*~Test scores & Interview~*

  1. Gotta brag

    I was shocked that I did so well on my entrance test. My reading area wasn't as high as I thought it was going to be but it's still good.

    I was in the:
    74th percentile for Reading
    85th for Math (shocker!!!)
    96th for Science
    88 for English

    The nursing advisor was very pleased with my scores. Out of the 12 people that took the enterance exam with me only 3 passed!
    (there are other testing sessions though)

    My interview went really great. I think I really impressed her.
    She was all smiles & nods. Now I just have to wait a few weeks to 1 month to find out if I was accepted. *sigh*
    I want this so bad!!!

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  3. by   TeresaRN2b
    Congrats Kay! You should be proud! Good luck to you
  4. by   essarge
    :hatparty: Congratulations! You are on your way now!
  5. by   RainbowzLPN
    Congrats, Kay! I know the waiting after the interview for my acceptance letter was the WORST!!! I'm sure you got in! Good luck
  6. by   JudithL_in_NH
    Awesome scores, Kay! And congrats on the positive interview, as well.

    What kinds of things did she ask you? (I'll be in that seat in a few weeks myself!)
  7. by   Jennerizer
    Sounds like you've done a great job so far. Hopefully the time waiting will go by quickly. I think all of us remember what the wait is like. Let us know how it turns out, but I agree with Jennifer....I think you got in also!
  8. by   KAYfutureLPN
    Thanks you guys!!!!


    She asked me:
    *what are my strengths?
    *what are my weaknesses?
    *why do I want to be a nurse?
    *why should they let me be in enroll in the program?
    *what will I do with my kids during school?
    *how am I going to make school & family work?
    *do I have transportation?
    *how much do I plan to study?
    *what would I do if my child was too sick for daycare and I have a final exam on the same day?

    I was also givin a list of 5 things and was asked to put them in the order I would do them (if I was working as a nurse and the facility was short staffed) and give an explanation for each one.

    __ the phone is ringing in the nurses station

    __the emergancy bathroom light is going off

    __the lunch trays have just arived & are needed to be passed out

    __it's time for you to go on break

    __a nurses aid requests you to help turn a patient over that needs to be turned every 2 hours.

    I hope this helped, I think that is about all that she had asked me.
    Thankfully she was the one that sat down for about a hour and did the information session with us before we met with her for the interview... I was pretty comfortable with her. Also the fact that she was a mother of two herself and she said that I was a "girl after her heart" because she had spotted me John G. novel that I had brought with me to kill time between interviews. She said he was her favorite author (brownie points!!!!)
  9. by   blklab
    Hi Kay. I am going to take the NET at Penn Valley Monday. Is the reading part tricky? Is it at all like the questions in the study guide? And third, do you have to wait to get the resulst, or do you get them right then and there like on the placement test? Any info. you got will be appreciated.
    Thanks, Ali
  10. by   Disablednurse
    Congrats Kay, I am so happy for you. Keep thinking positive.
  11. by   emily_mom
    Great job! Keep us posted!
  12. by   Love-A-Nurse