ADN Program-How many exams each semester? Does this make up your whole grade?

  1. I was just wondering how other ADN programs worked. The college I am attending only grades your exams. We have 3 exams and a final this semester. Nothing else, (clinical, careplans, data guides) receive a grade, they are just pass or fail. How about your school?

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  3. by   truern
    We had the med calc test that's pass/fail that we had to make at least 95%..

    Then we have homework assignments for each section that count as follows:
    Endocrine 2%
    Cardiac 2%
    Respiratory 2%
    GI part 1, GI part 2, NSI, MSK each count 1%

    The exams for endocrine, cardiac, resp, GI pt 1, GI pt 2, NSI, and MSK count 10%, and our comprehensive final counts 20%.

    Clinical, of course, is pass/fail. Each component of clinical (careplans, etc) are pass/fail as well.
  4. by   charlies
    Quote from KellyMarie37
    I was just wondering how other ADN programs worked.
    The program at my school is very similar to yours.
  5. by   kimhaw
    we have 4 exams and one comprehensive final. clinical is pass or fail we usually will get a 5 point critical thinking activity added but the activity is a paper that takes a couple of hours to do for 5 points. So our grade is mostly exams no homework and no rounding of grades to get the c. Pretty tough 78 is a c
  6. by   OUBobcat94
    We have 4 exams, plus a final. We also have periodic quizzes that make up only like 7% of the grade all together. There is a writing assignment that is figured in there somewhere too.

    Clinicals and all paperwork associated with it are pass/fail.

  7. by   MIA-RN1
    each semester has different number of exams, first semester had 4, second had 8 or 9, this one has 3 for maternal, 3 for psych, and I havent got to the final semester.
    Everything is based on your test grade but if you fail clinical, you fail no matter what your grades are.
  8. by   stressgal
    last quarter 5 exams, quarter before 5 exams, this quarter 5 exams. Hmmmm, I see a pattern.
  9. by   AgentR
    We have 6 exams (worth 60% of our grade), and one cumulative final (worth 40% of our grade). Our lab, clinical, and care plans are all pass/fail, so you have to pass those, but they have no effect on the letter grade.
  10. by   Momto3andNurse2B
    Sounds pretty much like my program. 3 exams: first two worth 50 points, last one worth 100 (1/2 new material, 1/2 old/cumulative). Total of 200 points only.
  11. by   MonkeyRN
    My school splits every semester half. This first half is done next week. We had three tests and will have a comprehensive final. Clincal is pass/fail, you have to get so many point on the final evaluation and you have to pass all your compentencies.
  12. by   alexillytom
    My school has 3 exams and one comprehensive final exam. Our cumulative quiz average, with the lowest quiz score thrown out, counts as a fifth exam. We also have to do 2 process recordings, two care plans, and a nursing issues paper. I don't know how they are factored in. I actually believe they are part of the clinical component which is pass/fail.
  13. by   MamaCheese
    Ours sounds similar to your. We have 4 exams worth 10% each, a midterm and final worth 30% each, and our labs and clinicals are pass/fail.