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Because of some strange circumstances I am finishing up prereq's for a BSN but am possibly changing to an ADN program. I noticed that the ADN program doesn't require some classes like... Read More

  1. by   KC CHICK
    Since you have PM'd me and told me what ADN program you are looking into, I think I can answer this more specifically.....because I graduated from there!!

    Yes, there is Physiology required....a 6 cr hr combo Anatomy and Physiology course is required (at least it was 2 years ago) for this program. This class is easily transferable to most universities in the area for a RN-BSN program.

    No, you don't take a Pharmacology class separately. Drug calculations and drugs are incorporated into the nursing classes. You do learn about drugs, and are tested on them, in the areas where they relate. You are also required to learn drug calculations and do them on tests.

    As far as clinical time...I don't know what your present college requires you to do. The ADN program has clinical experiences during the entire 4 semesters. There was one clinical during the freshman semester and 2 clinicals during each consecutive semester. I don't think it's less than a lot of 4 year colleges that start clinicals in the junior year. The state, and not the schools, determine how much clinical time you must have.

    Overall, you go to school for a shorter amount of time..and it's much less expensive....but the standards aren't any lower than what you can find in a four year institution. It's not any easier. You must pass the same test at the end.

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  2. by   Nurse2bSandy
    I'm working on my BSN... 2 reasons.
    1) ADN course here has waiting list and preference goes to local residents, we are military. They want to train nurses who will stay. I am "old" and couldn't wait for my name to come up to the top of the list.
    2) I really felt like going the extra semesters now... only about 2 or 3... would be easier since I could do it without working. I thought that eventually I might want my BSN anyway.

    From the classes that I am taking I think that the BSN gives a person a better all-around education... not a better nursing education necessarily. Like any bachelor's program I have needed to take histories and lit and economics and humanities... things that nurses don't necessarily need but students need to take to obtain their degree. I also need to take more math, stats and a higher biochem than my ADN classmates.
    I really do think that it is a personal preference... what do you want to do with your degree? What letters behind your name are important to you? How long do you want to work for them and what are you willing to pay?
    Once you know what's right for you, you will be satisfied with the route that you take.
  3. by   l.rae
    l can't imagine ANY nursing program without LPN program was heavy in pharm, so was ADN, and pathophys was incorperated into our med surg.....interesting.
  4. by   KC CHICK
    l.rae, the program has pharm's just not a separate class. We HAD to learn the same drugs that everyone else did in order to pass the NCLEX.
    It's only a minor setback in getting my BSN. A pharm class is required for the university program, but, I can test out of it at MU for the credit.
  5. by   AmyLiz
    Just throwing in my 2c.

    I'm going the ADN route because I cannot afford to take classes at the university here. I've already got a bachelor's degree (in psych), so I am not eligible for any federal financial aid. Plus, the community college I'm attending has classes evenings and weekends, so I can continue to work while going to school.

    I would like to get a master's degree someday, but have been told that I will be able to go into a masters program with just my ADN since I've already got a Bachelors...I will probably have to take some additional classes as prereq's, but that doesn't bother me at all. By then I'll be working as a nurse and should be able to afford it!

    ~and yes, our ADN program requires pharm, a&P, micro, and patho.
  6. by   memphispanda
    AmyLiz--you may be eligible for federal loans. I also have a BA in social science, and I am not eligible for federal grants, but I have loans--subsidized and unsubsidized.
  7. by   dianacs
    I have a BA and am pursing a BSN. I also have unsubsidized federal loans. It is, however, harder to get the "free" money if you already have a degree.
  8. by   AmyLiz
    Thanks for the info Memphispanda & Dianacs! I am definately going to look into that for next quarter (already filled out my FinAid form & dropping it in the mail TODAY!)
  9. by   2banurse
    There are many different schools with many diffferent requirements. Although it is my intention to go forward and get my BSN eventually, I am first getting my ADN. A couple of reasons, but mostly location. Where I live, I can go to a community college and then transfer over to the RN to MS program at one of the campuses of the University of South Florida. To do the BSN directly, I would have to travel about 90 minutes each way. Also, and most important because I am a nontraditional student returning to school, I can start working earlier, while I pursue my BSN.
  10. by   rosemadder
    In my ADN program the first two semesters we have Pharmacology and thereafter every test includes Math and Pharmacology review questions. Patho is incorporated into two semester of Med. Surg. I have heard from a nearby BSN program that we have more clinicals in our program than they, but I'm not sure exactly how much less they have. This semester (my final one) we have clinicals around 17-18 hours a week.