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  1. Well, I've come to a serious bump in the road. Was accepted to nursing school for Fall 2012 and had my first orientation today. I've been extremely excited, but suddenly I feel like I'm drowning. Here's my situation...

    I have a fiance and two children. My fiance has been a stay at home dad, which has saved us a ton on childcare and made my life easier. I work full time in marketing, so him staying at home has not been an issue. We have a nice place (which we rent). Our bills total about $2000 - $2500 a month (for everything -- rent, utilities, food, etc). I found out today in orientation that I really have no options other than to quit my job for school. I then realized that my school does not offer federal student loans. I do receive Pell and other basic financial aid, but I need student loans to supplement. I went to apply for a few private loans, and was faced with the roadblock of needing a co-signer for literally every loan (due to the amount that I need to borrow and the fact that my credit history, while good, is still rather young). I have no one right now who is able or willing to co-sign for me. what?? If I quit and don't figure out a loan, we have no income. At least until my fiance can figure out a job situation for himself. I feel so defeated and depressed. I need help, advice, tips, ANYTHING! Nursing is my dream, and I have come so far, and now it seems as though everything is just crumbling in front of me.
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  3. by   Stephalump
    You really don't have many options here. When does school start? August? If so, you have until then to apply for scholarships, try to find a cosigner, and/or get your fianc gainfully employed. If it doesn't work out, you'll have plenty of time to get things in order for the next application cycle.

    Sorry you've hit a bump in the road I know those surprise road blocks are no fun.
  4. by   VictoriaMareah
    The Discover student loan and Sallie Mae do not require co-signers, but co-signers will greatly increase your chance of having a lower interest rate.

    I have been looking into these two which is why I know. When I talked to discover they said it is very easy for young students to get approved without a co-signer. So, you could at least try.

    Also, I suggest talking to your financial aid office. They are extremely knowledgeable and should be able to give you some options as well.
  5. by   PNicholas
    Why do you have to quit working? At orientation they stressed to us that you can not work and go to nursing school. Funny thing is, all of us work and go to nursing school! We (6 of the girls in my program and I) work on average 35 hours a week. Maybe you will have to take an MA job or be a cashier with flexible hours. Might not be a job you want but it will help you reach your overall be a nurse! If you have to put it off, try to find an evening program. That's what I am in and it is better suited for student who have to work! In the end, it is exactly what our instructors tell will have to sacrifice for nursing school BUT it is short term!!
  6. by   VictoriaMareah
    Yup, My friend works about 30 hours a week during nursing school as well to support her and her husband - so it's possible
  7. by   liairis
    They told us that same thing at my orientation, and I only know a couple of people that were actually able to quit work. The rest of us worked 20-30 hours a week and made it through just fine. It is very tough, and you learn to live on very little sleep, but if you want it bad enough you can make it work. From the other side of nursing school, I can definitely say that the hard work was worth it, and it doesn't last forever!
  8. by   flowerpowernow
    I've not heard of schools not being eligible for federal loans. There are schools, such as community colleges for ADN programs, which are not covered by private loans- but the other way around I'm not so sure of...
    Also, after your first semester you can work in most hospitals as a nurse tech. If you do that and your fianc finds some work you'll be fine
    Waitressing/battening is a good option. The money is typically better than a desk job and more fun.
  9. by   flowerpowernow
    *bartending.... :P
  10. by   firewifeRN
    I would suggest maybe your hubby finding a job and maybe you switching to waitressing if you have to work. I don't work and I am in nursing school and honestly I don't see how people can work during clinicals because I can't. I already don't get sleep as it is. Also you could cut bills that you don't "need" such as tv and whatever else extra that y'all may have. you could also have a stage sale to raise some money. Do you have a savings account? Because we did but it's low right now because we used it for help. also do u have family or friends to help watch the kids while you and your hubby are working? that will save on child care too. It will be a lot of sacrifice and hardly seeing your family but if this is what your dream is then y'all will make it through!
  11. by   firewifeRN
    Garage sale*****
  12. by   LiLev
    We all feel your pain, I'm in a similar situation myself. If you can do your current job part time that would help.

    Only you really know what your capable of as far as time-management and working. I think they tell all student not to count on working just because some can't manage it with their other responsibilities. If you know your well organized and think you can manage give it a try. Some of the senior students at my school have worked 20 hrs, 30 hrs, 1 even worked 40 hrs plus was on-call and she still got A's so don't count yourself out until you try.

    Your going to have to decide if its worth it to pay the higher interest rate on a private loan. Not ideal, but I'm taking the exact same advice I'm giving to you. I'll work as much as I can and then make ends meet with scholarships and loans. Where there is a will there is a way, if you want it bad enough you'll make it happen.

    good luck.
  13. by   HouTx
    I realize that this may too late in the game for the OP, but I would take a serious look at why this school is not eligible for Federal loans. The reasons that schools lose their eligibility usually indicate problems with high default rates/ non-completion / drop out rates, etc. If there's something sketchy going on, it is best to know it up front.

    I agree with PPs - the OPs partner will need to help shoulder the financial burden during the educational process. It was great to have a stay-at-home parent, but the situation has changed. Maybe both could work at part-time jobs?
  14. by   beckyv
    We have community schools in our area that do not take federal financial aid as well. It could be because they do more certificate / associate degrees than other types of things also, and just don't want the hassle of dealing with federal aid You can check with your school and see what private loan options they may have. I needed to supplement my financial aid but could not go through sallie mae, and disvoer and the others do not finance the school I'm attending... The school has their own private loan program. It has a cap, and you start payments immediately - it's kind of a last resort thing. Your state may also have last resort type loans, as well as specific state scholarships/grants to check into also. Good luck!!