Your number of NCLEX Q's to Pass?

  1. I just got back from NCLEX boards. I am over here sobbing. I know I totally failed them. Great attitutde huh? I had to answer over 150 questions, when most people I know shut off at 75-80!!! I felt like I studied so hard but it didn't matter b/c all my questions had more than 1 'right' answer and you had to pick the 'best' one. I felt like I guessed the whole time. Maybe 10% of the questions were actual fact based questions. I feel so terrible. I have my A.D.N and no one could ever take that now, and I know I can retake this test, but I just feel like venting to you all. Over 150 questions seems like so much compared to others. Sorry to whine, but just needed to talk to someone other than people that know me. Thanks for listening and answering. Does anyone remember where yours stopped and you still passed? Or with 75 and failed?
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  3. by   Randall
    Two friends tested last got 265 and the other 240 and both PASSED.
    So keep the faith and do something nice for yourself tonight.
  4. by   Tweety
    The number of questions has no bearing on passing or failing. It takes what it takes. It may have taken you 150 questions to pass, or it may have taken that many not to pass. Try to relax. You'll know soon enough. Many many many people have passed with 150 questions.
  5. by   tsgarman
    I took 187 questions and sorry to say I did not pass. Another girl at work took 120 and did not pass. But I know others that took that many and passed This is not to upset you or make you worry. I just think the number of questions a person takes really doesn't matter. It is how you responded to those questions. My exam started out with a very tough question and set the pace for the rest of the test. So I will retest in 3 months.

    I don't know if this helped you or not.

    Good luck!
  6. by   Chttynurs
    Mine stopped at 75 and I passed, but I know of at least one person in my class that had 75 and truly doesn't matter how many questions you had, like 3rdshiftguy said, it all depends on how you answered the questions. I know there's info out there on how the computer decides if you pass or fail, I can't remember the numbers now. Something to do with getting a certain percentage of "easy" questions right and a certain percentage of "hard" questions right. Bottom line, you have no idea that you failed for sure. Good luck and keep us updated!!
  7. by   Chttynurs
    I just found this website quickly that tells you how Computer Adaptive testing works, although it's boring reading. I copied and pasted the following paragraph, hopefully make you feel better.

    NCLEX examination decisions are not based solely on how many questions a candidate answers correctly, but also on the difficulty of the questions a candidate answers correctly. CAT administers questions with difficulty levels so that each candidate will answer about half correctly; these questions provide the most information. Thus, all candidates answer about 50 percent correctly: passing candidates answer 50 percent of more difficult questions correctly, and failing candidates answer 50 percent of easier questions correctly.
  8. by   Karina212
    I passed at 75 questions. My friend failed at 75 questions. Another failed at 265 questions. It doesn't really matter how many questions you get no matter what people say. Almost everyone feels like they failed and like they guessed at most questions. The only thing you can do is just wait and try to keep yourself occupied with other things. I know it is hard, but good luck!
  9. by   mistersleepy
    I got 75 and passed, another friend got 160ish and failed, bottom line, we are both now nurses woriking critical care and doing a great job. She just got an extra few months to get adjusted to the unit without the stress of RN responsibility.

    My guess is that you passed but if you didn't, it really will be ok, honest.

    Good luck

  10. by   Scarlette
    I had 80 questions for my LPN NCLEX and passed. I had 165 questions for the RN test and passed. One of my classmates had 230 questions and passed.

    Good luck!
  11. by   Rocknurse
    I took 120 and passed but I came out in tears convinced I had failed! It is always harder than you think it's going to be, and the questions were nothing like I had revised. In fact hardly anything came up that I had revised which was why I thought I failed. The stress of it all being over might make you a little emotional but keep the faith and wait for your results.
  12. by   Nurse Ratched
    Originally posted by Chttynurs
    I just found this website quickly that tells you how Computer Adaptive testing works, although it's boring reading. I copied and pasted the following paragraph, hopefully make you feel better.
    That was very interesting reading, chtty! Thanks for the insight into the test.

    Jf, I remember well that feeling of dread leaving the NCLEX. Go out and do something to distract yourself. Commiserate with classmates you have become friends with. And only allow yourself to call that 900 number for test results once per day .

    Let us know as soon as you have word!
  13. by   CountrifiedRN
    I had 75 questions and passed, as did three of my friends. One girl had 77 questions and passed, and another had around 120 and passed.

    When I came out of that test, I honestly didn't know how I did. I thought it could go either way. The questions were much harder than the questions in my review books. It was agony waiting for the results.

    Do you have an idea of when you will find out? Just do things to keep your mind occupied, keep really busy. The time goes by easier that way.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
  14. by   Spidey's mom
    I passed at 76 questions but walked out thinking I had failed.

    I walked out angry too. It was the most ridiculous test I had ever taken and not a true measure of nursing. I've always characterized it as "pick the best WORST answer".

    One of my fellow students is an awesome nurse but not a good test-taker and had to take the test over 5 times.

    I think what everyone is trying to tell you is that the amount of questions doesn't matter . . . you could have passed or failed. Whatever happens, don't let it define you as a nurse. That test is not, I repeat not the final say in your nursing ability.

    Take heart.