Age you will/were graduated? - page 36

Im just wondering (If you didnt mind saying) what age you graduated or will be... Im kinda sad how old i'll be when im done..and jw what ages are graduating... Thanks in advance!... Read More

  1. by   KathyRN2B
    I will be 39, Spring 2011
  2. by   Nightingale11
    I will be 21 (Dec 3rd, 2010)........graduate Dec 2010 with ADN
  3. by   modelmama07
    I'll be 24, I think its a good age, I probably could have been done earlier, but it took me a while to get focused, but hey, I'm here now!
  4. by   runtagua
    I graduate in 2011... I'll be 40.
  5. by   melmarie23
    I'll be 27 when I finish next December.
  6. by   Goingthere
    I'm not acknowledging anything past 23 ( I'll be 24, Dec 2010). So, I'll say 23! And when I do my MSN-I'll still be 23, DNP @ 23 again! Hehe
  7. by   seamel
    I graduate August of 2011, and I will have just turned 22. Can't wait to not be in school anymore after having been a student all my life!
  8. by   mrsshifflette09
    Graduate May 09 at age 20!! I went straight through school and I am SOO happy I did!!

  9. by   AllSmiles225
    18 LPN 22 RN
  10. by   CardioNRS~DAWN
    I graduate in August 2010, I will be 37
  11. by   Carrig RN
    I graduate Dec. 2010 with my BSN and will have just turned 26.
  12. by   ShantheRN
    I graduate in Jan 2011, and I'll be 2 months shy of 34
  13. by   greenwithme
    If all goes as planned, I will be 27 when I graduate with my LPN, 28 with my RN, and 31ish? with my MSN. Got to love accelerated programs