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I'm in need of some encouragement :o : This is my second attempt in Anatomy I and I know that I'm only going to come out of it with a D. It's not that the work was so difficult, it's just that with... Read More

  1. by   sabine_rn
    I'm counting before I say something to the previous comment....
    Yes, it takes a lot of determination to do well in A&P, but some of us have kids etc., so 3-4 hrs./day just for A&P??? But maybe as a software engineer you are @ your PC most of the day, so you have the time to take a class and work. Do you take any other classes? If you do, it must be nice to be so smart, carry a job, floss your teeth daily, AND be...well perfect.
    I study about 3 hours a week and got an A--I'm in the top 3 in the class.
    I just don't feel that "maybe it's you..." is helpful advice, and sounds a little, well, conceited. It's about the quality of the study, not the quantity--a study group is a good idea--and take it easy, one step @ a time, Lanitra.
    YOU CAN DO THIS...just because someone popps out A's doesn't give them ppl. skills---anyone can have the personality of a piece of wood.
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  2. by   luckyladyore
    Quote from John Coxey

    - I'd like to add some advice here.

    - First, you need to do some self-assessing, and determine why you are not doing
    better in A&P. Perhaps even speak with a counselor at the community college
    or something.

    If you cannot are unwilling to devote 2 or 3 hours/day (everyday) into studying
    A&P, then stop now. Yes, it takes that kind of dedication to studying if you want
    to grab an A in the course.

    - I am taking Microbiology, and out of 135 students, only 50 are left, and only 3 of
    us will get an A in the class - finals in 2 weeks. This is at the University of
    Southern Indiana. I will be one of those folks grabbing an A.

    In this class, I put in about 4 hours/day every single day hitting the books. I even
    start studying for the next exam 10 min after I finish the current exam.

    - The weekend before the exam, I will put in a 10 to 12 hour cram session, on Sat and again on Sunday. So do the
    other 2 folks getting "A"s in the class.

    - I also hold down a full-time job (software engineer).


    - Why do I mention this?

    - Something is wrong with either your dedication to study time, or your study
    habits. This is where the counselor can come into play.

    - How do I study?

    - I write or replay the same word/sentence/concept in my mind for 5 to 10 min. I
    have timers on my computer - you can use an alarm clock if you have to. Then, I
    take a blank sheet of paper or use MS-Notepad on my laptop and do a memory
    dump. I continue the process for 2 or 3 or 4 hours.

    - How do I stay focused/motivated. I ride an exercise bike sometimes, or I lock
    myself in car while watching trains. I also study at Denny's, Barnes & Nobles, and
    Waffle Hut. Also study in conference room at work (after hours).

    As far as motivation. After putting in 100+ hours for the first exam and grabbing
    a 95%, I am not going to slow down and procrastinate. "Riding the wave" as some
    people put it.

    - Regarding taking the class multiple times.

    - At this point - your study skills need to be re-evaluated. It's not the material - it's you. And again, it would benefit you to talk to an advisor, classmates, etc.

    - Regarding admissions to nursing school. Switch community colleges and start over once your study skills are up to par. No one has to know that you took classes at the other community college.


    - With regards to study-time & committment. It only gets worse. So gotta get good skills and dedication now.

    Hope this helps & good luck.

    John Coxey
    Evansville (where the cows don't play), Indiana
    That is so cool I admire the dedication I dont study the 10 hrs but I can say the 3 to 4 youre right I only get a C maybe I need to study Longer.... GOODLUCK inyour courses you will do fine.......
  3. by   SirJohnny

    - Sometimes in life, choices must be made.

    - If you chose to have kids - that's fine. You made that decision. Don't blame me because you you had kids or whatever.

    - On the other hand, I do not have kids - just three persian cats. I work full time (40-50 hrs/weeK), plus go to school, and study the 3 or 4 hours a day that Micro requires.

    - I am finding Micro quite intense as compared to the A&P. A&P required about an hour less per day than the Micro class.

    - For me, and the other two folks in the class getting the "A"s, we all put in this kind of time hitting the books. Perhaps others can do as well with less time - but not seeing it this semester.


    - Regarding getting an "A", not sure what your problem is? Perhaps a bad day?

    . - I see school/classes as a challenge - and I am going to push myself as hard as I can to grab that "A".

    - I hope to be able to push myself as hard (if needed) when taking care of a patient.

    - Are you going to use the "I have kids excuse" when your patient needs help?


    - Regarding my previous posting about Lanitra having to do some "self-assessment". It's not meant as a personal attack, nor is it meant as gloating. It's meant to give some guidance.

    - Even with kids and a full-time job - you can find the time to study. If I can find time to shampoo, bathe, blow dry, and brush out 3 persian kitties (one is a 15# big baby), every other week - you certainly can find time to study.

