Anatomy + Microbiology + work?

  1. Hi,
    I was going to take anatomy and microbiology and only those two classes. However it's 9 credits total, and I also work 25 hrs a week as a waitress and volunteer at a hospital for another 5 hrs. Is this doable? If necessary, I'd cut back to 20 hrs of work but I could use the money. I was wondering if anyone was ever in a similar situation and managed to get good grades. How did you manage?
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  3. by   Mell Bell
    I took microbiology and A+P II at the same time, along with Nutrition and an Intro to Healthcare class. I didn't work, but I definitely think that I could have. I know someone that has 4 classes, works, and has kids. I don't know how she does it, but it can be done! If you're good at time management, go for it!
  4. by   newbiepnp
    I took physio and micro and worked 32 hours minimum, plus volunteered 4 hours a week and passed both with an A. Just say goodbye to your friends and sleep for a few months and you can do it.
  5. by   9livesRN
    You can do whatever you put your mind into it!

    I took A&P I, A&P II, Micro, Psych on the same semester and worked fulltime through it.

    now... like ^ said: forget about social life, the closest you will get to your friends is facebook!

    LOL, you can do it, we're here to help!
  6. by   thatsthekeyRNC
    It's scary, but possible. I took Micro, A&P II, Medical Terminology, and Public Speaking .. got A's in all but Public Speaking (B)..clearly I belong in the medical field. haha I was also working 20-30hrs a week too. I still don't know how I survived, but I'm happy I did it -- it forced me to be organized!
  7. by   esunada
    Thanks for letting me know it's possible even if social life is non-existent.
  8. by   Chapis
    i wouldn't do it. can you take one during the summer?
  9. by   Amanda1985
    I took AP II and Micro and passed both with an A. I was also working 21+ hours a week. It was a lot of studying, but I also still had some of my social life. It can be done, just make good use of your time.
  10. by   cheska_rn
    I took A & P II, Micro, and Medical Ethics all in the same semester, while working full-time in a challenging position. It wasn't 'easy', but with good time-management, it was very doable.

    I still had a social life (plus a house, fiance, child, pets, etc.), and was successful in the classes (all A's).

    Good lucK!
  11. by   K nurse-one-day
    Well, I definitely dont want to discourage you but this semester I'm taking A&P 1 and a simple humanities class and I have to study all the time (like 10-12 hours a week just for A&P) Its like I have a part time job studying. I couldn't imagine adding another class on to what I'm taking now. The semester is over in 2 weeks and I'm scraping to make an A. Next semester I'm taking A&P 2 and Intermediate algebra and i know I'm going to be stretched to the max. If you think you can do it then by all means try it. Im all about getting through school as fast as possible. Everyone is different. Good luck with whatever you choose
  12. by   busymomto4
    Definately doable, worked 30 hr/wk, A&P I and Micro and 4 kids - stay focused. Good Luck