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Ok, I'm sure that title made you want to throw up in your mouth. I don't blame you. I felt the same way when my physician said it to ME. In January, I decided to take control my life and lose... Read More

  1. by   Natalie Del Guidice
    I agree with the Doctors and lack of personalities! My cousin went to medical and became the most cold and harsh person.  She said it is due to the fact they are trained to have no emotions.  BS!  Nurses must have great personalities because we are at the front line of patient health.  Don't let some arrogant doctor bring you down.  Keep up the good work!  30 pounds is something to be VERY proud of.
  2. by   Isthisforreal?
    I think, personally, I would not take the advice of an obese nurse as well if she were attempting to educate me on the necessity of good nutrition and exercise. But nurses have far more knowledge to offer than just on those two subjects. That doesn't give a doctor or anyone the right to make a general statement like that. Certainly, a nurse is not defined by his/her weight. I've known many outstanding heavy-set nurses who I'd rather have handling my care than some thin ones I've known, for sure.
  3. by   rubato
    Quote from Darkstar1485
    I really liked your story. It helps put things into perspective. Thank you for your kind words.

    Question, if someone said that they felt "gay"meaning happy, would that offend you or would you just think it was strange that a person wouldn't just use the word happy?
    The problem is that retarded and stupid are not interchangeable words. If you think someone is stupid, you call them stupid. If you think they're REALLY stupid, you call them retarded? That's wrong. You are insulting people that are actually retarded by saying that their disability is the same as some dumb*ss who just said some incredibly stupid thing. It is giving the dumb*ss an excuse, which he or she doesn't deserve because they do not have a disability, they are just stupid.

    I hate when people say things are retarded or people are retarded, unless, of course, the person is retarded. It is a real word with a real meaning and is okay to use to describe a person who is actually retarded. Other than that, it shouldn't be used.
  4. by   rubato
    Quote from Darkstar1485
    seriously, this "R" word discussion is getting to be too much... Everyone has thier own opinion. let's respect that and move on. I see this getting really intense and its not worth getting worked up over. Let's hold hands, sing kumbaya, and squash it. enjoy your Sunday!
    Sorry, but I just had to add my 2 cents in post above. I don't have to squash it if I don't want to. It is worth getting worked up over. But, I'm done now.
  5. by   LGLee2RN
    I am also a "fat" nurse but decided to do something about it. Since January 24, 2102 I have lost 65+ lbs. I has some assistance. I had a gastric sleeve done. I will reach my goal in less than 100 lbs. I feel so much better. I am not sure how I would have taken that comment, but I did I have never had a problem about my nursing skills because of my weight. I do travel nursing and have a very good reputation. In fact I took off a year to get my weight and health under control and was able to return back to traveling because of my reputation. Most travel companies want you to be working at least 6 months to a year without a break. The only reason I had a problem was my weight was beginning to affect my health and I did not want to loose my career or my life because of my health. I now have a new leash on life.
  6. by   Stephalump
    Actually, the problem is hat the words retarded and stupid ARE interchangeable. They have virtually the same meaning. Once upon a time, people with MR were freely referred to as stupid and idiots before it become uncouth.

    The difference between "gay" and "retarded" is that being gay (happy) is a positive thing. No one is going to complain if a label they prescribe to is linked to something wonderful. The word retarded is a negative thing. To retard something means to delay it. Suffering from retardation means something about your development was delayed. People are going to respond to the use less willingly.

    The N- word example is really not applicable here. Any other definition given to the word is new. The very root of the word means "black..." it wasn't a standard word turned into a label like "gay" and "retarded" were.

    Regardless, it's not that hard to to simply omit certain pejorative words that people find hurtful. It won't impact me in any negative way to avoid the word "retarded" in public settings, but it makes a huge difference to the people who would be affected. I'd say that's a win.
  7. by   tothepointeLVN
    Quote from Isthisforreal?
    I think, personally, I would not take the advice of an obese nurse as well if she were attempting to educate me on the necessity of good nutrition and exercise.
    Then you maybe denying yourself some good quality advice. I used to be a bodybuilder before I became obese. Remember how you see someone is only a snapshot of their life experience.
  8. by   bronnie
    I think this comment from the doctor says more about him than anything, and the age old power struggle between nurses and doctors. I would like to think that both professions realised that the two roles are distinct and separate from one another, but at the same time compliment each other. I think respect for the necessity and value of both nurses and doctors and all indeed all allied health roles in the treatment and care of patients is paramount.
  9. by   reagansm
    retarded: Occurring or developing later than desired or expected; delayed.

