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You know you're an older nurse if: 1. You remember working with nurses who wore caps. :nurse: 2. You remember nurses (and doctors) sitting at the nurses station drinking coffee and smoking... Read More

  1. by   BearyPrivate
    I have only been in this profession for 15 yrs. Here are the things you all listed that we still do to this day.
    -- Take B/P manually:chuckle
    -- Lock up narcs in a cabinet in the med room
    -- Use glass thermometers
    -- Chart everything long hand and in duplicate sometimes triplicate.( chart in the nurses notes, on the tx book, on the fsbs book, med book, etc)
    -- Still hand cranking hob and fob up and down.
    -- Give doses of Tylenol, Ibuprophen, MOM, mylanta, colace,etc out of same big bottle.
    I know it's a new century but some one needs to let our cooperation know that.
    Thought it would be fun to let everyone know some of the old ways are still practiced at our LTC facility. I just wish we could still smoke at the desk and chart.
  2. by   santhony44
    Quote from -MNC_RN-
    When you see the kids these days wearing their fashionable t-shirts that say "Hollister" and all you can think of is a colostomy appliance (or a condom catheter--even better).

    Um---What does the "Hollister" on the shirt mean, anyhow???
  3. by   santhony44
    Quote from aeauooo
    When you can tell a doc, in all honesty, "Son, I was doing this before you had pubic hair."

    I don' think I've said that, but I've told more than one nurse that they were in diapers when I started doing this.

    Or even worse, not even born yet.
  4. by   rntraveler
    ...You can honestly say "I've got a granddaughter older than you". And I have done that,but most of the nurses on my unit are older than my 29 yr old granddaughter. As they say,the work force is aging and who will be there to take care of us?
  5. by   aeauooo
    Quote from santhony44
    I don' think I've said that, but I've told more than one nurse that they were in diapers when I started doing this.

    Or even worse, not even born yet.
    I'm not there yet, but it's closing fast!
  6. by   BlueRidgeHomeRN
    Quote from santhony44

    um---what does the "hollister" on the shirt mean, anyhow???

    i thought it was just me--i crack up at the mall!!!lol2:
  7. by   Hausfrau
    Quote from flytern
    OLD OB RN:
    remember when:
    1. C/S, in bed for 2weeks and then sent home
    2. Vag deliveries in bed for 7 days.
    7 days!??? I had my baby 10 months ago and I was literally in bed for 2 hours after I gave birth. They refused to take her to the nursery so I could get some rest because I wanted to breastfeed. My husband fell asleep so I was literally getting in and out of bed all night long to take care of my baby!
    I would of loved 7 days in bed to get some rest after being preggerz for 9 months!!!
  8. by   smarter

    GLASS IV bottles............
  9. by   -MNC_RN-
    Quote from santhony44

    Um---What does the "Hollister" on the shirt mean, anyhow???
    Beats me. Ask the marketing geniuses at Ambercrombie & Fitch... it's their label. (I think it's a surfing beach, or city, in California, actually.)
  10. by   princenina
    Rats to that... the notion of kids wearing tee shirts which advertise colostomy bags is so much more fun.
  11. by   princenina
    GLASS IV bottles............

    I remember glass underwater sealed drainage bottles for intercostal tubes and on suction units too, (to go with the stainless steel sucker nossles) which came apart for cleaning ... I specially remember cleaning sucker bottles and wrapping them in towels before they went in the double sided on ward sterilizers on the wards... standard Saturday "extra duty" for the junior nurses in my Australian training hospital.
    I even remember when Registered Nurses trained in hospitals!!!