1st semester - buy new or used?

  1. I have been told to buy my textbooks now, because I have about 9 chapters to read PRIOR to the first day...

    My thought is, should I 'splurge' and buy them new or can I buy them online used? My only concern with buying them online and used is that they will be in poor condition and already completely highlighted etc.

    Any great book websites from anyone that has bought some used would be really appreciated!

    some of my requirements include: handbook of nursing diagnosis (9th), calculation of drug dosages (6th), fundamentals of nursing (6th), mosby's medical/nursing/dictionary (6th)...etc...etc...etc...

    I'm all for saving money, just hesitant that I will regret it if they are in bad condition.

    Thanks for the advice!
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  3. by   Gator,SN
    I have bought both new and used......On Amazon.com they rate the condition of available books for sale. Try to get the ones with the highest rating (like 3 stars) and save your money!
    I have many text books that were new editions (required and over $100 each) and I barely read them. The books that you mentioned are mostly reference books so it is poosible that they will be in good condition. Good Luck!

  4. by   Jennerizer
    Check & see what editions you need. A few of my nursing books came out with 2003 editions & those are the only ones we are allowed to use.....I swear they do that to us on purpose so we have to spend more money....grrrrr.

    I've gotten books from half.com at a big discount........they were in great condition. Be sure to check the seller's ratings to make sure you are buying from someone that isn't ripping you off.

    I understand about wanting new books so there isn't writing & highlighting in them....I can't stand that, but it's a risk you take when buying unseen used books.

  5. by   memphispanda
    If you are positive about the editions, then I would buy used if I could find them. If you are a big highlighting fan, then either buy a used Fundamentals book from the book store so you can look through it, or just get a new one. The others you probably won't really highlight in much. Especially the dicitonary.
  6. by   Agnus
    Buy used if you can get them. However, like a previous poster said be aware your school will want the latest edition and they do tend to publish new one every year.
    I have bought used through Amazon Borders and Barns and Noble. they will tell you the condition and tell you if there is a lot or a little marking in the books. I have not been disapointed. Some time I have been pleasantly surprised as the book was in better shape than stated.
  7. by   JennyRN2B
    I bought used from ecampus.com or maybe half.com. I have purchased two books so I don't remember which was from where. I loved searching around for the best deal. I found that the books I purchase this way were about $20 cheaper than from the bookstore. Both of the books were "used" however, they both were in EXCELLENT condition. I saved $$$ and got great books! I would recommend searching the internet for a good buy.
    The only advice I can give is to make sure you have the ISBN# for the book you are looking for. This ensures it is the correct one.

    Best of luck to you,
  8. by   renerian
    I have done both. When money was tight I bought used and yes some of it was highlighted. I just switched colors LOL.

  9. by   NurseWeasel
    BEWARE - as a half.com buyer and seller, I want you to know that most sellers ship books via media mail - ie SLOW. You can choose to pay more for priority mail, and in my opinion if you need the book in the next few weeks it'd be a wise investment.

    Books I buy for fun-reading I don't mind waiting and just pay media mail, but the textbooks I bought used I made sure would get here on time. I have had books ship from clear across the country via media mail, and take almost a month to get here. On the other hand, just last week I bought a book and paid for priority mail and it came from clear across the country in 3 days.

    I've never had a problem buying used books and having to deal with highlighting issues. I just read the description, quality, and seller rating before purchasing. Most sellers don't want their rating tarnished so they're careful to exactly describe the condition or even under-rate it so you'll be happy when it arrives.

    Half.com has new customer coupon codes which are a good deal. You can get those codes from http://www.bigbigsavings.com - just search for half.com and they'll pop right up. Good luck!
  10. by   emily_mom
    I've also used all of the above sites, and usually save about 40% over bookstore prices. I've never had a problem with highlights or pages missing. They're really good about checking them over. For half.com, check the ratings and reviews of the seller. No probs there either.

  11. by   2banurse
    First, Kristy...I love your avatar...they are so beautiful...

    In regards to books, I would find only buy new books if you absolutely have to. I think the benefit of Spring over Fall is that you can probably buy all of your books used. Unfortunately, there are nursing students that will drop out during their first semester, and you might be able to get a good deal on their books.
  12. by   SpecFuz
    Thanks for the advice..
    I have looked online and used www.bigwords.com - great site that comparison shops for you (both new and used).

    I am going to wait to ask the school though first before buying, some of the editions are the same but the years are off, and the school didn't give me a list with ISBN #"s. Last thing I want to do is buy the wrong book.

    Once I confirm which books are the right ones, I am definitely going to buy them online if at all possible. Sounds like the bookstores really overpriced.

    I also got the suggestion today while I was getting certified with BLS for the Healthcare Professional (required BEFORE my 1st day of school!) from an RN that I should get a Littman Lightweight for school. Since I do not have the faintest idea which to buy and the school did not give an indication, I may hold off until the last minute for it.

    Thanks again, saving even a penny by purchasing used over new will help.
  13. by   tonchitoRN
    specfuz - word to the wise. a stethoscope is a personal preference. try them out and see which you can hear the best with. there is no "best one". they are all good. also, try different styles of ear pieces. you will be surprised on the difference an earpiece could make. good luck.
  14. by   SpecFuz
    Thanks tounchitoRN, I will take that advice!