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So we started off the year (1st year) with 40. We've had 2 officially drop and a 3rd one has been missing a lot of school. :uhoh21: I talked to her, because I really do like this girl, and she... Read More

  1. by   sunbeach73
    Quote from Achoo!
    We only started with 24. We lost 3 last semester, and so far the rest of us are doing ok this semester.
    Our class started with 24 students as well. We ended up as a graduation class of 12. They called us the "dirty dozen"!
  2. by   pink2blue1
    I graduate in 12 days. We started with 32 and are only graduating 15. We lost our most recent one this past Monday....attendance problems. Goes to show you attendance is very important. Sad that he got booted, we had already finished ALL our finals and only had 6 clinical days left. It gets harder to lose people the longer you have been together, but in the beginning, it's not comforting to see so many go!

  3. by   Gr8ful C
    I know we've lost one for sure, as she had a baby 2 weeks into the program and will have to reapply and start next year
    Why would she start the year knowing she was about to have a baby? What a waste of tuition and a space someone else could have taken. Bizarre.
  4. by   locolorenzo22
    Actually, she was 3 months premature, and I'm not sure why pregnant people are even allowed in the program. Something goes wrong, you are ordered to bedrest, how is that fair to the other people in the program or partners or those on the outside looking in. (Especially cause 250+ people applied for these 70 seats!)
  5. by   emllpn2006
    We had 35 in out class to start and graduated 23. There was 2 pregnate girls when the class started. One had her baby at about 23 weeks and it lived a few hours. She went home from school one day had the baby was off one day and came right back. The other one was put on bed rest the end of the first semester and had to drop. Another got pregnate right when school started and had her baby during the 3rd semster. She had it on a Thursday and came back to class the next Monday. She ended up failing a final and was put out. Our class was the most pregnate class ever. It was a 11 month LPN program and by the end of the year not including these 3 we had 3 other girls pregnate and one man whose wife was pregnate. Can anyone say dont drink the water!!
  6. by   NRSNFL
    Quote from daytonite
    beginning nursing classes are where students demonstrate just how much effort they are willing to put forward to be nurses. some people for the year(s) doing the pre-reqs just talked the talk, but when it came crunch time, just couldn't deliver the goods.

    over all the years i've worked there are a few things i've noticed that seem to be in common with all the nurses i've worked with. many have a bend toward workaholism. they are motivated people who move fast to get things done and leave few stones unturned. they are problem solvers who are effortless in seeking solutions when things are going wrong. they'll go down with the ship if they have to. nurses are strong, gritty, take charge individuals. they are leaders and will step forward to take charge to get things done.

    nursing is no place for the unmotivated, lackadaisical, fly by the seat of their pants kind of persons, although a few will slip through the cracks fooling people long enough to make it through to the end of school. it is a serious profession. someone who sits by and lets things happen to them, cries, and does nothing to help themselves is destined to failure in this profession. students who think they can skip nursing classes and get through the courses like they may have done for history or english have a very skewed attitude about work and a profession to begin with and don't belong there. i can't stress this enough. . .nursing school should be viewed as your very first nursing job. you are all being evaluated by your instructors as potential nurses for future employers. your first employers are going to want recommendations from your nursing instructors because they are the ones who have seen you grow and perform over the past few years. your character and behavior are extremely important factors and your instructors and the people running your nursing programs are very aware of their responsibility in evaluating these qualities in their students. if they graduate student nurses who are irresponsible and unmotivated into the healthcare community the school's credibility and the reputation of every single student is forever blemished.
    you know what is funny. i had to take the net test to start lpn school and i scored in the 98th percentile. the lady said to me "well, we really think you should work on your personality. it shows you are 77 percent aggressive and 23 percent passive...it really should be 50/50" my thought was, do you think i worked this hard in life to be passive. none of the passive students are going to get their applications in on time lady. just give me my bill so i can pay it and lock this in. cracks me up.
  7. by   LVN_LPN_2007
    My group started with 24 in our class and now 10 weeks into we have 6. But we have a strict attendence policy that a lot of girls couldn't handle.
  8. by   ladyinred667
    We started with 100, so it's kind of hard to realize when you lose people unless you had them in your clinical group. As far as I know, we haven't lost any yet, but maybe I just don't know about it.
  9. by   Nurse-To-Be-Joy
    We also have 3 pregnant girls. One of due Dec 15 (the last week of schooL!) and the other 2 are due in March next year. I don't know how they're gonna do it, but they seem to be very intent on staying in the program, so I wish them the best of luck. But the one due in Dec already has a 5 month old and is a bartender. I can't imagine going to school with TWO babies at home.
  10. by   ashley_michelle
    I just graduated in may... and we started out with 87... and only 60 graduated. You'll be surprised at how many people drop. Each semester you lose a few.. some don't make it.. some change their minds and some get kicked out. It's sad.. but they told us the first day to look beside you and at leason on of those people will not be with you graduating day. Very true! I'm not sure where people though that they would just breeze through nursing school, but those are the people that don't quite make it through the program. You've just gotta have the commitment. Best of luck to you!!
  11. by   destiny5
    We started with 32 and ended with 6. At the beginning of the summer session we had 25 students. "But" after 9 weeks of Med Surg I and II, Pharmacology, Mental Health, 4 care plans, classes + clinicals = 40+ hours per week. Wednesday & Thursdays we went to school from 9am til 9pm. 12 hour clinical days on Monday & Tuesday........no wonder we lost so many students. I was one of the casualties.... But I graduated a few weeks ago........It was a struggle, but well worth it.
    We lost sooooo many potentially good nurses; due to, the overloaded schedule that it's sad. My school is excellent in some ways, but I have "never" had so much information "crammed" in at once. Can you say ICP:wink2:

    Oh, & in Pharm we had about 35 drugs a week (350 total) & we needed to know trade, generic, classifications (beta blockers etc. and uses, side effects, contraindications etc)--- --------Our comprehensive final had about 50 of the drugs on it & lots of other questions............180 to be exact. Can you say "weed out class".
    TMI in such a short period of time.
    I made it the second time along with 8 other casualties. The other people decided to pursue other careers.....
  12. by   kayel
    We have been in for 2 full weeks (as of today if you count orientation). Our class of 48 is still in tact as far as I know .. but it will be interesting to see how it goes! Most of the people seem fairly serious and have good work ethic so far ... but it's pretty early in the game!
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  13. by   abbythetabby
    From a class of 33, 3 failed a class the first semester and 2 failed med math the second (which was heart-wrenching for all of us). Everyone passed med math this semester, so I'd say we're holding up pretty well as a class.