Am I cut out for the job?

  1. I was taking Microbiology this summer and dropped out because of a couple different reasons one of which I needed to up my hours at work because my husband will be loosing his job next month and I just couldn't keep up this summer. I was going to school and work at night and I was so exhausted I was physically sick. ONe had to go and that was Micro. I felt so bad about it because I would have started my clinicals in the Fall semester had I passed that with a "C". It was within reach and I let it go until Spring.
    I had to change some of my Fall classes and my advisor and I had a meeting. I was told that I had to take it in the Fall. I requested that I not have the same professor because of the way she teached. She had her notes one power point and they was her own notes not from the book. I couldn't understand her notes but I fully understand the book. If her test was over the information in the book I would have been fine but it wasn't. I told my advisor this and she said that if I want to be a nurse that alot of the nursing courses aren't out of the book asnd that I might think about doing something else. I don't want to do something else, this is my dream.
    Should I take her advise and do something else?
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  3. by   Nurse2bSandy
    Hey, don't give up your dream! I got an A in micro, but really didn't learn anything. If you can understand the book, that's something! For me, it all seems to come together little by little. Much of what I did learn in micro was repeated in either biochem or A&P and when I went over it again it started to sink in.
    I had a friend who was discouraged from continuing in nursing. Her advisor suggested accounting and she wasted a whole semester on math she can't use. She came back to nursing... it's where her heart is. Follow your heart!
  4. by   maire
    Listen to Sandy! I had an advisor that suggested that I change my major to Computer Science (gah for a while so did my family...really pushy about it too), and I did...sat through Calculus with this stupid look on my face wondering why I was there...switched back to Nursing because that is what I am meant to do.
    Do what YOU want, NOT what someone else thinks you should do. You will be a lot happier.
  5. by   rebel_red
    Not to be all huffy puffy here, but it sounds like your advisor didn't hear a word you were saying....Yes some things in nursing aren't taught out of the book, but micro? Seems to me there is a reason your school chooses that specific text and it would seem that the instructor should utilize the text....Rant over.

    So ignore the advisor and as Sandy and Maire said "Follow your heart." We all have our own personal legend and it seems you know yours is to be a nurse.

    Best wishes
    and if there is another micro instructor try them out! if not maybe another student "gets" your prof's style of teaching and can be of assistance to you?
  6. by   renerian
    My advisor when I went to nursing school was very negative as I had been out of school for a long time. I worked during the day, two jobs with two small children and went to school at night for four years. It was hard. Do what you want and don't let someone else cloud your vision.

  7. by   dsczephyr
    Is there another college in the area where you could take the micro? In my nursing program it was not usual for students to take prerequisite courses, such as micro, at another school and have the course transferred to the school you will do your nursing at.

    I have to echo everyone else's sentiment - if this is your dream, don't give it up. I am a new graduate nurse and there is such a need for people like us. The only other thing I would suggest is this: is there a possibility of changing your job to one at a hospital? Many of the students in my class had worked as aides or unit secretaries while in school. Hospitals tend to meet the scheduling needs of nursing students - they know what your needs are. Just wanted you to know other possible options. Good luck!
  8. by   dsczephyr
    Sorry, I meant it was not unusual to take courses at another college - not usual.
  9. by   twarlik
    Geez, who do these advisors think they are! It's always been my understanding that an advisor was there to answer questions about the program and let you know what classes you needed to take, NOT to give you their personal opinion on whether or not you're cut out to be a nurse! I say, do what you want. You'll learn soon enough whether you made the right decision. Don't let some advisor make the decision for you.
    As for the teacher...Don't disparage him for not teaching out of the book. This is REALLY common in higher education. It can be a little frustrating, but it's something you should learn to deal with. Most universities and colleges require a class to have a text book, whether or not the teacher plans on actually using it. A lot of times, in fact, the teacher doesn't even choose the text, especially if they're adjunct faculty.

    Good luck with everything!
  10. by   KidsLuvMe
    You know what... I think about as highly of school counselor/advisors as I do of lawyers or the media. My gf went to one of those high schools where everyone goes to Harvard or Yale after they graduate. She is not from the US but still did very well in school despite her challenges. Then when she asked the counsleor for their advice they told her that she couldn't do anything that she wanted to do (architecture, obsterician, etc...). She believed them and never applied herself until she met me and I encouraged her to follow her dreams. She is now about to graduate from cosmetology school and she wants to go back to school for business next year. Every time I hear someone talk about a school counselor I always hear them say what the advisor told them they could NOT do. I say forget what your counselor said and follow your heart. Do what you gotta do and remember that you can do anything you want if you want it bad enough.
  11. by   manna
    I think alot of advisors, particularly in health related programs, work on the negativity system to "weed out" the students who aren't REALLY dedicated to pursuing that particular profession. And even more so if your schools program is competitive to get into.... (let's face it, some people in college just do not have the grades to get into some of these programs... so unless someone gives them a dose of reality that they're going to have to wake up and do better, the truth sometimes the advisor is correct in telling those guys to look into other options - not saying this is the case for the OP at all, though!)

    If your advisor is discouraging you, view it as that much more opportunity to excel in your courses and show them you have the stamina and gray matter to do what it is you want to pursue your dream!

    Good luck!
  12. by   Jen2
    My advisor told me that is would be impossible for me to take A&P, Chem, Eng, and Psych at the same time while working 40 hours a week. Guess what? I did it, with my worst being a B+ in Chem. Guess what else? Nursing students are a different breed. The more you tell me I can't, the more I can and will. I found that nursing students eat stress and deadlines for breakfast. Nothing is impossible.
  13. by   happystudent
    Originally posted by Jen2
    My advisor told me that is would be impossible for me to take A&P, Chem, Eng, and Psych at the same time while working 40 hours a week. Guess what? I did it, with my worst being a B+ in Chem. Guess what else? Nursing students are a different breed. The more you tell me I can't, the more I can and will. I found that nursing students eat stress and deadlines for breakfast. Nothing is impossible.
    I like that, eat stress for breakfast....... Now I know where those extra lbs. came from...:chuckle
  14. by   rnnurse2be
    I agree with everyone above. If they tell me I cant, then I DO!

    It's you against your advisor.... YOU Alone hold your destiny in your hands, dont let an advisor tell you what you CANT do, PROVE HER Wrong!

    As a rule of thumb here, we take what ever the advisor says w/a grain of salt... After they give us their pro opinion, we go get another one! Seriously. Way to many of my college friends *including me* have been given the screws from one.

    Hon, if you want to be a NURSE, then be the best one you can be. You need to live LIFE now, that means working more hours to survive. You can take Micro another time!