Acceptance packet and letter question

  1. Hey guys! What came in your big fat envelope when you got your letter of acceptance? Just wondering what to expect. TIA!
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  3. by   RN 2005
    Let's see....We had information regarding our orientation. We had a list of expected costs associated with the program. Information regarding our uniforms. Info on immunizations, BLS for healthcare providers, etc. It was an exciting time!
  4. by   FutureNurse2005
    In one year I will be expecting my letter. Not that far away really! I have no idea what to expect either!

    Its so exciting for me to read and share the journey with you all!!! I'm excited and sad and happy with each of you!!!

    Best of luck to everyone!!
  5. by   mauser
    I received my acceptance letter in January and was told I would receive a packet in April. I am not holding my breath. We were told we would have information on financial assistance by the end of February, and we just received it this week! A classmate from A&P, who is in her first semester of clinicals, told me they are usually send things out a month later than they promise

    I hate waiting. I want to know everything NOW!
  6. by   bigmona
    from one school, I received a letter congratulating me, a medical history form, a medical release form, a packet describing what we need to buy for the first semester, when orientation will be, what other things we will need to take care of before the semester starts, etc...

    from the other school, I received the congratulatory letter and some standard papers from the school giving me contact info and some very general info about the school (not the nursing school but the entire school overall). it was much more vague.
  7. by   RedSox33RN
    From the school I'm going to, it wasn't a letter, but a big, round blue tube, with a Congrats letter, a school banner, and all the uniform info and health stuff.

    From the school I'm not attending, it was just a manila envelope with the Congrats letter and uniform ordering info and health forms.
  8. by   allthingsbright
    whitney-the blue tube sounds awesome-what a fun thing to get in the mail!
  9. by   aegirl
    Can you use financial aid to pay for your uniforms, etc?
  10. by   moonbunnie
    you can use financial aid disbursements after tuition to pay for uniforms, but you might need the uniforms before you get the money since they usually dont send it till about the middle of the semester.

    my fat letter had a congrats letter, and info about all the clinical requirements that had to be sent by july, and info about the TWO orientation sessions i have to attend, one for the school of nursing and one for the university. it was very exciting, but a little overwhelming at first
  11. by   shyne
    Just orientation info, and medical examination forms.
  12. by   newgrad2004
    Quote from aegirl
    Can you use financial aid to pay for your uniforms, etc?

    You can use Finacial aide for anything you deem necessary for school, or in order to persue your education. Uniforms, books, rent, utilities, food, dope (joking!!), car payment etc.