A&P I or II - Which Is More Difficult? - page 2

Just curious - it was A&P I years back and it appears it hasn't changed. What do you think?... Read More

  1. by   PennyLane
    I thought they were both equally hard. I'm a good memorizer, and I ended up doing really well in both courses, but at the end of it all, I think I put forth just as much effort of II as I did for I. Plus my instructor for II really sucked, and my instructor for I is an awesome teacher. So even if II was slightly easier, the fact that I had a horrible instructor made it just as hard as I was for me.
  2. by   RNIAM
    A&P 1 for me was the tough one!
  3. by   caligirl
    They are both time consuming! A&P I was boring for me though. I hate bones and muscles. Oh lordy do I hate them. I had a hard time making myself memorize them. Give me urinary any day.
  4. by   pcelest9
    A&P1 was more more difficult for me. Level one is mostly anatomy.
  5. by   dosamigos76
    A&P 1 was tough because we basically had to memorize things, and I made it harder on myself by trying to figure it out....got a C, and just barely that. At the end of the semester the teacher said I put too much thought into it, shouldn't try to figure it out, just memorize. A&P2 was neat in that you learned systems and things made more sense. It wasn't just memorizing things. I found myself going back over stuff we didn't cover in A&P1 because I didn't understand them. For example, we never went over the Krebs Cycle, where as other classes spent weeks on it. Go figure.
  6. by   pcelest9
    Like I said level 1 was more challanging for me. However, I did end up dropping the class because I was in A&P 290. This was a course for pre-med students. I probably could have gotton a "C", but admission to nursing school's in chicago is very competitive, espeacially a school with a high NCLEX pass rate. Our schools have waiting lists. So, be careful what courses you pick with your adviser. I'm looking forward to taking the appropriate nursing pre-req.
  7. by   RN Zeke
    I enjoyed both A&P's but thought A&P 2 was easier to relate to. How about Microbiology? I find it tough with the hard to spell organisms.......