least 80% which is a "c" by the way.. and many students aren't making it. the test questions are set up kinda like the nclex will be, "what's the best answer" which i think is a good idea. many students didn't expect to be tested this way.

  4. by   babynursewannab
    Originally posted by trishfish

    The nursing class of 2000 started out with 95 students and graduated 15.
    The nursing class of 2001 started out with 90 students and graduated 35.
    The current nursing class started out with over 100 students and there are 45 left. I know about 5 will fail because this is the hardest semester.


    Ummmm. Sounds like a really REALLY bad school problem....not a bad student problem here.

    Has the school ever been reviewed for its problem getting students through?
  5. by   Whisper
    Weeding seems to happen a lot, sometimes they get lucky and do get rid of the ones that were being carried along by everyone else, but unfortunatly in my cohort there are stil a lot that I feel a does or two of wedall wouldn't harm...

    I realise that may sound cruel, but I think I am becomming immune my class intake was just shy of 200, and now we are well on the way to 1/3 of the intake gone, and this is BEFORE the start of year two!!! I have two more days at uni (in a week) then three essays, one CAP document, and one work booklet to hand in before we can start the second year.

    I have a feeling there will be plenty of empty seats, compared to this time last year when we sitting on the steps in the lecture hall

    On many occasions I have felt like I won't get there, but then I don't want to quit, and will have to be weeded out... something my school seems to be suprisingly good at.

    But the huge intake rate is good, the government gives them lots of money for every student they get through the doors, and it doesn't matter how many of us will make it out at the other end.

    It says a lot when you make a pact with your study partners not to quit.

    Sorry for rambling...