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I don't mean to be a copy cat....lol. But we need a new thread too....lol. Even if you're pre-nursing or nursing...Post here...Tell us your plans...you're feelings...etc. Hugs, Fatima... Read More

  1. by   fnimat1
    Originally posted by rnnurse2be
    Have you recvd anything in the mail?????

    Hi rnnursetobe,
    I haven't recieved anything yet . This is really pissing me off. I called my college yesterday and the rude receptionist in the nursing department yelled in my ear, "You'll get it when you recieve it!!!!" and hung up on me. So I e-mailed the head of the nursing department and told her what happened. She definitely does not need to be working in a college if she doesn't have 'people skills" So I hope it comes tomorrow....if I remember correctly when I got accepted last year we only had about 7 days to respond to the acceptance letter.

    Fatima (who's waiting by the mail box)
  2. by   juji fruit
    I am soon to be 27, married with a four 1/2 year old little girl. Nursing school is really hard, but the challenge has been fufilling and I am betting my carreer will be too. I want to work L/D, that is the reason I went into nursing. Had a really crappy experience of my own, but am enthralled with the whole pregnancy/birthing experience. I will graduate in march of 2004 and what a wonderfull, happy day that will be. I never thought I would have a college degree (or so many student loans!). Good luck to all of you.

  3. by   ItsyBitsySpider
    Hi...I'm 29 (for the first time ) and have 2 children..ages 4 and 8. I am currently in my Junior year of a 4 year BSN program. I've been a lurker here for quite a while but I've enjoyed reading these boards so much I finally decided to come out.
  4. by   Caitlin's Mommy
    I'm almost 32 been married for almost ten years, have one daughter,and have just started my first semester taking pre requ's for the ADN program.I'll be 35 when I finish and then I plan on working for a year then getting my BSN and then my master degree.I've thought about becoming a Neo Natal Nurse Prationer or a Nurse Anesthetists.
  5. by   ~Cel~
    I'm 31 and will start my first semester of college this fall. I am taking 12 hrs. I have received my financial aid award letter so I'm good to go. I also signed up for a mentor today. The school provides mentors who are either admin. or professors. I could really use someone to help me with all the requirements. I hope I do all I need to do to get into the program.

    I'm nervous and excited all at the same time.
  6. by   fnimat1
    Originally posted by Caitlin's Mommy
    I'm almost 32 been married for almost ten years, have one daughter,and have just started my first semester taking pre requ's for the ADN program.I'll be 35 when I finish and then I plan on working for a year then getting my BSN and then my master degree.I've thought about becoming a Neo Natal Nurse Prationer or a Nurse Anesthetists.

    Hi Caitlin,
    Welcome to the board... I am also interested in becoming a Nurse Practitioner. I didn't know there was a such thing as a Neo Natal Nurse Practitioner. Do you know where I can find some info.

  7. by   ArmyNurse2B
    Hi everyone. I'm 27 years old, married with 4 kids and a dog. My wonderful wife has been pushing me to go back to school for a while now, and so in August (thanks to the GI Bill) I'll be quiting my full time job to go to school full time and working part time.

    My plans are to re-enter the Army after I get my degree; and I hope to go into Emergency Nursing there.
  8. by   Caitlin's Mommy
    Thanks for the welcome Fatima.I'm really not sure how to fnd school in your area that have Neonatal nurse practioners.I knew that I wanted to work in the Neonatal Unit ,and I was planing on getting my maters degree from Duke University and went to their website and they have a Neonatal Nurse practioners program.Here in the link if you want to check it out.http://www.nursing.duke.edu/academics/peds/index.html
    Basicly a Neonatal nurse practioners works directly with the neonatoligist and when a RN needs them to do something that they can't usually the practioners can do it for them.Some of them are flight nurses and transport sick babies to a another hospital that has NNICU.

    You may want to go to Dukes website and email the nurse that in charge of the program .They have about three or four people that you can email if you have any questions to see if they could help you find a school near you and answer any questions you have.I have talked to one of the nurses through email and she was so helpfull and so nice. You also might want to hop on over to the Neonatal BB and see if there are any practioners that might be able to help.