    - Granted kids take a lot more care than cats - but if you have a dream, and really want to obtain it - then you will make the time.

    - Will you be able to take a full-course load? I doubt it. I currently am taking Micro by itself. I taught 2 nights/week (in addition to full-time job), when taking the easier A&P courses. Made the decision to cut back when taking micro.


    - You mentioned the need to study smarter.

    - I believe that Lanitra's problems may lie with both study skills and motivation, hence my recommendation to step back from the situation, and perhaps see a counselor or speak with other students regarding her situation.


    John Coxey
    Evansville, Indiana
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  4. by   Energizer Bunny
    yeah, with children, there is plenty of time to study if you don't sleep!
  5. by   fssmith
    Girl your talking about 1 little class... let me tell you about my drama- I screwed up a whole semester, and all of the classes were important(Dev.psych, AP I, and College Algebra) I took all of the classes over and got a B,B, and C respectivly, and got accepted into the nursing program. I know that this may sound bad but when I went for my advising sesion I told a sob story about being under a lot of stress, and transferring to a new school was hard on me, and well I guess the story was good. Take the class over and see what happens!!!
  6. by   klone
    Quote from John Coxey
    - Even with kids and a full-time job - you can find the time to study. If I can find time to shampoo, bathe, blow dry, and brush out 3 persian kitties (one is a 15# big baby), every other week - you certainly can find time to study.
    I'm sorry, but

    Spoken like a true childless person. No offense, John. But

    Other than that, I agree with you. But I owned three cats at one point. And now I have 2 kids. The two cannot even begin to compare, in terms of time consumption.
  7. by   mauser
    I believe you are missing John's point.

    If you want a good grade, you must put in the time. How much time? Only you will know what you need - what works. I am getting A's in A&P. At 46 I went back to school - never had chemistry. First test 79. I doubled my studying. Next test 79 again - except class average had dropped 20 points to 66. Prof felt he needed to "test his testing." Gee thanks. I redoubled my studying. I aced his final - ended up with A- for overall grade.

    A&P is a lot easier for me. I have been doing medical transcription for 25+ years. A's without much work. We are at the nervous system. This will take a lot more studying for me.

    Oh yeah, I work fulltime, have two daughters one husband, one dog, two horses, four cats, two steers, four chickens, and a LARGE yard to mow.
  8. by   belladelicious
    I made a D first time I took A&P. I made a D second time I took A&P. I made a B 3rd time around.

    I transferred, made an A in the second portion of A&P.

    Of course, I made the D b/c I didn't study at all, and wasn't really into the whole school thing yet.

    I think your only hope is to make A's in everything else. Of course, you have to retake it, and you must get an A when you retake it. So the grades will average together for a C.

    It's probably too late to drop, not sure if you've taken other science courses yet. If not, you really need A's, not B's, in thoses classes. Nutrition, A&P, MIcro, and Human Growth and Development....those are the classes you need to pay attention to, and do really well, to get into nursing school.

    And by the way...I'm making A's in nursing school, so just b/c you haven't done well in A&P, doesn't mean a thing!
  9. by   klone
    Quote from mauser
    I believe you are missing John's point.

    If you want a good grade, you must put in the time.

    Nah, I got that point, and I totally agree with it. I won't list all the things in my life that suck up my time; suffice it to say it's a lot.

    I was just laughing at what he said about the cats.
  10. by   ayndim
    When I was in labor (I have pretty painless ones) my nurse told me it took her 3 times to pass A&P. After hunting around for advice I have found that it would be much better to take a general biology class first if you have never taken one or it has been awhile, 10 years in my case. I dropped out of A&P the first time I took it in 1999 and it completely put me off nursing. I have developed better study habits since then. I will be taking A&P in the fall so we will see.

    My blood boiled when I read about the comparision to bathing cats once a week to having kids. :angryfire I have 3, aged 5, 2 and 7 months and let me tell you it is not even close. Mine have to be bathed at least once a day sometimes more. I have to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don't forget snacks. Oh yeah they have to be played with and read to. I do my classes online right now. I work from about 7 to 11 pm most nights. But I have to stop to nurse the baby too. I have gotten good at typing with him in my arms while nursing. I agree that you determine your own study habits but it is hard to do with kids, especially if it is your first semester and you are just getting into the thick of it. Eventually you get a rythm but it takes awhile.
  11. by   marilynmom
    First off John if you don't have kids so you truly have no clue how time consuming things can be, taking care of 2 cats is sh*t compared to kids. But having said that I have two little kids and make straight A's so it certainly can be done, and yes I do sleep I never use having kids as an excuse because they are not. My kids help me to be a better student and find time to study, they are my motivation for a lot of things in life, including school and doing well.

