1. Hi all! I am a 37 year old mom of 4(17,10,8,4)
    I have put off going to school for my RN because I was homeschooling for the last 11 years. However my husband has finally agreed with me about going back to school.
    the advice I need is this:
    I took the assessment test to get into the jr college and my reading,english scores were very high.however the math was really low not past algebra. I want to know am I kidding myself (like everyone in my husbands family thinks) about becomming a nurse or is there hope for me yet? I have never had good luck with math because moving around alot and my mom never finished 3rd grade. no one in my family has every finished highschool I was the first one I graduated valdictorian and governors honnors. I think I am just lacking grit. can anyone out there who scored really crummy on the assessement testing and are now doing well in the Nursing program give me a little encouragement?
    thanks for listening/
    Jean Lee in ca.
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  3. by   RN always
    Girl, if you want to do something in life, you can't let anything stop you, especially a low math test score or assessment score. I was 35 when I went back to school (never had any college). I tested in math 054, which is the basic math class (multipication, fractions, etc.) I am embarrased to admit this but it's the truth. Anyways, I went on to take 3 math classes (got A's in all of them) and ended up graduating Cum Laude! So, if I can do it, You can too. And by the way I have kids too. You just gotta set your mind to it. good luck!
  4. by   TeresaRN2b
    Yes, I think so! First off you are out of practice. You have forgotten a lot for sure. You will obviously have to take the preparatory courses to get you up to the level math you need to be at, but I have confidence you can do it. You do need math for nursing, but you really don't need algebra. You just need to have problem solving, ratio and proportions and some critical thinking skills. Take the prep courses, start working on your prereqs and I am sure you will do fine! It might take you a little longer than you want to having to take the extra math classes, but yes I think you can do this.

  5. by   Rena RN 2003
    i would love to have a nickle for all the people in my program alone that have said "i suck at math" :chuckle

    i agree with all of the above. if this is something YOU want to do, then disregard all the negative comments you are going to hear from people.

    there is no other place to begin other than the beginning. if math isn't your strong point, start working on that. basic math, intro algebra, intermediate algebra, etc.

    work those classes into your pre-req's. if you are determined you will succeed. and best of luck on your journey.
  6. by   kimmicoobug
    You sound like me, but I didn't graduate valedictorian...not even close. Anyways, I am fairly good at the subjects you are, but feel that I am terrible at math. I am in school, and I am doing really well in my subjects. Go ahead and go for it. You really have nothing to lose. Study hard and I am sure you can accomplish what you have wanted for so long.
  7. by   baseline
    Calculators have saved many a patient!!! Just kidding ...
    I am singularly the WORST at math........ passed high school algebra by one point....I took a remedial college algebra course...Trust me.... taking some remedial classes will warm you up and reinstitute the old study habits..........You go girl !!!!!
  8. by   sbic56
    You were valedictorian and you have been homeschooling your kids for the past 11 years. That tells me you can do it! All you need to know is basic Algebra in nursing. If it makes you feel any better, nurses are notoriously bad at higher math. I do hope your in laws and hubby will show just a tad more support, though! Best of luck in your nursing endeavors!
  9. by   canoehead
    You shouldn't make the decision based on being fearful of failing math. Take the math course and prove to yourself you can do it. Because you can if you decide to. Then decide whether you want to go on when you have no course that you dread influencing your decision.
  10. by   emily_mom
    You can always get a tutor...most schools offer them free. But, if you know the basics, you'll be fine. We got a Calculating with Confidence book and it is wonderful with showing how to figure things out. It also has tons of practice questions. If your school doesn't require something like this, I highly recommend it. I think it was less than $30.

  11. by   Lausana
    People who love math become math teachers or accountants...the rest of us have to do something else :chuckle I too suck at math, but you'll get better with practice...and a calculator.

    Have faith in yourself--you sound like you're more than qualified for school--you'll do great. Then sit back and enjoy watching you're husband family eat crow when you plow through school
  12. by   fairyprincess2003
    you just need some practice. You will be fine. I failed my first math skills test when I started school bc I had taken time off, especially from math Well, I knew I could do it and got an A in my math and an A- in Physics, A is stats and an A in chem All needing the basic math skills,algebra and calc. Just don't give up. If you really practice and let math in (that was a big thing for me) For sooo long I just said I hated math and I couldnt understand it, when all along I wasnt really letting it in or trying to understand it. You can do it! Good luck
  13. by   jessjoy
    I am terrible at math!! I had to take an Algebra class because I did so poorly on my entrance test!! It didn't stop me though! I got an A in Algebra and never looked back. You learn very specific formulas for IVs, med dosages, won't be doing calculus and trigonometry!! Go for it. If I can pass math, anyone can. Best of luck to you!!!
  14. by   RN2B2005
    Go for it! I hate math. I suck at math. I scored a 710 on the verbal portion of the SAT, and a 470 on the math section. Math makes me bang my head on a wall....but nonetheless I made it all the way through college-level calculus with a respectable GPA. I had to take one class over once because I did so poorly...but eventually I did it.

    Get a good graphing calculator (Texas Instruments makes several user-friendly, intuitive graphing calculators); even if you don't go past basic algebra, a good calculator can help you understand the concepts in dynamic form.

    Good luck.