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just a question for the older/non-traditional students and grads here: have you found that, as an older student or one that has already graduated, you do better or worse than young people right... Read More

  1. by   sjoe
    Rabbit has it right. I'll just underline one of her points: Go for a grade of C. If you get a higher one, ok. If not, ok. Your grade (so long as it is at least a C) will have NOTHING to do with your nursing skills, passing the NCLEX, future jobs, payscale, etc.

    The only thing it could affect would be to increase your difficulty in entering graduate school, should you decide you want to punish yourself further...er. continue your education...at some time in the future.
  2. by   jude11142
    I am 43 yrs old and going through Excelsior to get my RN. I went back to school after being out for over 22 yrs to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse. I chose a LPN program at a nearby technical school because it enabled me to reach my dreams much sooner than going back to college etc...........The biggest problem that I encountered was finding the time to study. It was a very intense program with atleast 4 hrs of homework per night. My family was wonderful and everyone pitched in. My kids thought it was "cool" that I was back in school and they were so proud of me when I graduated.

    I really enjoyed our class, most were under 30 with several in their 20's and I was that oldest at 40. I don't feel that it was any harder or easier for me to learn, so age didn't play into that. I did have some problems with my instuctors who would treat all of us as if we were 2 yrs old. I'm sad to say that our instructors were heartless, prejudiced against some students and made this program hell for many. What is even sadder is that just the other day, I ran into somebody at the salon and as we were talking, it came out that she went to the same school and dropped out just 12 weeks prior to graduating. She had many of the same problems with the instuctors that many others have had. This has been addressed and brought to the attention of State of Ct and hopefully something will be done. I would never ever recommend anyone to go to this school, instead I tell them to go through one of the private programs.........my sons girlfriend is enrolled in one and she loves it.

  3. by   javamom
    I'm 31 and at a large university and I'm finding that being "older" is helping me tremendously. I find that many of the younger students, straight out of high school, expect to read a text and ace the test, then get mad they made a D and complain about the prof and try to get him/her fired! I have big issues with this.

    I study hard, I dedicate time to studying and get pretty good grades. I've been out of college for 12 yrs and found it hard initially, but now I've got a routine and it works well most of the time. Although my 3 boys are still having a hard time that mom's life doesn't revolve around them! :chuckle

    And I think the life experiences is a valid point. Having gone through child birth, seen illness, death, etc.. I do have more one leg up on them in that respect. Although, having youth on my side would be great too! :chuckle
  4. by   DebsZoo
    Originally posted by StaceyS
    Although my 3 boys are still having a hard time that mom's life doesn't revolve around them! :chuckle

    Now THAT one I can fully relate to!!!
    My kids hate it that I am not at their beck-n-call 24/7 now.
    They are slowly adjusting though. Now, if I could JUST get them to notice I have a book in front of me, and not interupt me.........then I will have accomplished something
  5. by   javamom
    Boy isn't that the truth Deb! :chuckle Mine seem to think that it's like the phone....They have nothing to do with me when I'm bored and want to play with them. But, pick up a book or the telephone and I'm the most popular chick in the house! :chuckle