    With all of this talk about fat nurses and socially retarded [sic] doctors, what about doctors and nurses that smoke? Registered dietitians that know exactly what is healthy and still eat whatever they want?

    No one is perfect. We should stop judging so much. Until you have walked in that person's body and soul you have no idea.
  10. by   tothepointeLVN
    Empathy for all !!!
  11. by   lastchance56
    Ok soon-to-be nurses and others, we're not in grade school anymore but that doesn't mean people won't take potshots. What I see as the issue is: was he right? I was called 4-eyes in school due to glasses. They were right but it still hurt. Well, I'm obese but working on it. Am I obese? Yes. If someone calls me that, should I get upset. Maybe but not at them, at myself for allowing it to happen.
    People call people all kinds of things: fat, skinny, bald, short, flat footed, ignorant, selfish, giving, etc. It's your personal perspective as to whether you are insulted, agree or fight back. Did you tell the dr you felt insulted? If you were, you should have. It's possible the dr felt you agreed with the sentiment and that was why you were losing weight. I happen to agree with it too, which is why I'm losing weight. I do NOT want to be a fat nurse telling people what they need to do to get healthy when I clearly don't. You know, walk the walk, don't just talk the talk.
    I would never take my car to a mechanic whose car is not running, or a painter whose house hadn't been painted in years, etc. When you are providing a service, you need to exemplify the service. I know other things can get in the way but choosing a career in health field should make us more aware of health in general, our own in particular. We should attempt to live the standards we have espoused and attempt to explain to others.
    Whether or not he should have said it, i don't know. But that kind of stuff no longer bothers me and if it does, I speak up.
  12. by   QuarterLife88
    when you are providing a service, you need to exemplify the service.
    well that lets out a lot of people. i'm thin and eat like crap. my insides are probably covered in butter and lard. should i also be exempt from telling a person to lose weight, or from preaching about the dangers of atherosclerosis? after all, you can't see my health ailments - yet, anyway.
  13. by   ProfRN4
    Nurses are annually regarded as one of the most trusted professionals. We are considered (whether we like it or not) to be role models. As a nurse, a nursing professor, and a mother to an adolescent girl, I know the way I present myself affects all of the people I come in contact with. I am not overweight, but could stand to lose about 10 pounds and tone up my belly. I am not 100% pleased with my body. I'm not getting any younger, and moving forward it's not going to be easy to maintain it if I don't actively make healthy decisions. When I lecture about risk factors for any of the dieseases I teach, diet and exercise always seem to rear their ugly heads. Therefore, I'd be mortified if a student caught me pigging out on something unhealthy. While I do not agree that I need to be the picture of health to be a nurse and an educator, I guess I just feel like a bit of a hypocrite if I didn't do what was right based on what I know.

    Regarding the previous posts: All I can say is wow. Wow, about the retard discussion (enough already, really: I am offended when people say "I'm going to kill myself" b/c someone close to me did that, but I understand that people say it on a daily basis). And double wow about the obesity discussion. So, for those of you who will not take advice from someone who is overweight, is this some sort of rebellious move? Or just a lame excuse to not face your issues? We're always looking for an 'out' these days. To me, this is another perfect example of how we, as a society, keep tip-toeing around this issue that is not getting any better. It seems to OP was not as offended with the message, as much as he was with the delivery of it. I agree with that sentiment. But lets face it, some people are rude and crude, and (most) grown ups understand this, and have the ability to get over what people say, and not take it personally. The reality is, there is nothing good about being obese. It's not about how beautiful you are-aren't, it's about how healthy you aren't. There are plenty of beautiful, kind, loving, caring overweight people/nurses out there. but they are NOT healthy.