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Im just wondering (If you didnt mind saying) what age you graduated or will be... Im kinda sad how old i'll be when im done..and jw what ages are graduating... Thanks in advance!... Read More

  1. by   Jamie2887
    i'm 20 now in the first semester of ns, will graduate an rn in may 09 at 22 w/17 straight years of school under my belt :-) i can't even begin to imagine what it feels like to not be in school! i'm so excited to finish! but...i'm also having soooo much fun in ns!
  2. by   beepeadoo
    Quote from JBRN2B
    Big sigh... I turn 40 next week and will be 42 when I graduate.
    Hey!!! Life BEGINS at 40!!
  3. by   NurseJeanB
    I hope so. I am halfway through the first quarter and I feel like I am starting a new life and I am happy about that. I just wish I had got here earlier. =)
  4. by   Conrad283
    I wish I knew that I wanted to be a nurse when I started HS because where I went had an excellent LPN program, and I could have been a nurse when I was 19. BUT, I'll be 24 when I grad this December.
  5. by   liltweedy03
    I will be 24 when I graduate in April 2009.
  6. by   np_wannabe
    I'll be a month shy of 36!
  7. by   MiaKeaRN
    I'll be 44 in May 2009.
  8. by   Achoo!
    I'll have just turned 35 this December
  9. by   pinksugar
    I graduated just this past May at age 26. My mother was 43 when she graduated from NS.
  10. by   Seven, RN2b
    I'll be 42 when I graduate in June '09. Just started NS 10/22/07!
  11. by   NewRN2008
    29yof!!! but i feel like i am 18 does that count??
  12. by   Dreamer-RN
    I will be 34 when I graduate in May 2009 (BSN).
  13. by   Jilaweez
    35yo in 09. I feel young now, hopefully I still will!