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  1. I am reading a short biography of a nurse in England in the '50s. Link:

    "People often wondered how our caps were held so firmly in positions on our heads! Once again, it was at Joyce Grove that we were taught how to anchor these caps. The secret was no more than an ordinary pin! (as used in needlework!) This was fixed into the underside of the front starched band of the cap, over the forehead. The sharp point of the pin was then finally embedded into the scalp , two white kirbigrips holding the cap in position at the back beneath the folds. After some weeks (which proved to be quite painful ones!) a hard, round "pea" formed on the scalp, where the pin had been anchored - and eventually, we were hardly aware of it!"

    Well, I am a traditionalist, and sorely miss the traditional white dress and cap, but this is something else altogether. Imagine what the ANA would say if we were asked to embed pins in our scalp to hold on nurses caps! Does anyone know what a kirbigrip is?
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    "...You can fool some of the people all of the time...."
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    Geez...and nurse's complain about dress codes.
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    Originally posted by Ariko
    Does anyone know what a kirbigrip is?

    According to this site, it's a bobby pin in American-ese.
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    now I know how thongs and g-strings stay up:roll
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    Hmmmmm.....that doesn't sound a whole lot worse than some of the strange piercings i've seen people with these days!!