    But other than that I do agree with your post. Some people do have to study that much to make an A, for me I did not and I made A's in both Anatomy, Physio, Micro, Biology, etc etc but for Chemistry to make an A I had to study 2 hours a day, everyday, and a major review before tests on the weekend.

    If she is making D's both times, there is something wrong she is doing, probably not very good study habits I would bet. She also mentioned that the "next time, she wouldn't take the class for granted" I'm not sure what she meant by that but it struck me as odd- you can't go into Anatomy thinking that way. It doesn't sound like she is very serious about it because a D both times? I would agree with some of the others if her study and time management skills are not up to par she needs to start with some easier classes and build up her study skills that way--nothing wrong with that at all.

    But I feel she can overcome this and go on, though with a D some schools may not accept her (just the way things are anymore), we have people at my school who are having to retake classes they got a B in! And a B is a good grade!

    Good luck to the OP though, I really believe that if there is a will there is a way, though it may not be easy or take longer than you think. I hope no parts of my post came across as rude to anyone or condescending because that was NOT my point at all, I truly hope the OP can overcome her problems because I always like to hear sucess stories

  12. by   Purple Princess
    At our college; it is required that you have a C or better in all of your courses before entering the nursing program. Your grade point average has to be at least 2.5. However; I found out this school year preference was given to those with an average between 3.0 and 3.5. The higher the better. My very first semester I got 68% in Anatomy I but failed English I ( teacher total witch!) And so I had to repeat both courses and was placed on a waiting list for the nursing program. Got a B the second time I took these courses. And a B in Anatomy II as well. I eventually got into the program just two weeks before the first nursing class started. But certain classes have to be taken before you can continue in the nursing program. Sometimes you pass the fundamentals but not anatomy so your dropped from the program and are only readmitted once forever. Well; hope my tidbits help. And good luck. Anatomy is tough. Hey; our school has basic human structure. Maybe your school has something similar!!!!!
  13. by   aldedmon
    "You can make it if you Try-I-I." Have 3 kids too just Ayndim. The same ages, Isn't that weird. Mine are Boy, Girl, Girl....Anyway, Last summer I had an epiphany. Me thinks I'll go to nursing school I says to the misses, who is a BSN Univ of TX at alma Mater thank you very much. So anyway, I already have a degree in Biology so science is no big deal. I mean, I aint no brainiac or nothin' ,but I aint a feared of it neither. Okay back to the story.Anyway, I took Philosophy,Dev Psych,Nutrition and Art Appreciation...during the 12 week summer session...12 hours...all "A". I took API and Statistics last fall 7 hours all "A"'s, I took APII and Intro psych this spring as in now(I say took it because I took the Psych final today and only needed to make a 70 to get the "A". could have forfeited the exam and netted a B and All I need is a 75 out of 200 points on the next AP lab to get the "A".) This is no brag....I said that I have 3 kids and I am handling my WHAT??......My Business. (Let me run it down for the ladies out there BEFORE they overide me with "But you wife is there to...)The trick have to be focused.Lets rehash, that's 12 course hours in the summer + 2 kids + one very pregnant wife, plus a fulltime gig, plus cut the lawn, wash the cars take out the trash, pick up the kids AND..........Cook...Yeah that's right...a renaissance man. I adore my kids and they are MY primary responsibility. But, the difference between me and the young lady is ....I'm old. I'm 41. I made my academic mistakes in undergrad and they cost me a career in medicine. I interviewed but was not accepted into medical school because my grades were to low. Truth be told, had I gotten in, I probably would have flunked out unless a miracle happend. Not that I couldn't have handled the academia, its just that I wasn't disciplined, focused, clear, determined, HUNGRY enough. 20 years later, several careers come and gone, a wife, a mortgage ,3 kids, 3 cars, Insurance, BILLS,private school all around... do you think I have the drive now?, Do you think I have the focus now? Do you think I have the determination now. Am I HUNGRY NOW?!?!, You Damn RIGHT! When she clears her personal hurdles and reprioritizes her life, she can / will make it in whatever venture she chooses. BUT as long as her education plays second fiddle, she will NOT be successful at pursuing her goal. Quite Frankly, i have never given up on my goal of becoming a Dr. I have just been accepted into an accelerated nursing program and after successfully completing it,with high marks mind you, I will be reapply to Medical school for the 3rd time. They say 3rd time's the charm. And I do want to encourage the young lady to NOT GIVE UP!
    And Don't table it either. I tabled my dream for 15 years. I should have never done that. I could already have realized my goals by now. But I'm not complaining. I love the fun that I've had, but now its time for Daddy to become, first Nurse Daddy and then Dr. Daddy. So take it from an old head, "Hang on in there baby"