accelerated Rn programs

  1. What are the accelerated RN programs ive heard mentioned here? Im in Ohio and havent heard of any. Thanks
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  3. by   EmeraldNYL
    Accelerated programs are usually 12-16 months in length and allow people who already have a bachelor's degree in another field and the necessary prerequisites to obtain a BSN in a shorter amount of time.
  4. by   healingheart
    They range from having a few requirements such as A&P, Microbiology to many requirements. The more prestigious ones that I have been looking into are UPenn, Johns Hopkins, Emory, Yale, but there are even programs at local universities. I think there is a website: which helps disern between thei programs. Good luck!
  5. by   EmeraldNYL
    Oh yeah I forgot to mention, there are also accelerated programs for RN's to obtain their BSN and MSN in one shot. A word of advice though, don't go to a program the first year it's run (since there are so many new programs popping up)! My accelerated program is in it's second year and it's still a little disorganized!
  6. by   moonshadeau
    If you go to you can find a listing of schools that offer accelerated BSN programs in your area, and many other listings of other kinds of programs all across the US.
  7. by   Jennerizer
    You usually need a gpa of 3.0 or better when you have a previous bachelor's degree as well as some of the pre-req's.
  8. by   RNsweetie
    I agree with emerald, I am in the 3rd wave of DNA (diploma nursing accelerated) at out school and they are still working out the kinks.
    We were given the news a few months ago , that our program (25 mths long) would be given the same credit as the 3 years it takes the JBN class to do (Joint baccularate nurse). If we decide we can go back for 11 mths and end with a BN
    Nice to know all this work is worth some thing in return, and yes they steer the people with lower GPA in to the 4 year JBN course.
  9. by   Nurse2bSandy
    The accelerated program that I will be starting in the fall is for students that have finished all the prereq's needed for a BSN... or have an BS or even AA... and it is 23 months of clinicals and nursing only. You do need a 3.0 to get in and can not work while you are in the accelerated program. I hear it is tough, but I want to get it done. If it doesn't work out, I can always drop back to the normal pace... my school does not have a waiting list and seems very supportive.
  10. by   PennyLane
    I'm also starting an accelerated program this fall. My roommate is in her second semester there and I see how hard it is on her. One thing they recommend is that you not work while in an accel. program. So it may not be feasible for everyone. In fact, I think I'm going to rent out my house and move in with my parents while in school. :crying:

    If you're prepared to make school your life for about a year and a half, then it may be a good idea for you! I can't wait to start.
  11. by   TaraLynn
    My nursing program is 18 months, every semester is 8 weeks.
    our prereqs are AP 1+2 w/labs, chem, english, microbiology+ lab,
    1 humanities, 1 sociology, a bunch of certification courses(easy)
    may 12 - june 24 is my next class GIGU, than I go into my specialties, OB/PSYCH/PEDIATRICS which are all 8 weeks long. I graduate in August 2004. I work 15-20 hours a week. Except for the summer GIGU class, im not going to work. I have 2 / 12 hour shifts in the hospital and 8 hours a week of lecture. Its the hardest class until Ortho/ Neuro. My summer class is 6 weeks long its going to kick my butt.
  12. by   PJMommy
    My accelerated program is a year long -- three semesters of 19-21 credit hours each. You have to have a previous degree and a 3.0 gpa. My school has had this program since 1975 so it is well-established.

    They don't have any rules on whether or not you can work but I don't know anyone who does...or could! It is a full-time job PLUS MORE! Classes and clinicals go every day for at least 8 hours...and then you get to go home to study and do paperwork for the next day.

    But we get breaks between semesters, spring break, holidays, etc. I figure I can handle anything for a year...and then it's over. The time goes REALLY fast too. It helps that I absolutely love nursing....most of the time it doesn't even seem like "work".
  13. by   Caveman
    Jenn CLPN,

    Accelerated programs in Ohio-

    University of Akron - BSN
    Cleveland State University - BSN
    Ohio State - MSN
  14. by   LeesieBug
    The University of Akron accelerated program is for those who already have a bachelor's ( any area, I believe). Takes 18 mos.
    Not sure if the others work in a similar fashion.