    Good luck on what ever you decided to do ,and I hope this was some help to you.
  9. by   ShelleyERgirl
    Hey guys,

    I'm Michelle, I am 29, will be the big 3-0 five days after I start nursing program for ADN degree on Sept 17th. I have a great big bear of a boyfriend and two big fat lazy cats who are at this very moment laying on their fat lazy butts! I will be finishing up my prereqs this summer and I just can't wait. Look forward to talking to all you guys and good luck! Personally, I think we are all going to kick some serious booty!

    Take care
  10. by   lunakat
    Hi! I am 25 and have been perusing my prereqs for the past year. I should be done with them in at the end of the fall semester (crossing my fingers to hope I pass everything). I will be applying in sept. for the new adn program at my college. Not sure if I will get in because I will not have completed the prereqs for the spring by then, so I may not get in for spring but maybe fall. I have no kids and pretty much spent my post high school years not knowing what I wanted to do. I work at a casino full time as a telephone operator so this job is a godsend for getting my homework done. Good Luck to the rest of you guys!
  11. by   TinyNurse
    27 yo single mom just graduated with my ADN!!!
    I worked as a waitress throughout school ( made way more than a nursing assistant did)
    I am so thankful that I chose a career with endless opportunities, good salary and a respectful job.
    Best of luck to all of the students, by golly,if I did it, you can too!!!
    OK, can a 45 year old sneak in here????

    Was just starting my first post and I am not sure what I hit on the keyboard but I think I lost it so instead of starting a new post again, I am doing so in here

    Decided at 40 to either quit a job I have been doing for about 18 years or go to school. I decided on the latter. About 8 months into working on my pre-requesites, got dx with RA, not fun at all, but decided that was not going to stop me from going to nursing school. Got accepted last August just shy of of a few months of turning 45 and here I am.

    I have no children, but my full time job is pretty demanding, I go to school part time and is a handful. Unfortunately during the semester while in school I do not spend quality time with my family of friends, I have no time. I am on beginning Med-Surge and I love the class, I find it interesting and fascinating to learn about how some diseases work, but I did not do well on our first quiz last week, I did terrible where I thought I did better than I expected when I walked out of the exam. Imagine my dissappointment when I found out this past tuesday how bad I did. I have to find a different way to study, though is difficult for me as I am an all around type of learner. For the first time I had to buy a digital recorder to tape the lectures. I intend to come here for help. I have been visiting this site since January while doing my first rotation of clinicals for Fundamentals.

    To all of you that are mothers (or fathers), working and going to school, my admiration and respect to you all, I do not know how you all do it. My plate is full and I am not even on the full time program. I will soon start pharmacology and math is not my strongest suit, of course I have to pass Med-Surge first .

    I have to envision my pinning ceremony - the law of intention and desire, I will make it!!!! And I will be a
  13. by   jenniedennise
    LOL - Wow...this was a dead thread for like 6 years!! But way to revive it, SENSUALBLISSINFL!
    I'm 29 years old, married, mother of 1 little boy who will be 2 in September.
    I just got accepted to a nursing program and can't wait to start this fall!!

    I got my BS in Early Child Development in 2003 and taught kindergarten for a couple years. Then, I directed an inner-city children's outreach for a few years...before I decided to pursue nursing. I got my pre-req's done (I had to do the A/P series and Microbiology) and was just about to apply to nursing programs when I found out I was pregnant.

    So, I've took a year off to be a SAHM. Then, I intended to start a nursing program last year - but didn't get into a program!!
    I was an alternate at my #1 choice though - which gave me extra points on this year's application. So, THIS year, I got in!!

    I am totally interested in ER nursing and mostly want to be a Life Flight nurse...which requires a strong Critical Care background...so, I'll probably go that route for a few years before pursuing flight nursing. ...should probably just focus on getting my RN first though.