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You know you're an older nurse if: 1. You remember working with nurses who wore caps. :nurse: 2. You remember nurses (and doctors) sitting at the nurses station drinking coffee and smoking... Read More

  1. by   nurse51rn
    Glass syringes and reusable needles that had to be filed (in CSR) to remove the burrs. Salem sump tubes. Do pre-op preps without gloves and using safety razors when doing them. The uniforms we had to wear were dresses or two-piece suits only - also clean caps (head nurses checked these daily). Girdles and hose (pantyhose had not been invented yet!). Bending over to do a dressing change, and your cap flipped forward. Metal dressing trays and glass medicine cups on them. All dressing changes were done with pick-up forceps - no gloves; sterile gloves were for the surgery department only. Peri lamps - 20 mins. 2 x/day. And yes, the clinitest and acitest - dipsticks and tablets. Circo-electric beds for back surgeries; then they were fitted for braces before discharge. Not be "allowed" to go shopping after work in your uniform. And everything else that has been written here.

    I just finished orientation at a new hospital yesterday, and we "older" nurses talked about these things. When we were talking about compartment syndrome, I mentioned wringer washers - only three of us knew what they were. LOL.

    This thread has brought back so many memories!
  2. by   vaccinator1
    As an old (RN since 1973) Emergency Room, Dialysis and now a Department of Health Registered Nurse, not sure but, are we still giving "Back Rubs"?
  3. by   crna08
    When I was a 17 year old CNA I worked evening shift and floated to all the floors. Part of the PM care was going from patient to patient and asking if they wanted a back rub with an option of lotion or alcohol. I think it was a wonderful way for patients to unwind and have one on one time with someone. A lot of stuff was told to me that I was able to pass on to my nurses that they were unaware of but had a need to know. Don't know if it is a part of care today or not. Maybe somewhere.

    These have been a wonderful walk down memory lane. I had forgotten about the Stryker frames, clinitest, acetests, water on the transducers and coke to unclog NG tubes. Did anyone else ever have to wrap Nipride tubing from the bag to the hub? Don't want it to turn into cyanide after all!

    These really need to be compiled and saved for future generations so they can appreciate how different things were just a few short years ago.
  4. by   lsorn1
    GOd I"m OLD i remember all the above.
  5. by   adrienurse
    Suction cannisters were not disposible. They had to be emptied, scrubbed and then autoclaved on the unit.
    oh gag. Still having to empty suction cannisters out. as you can tell, one of my favorite jobs. Had one terrible early onset Alzheimers case here, advanced to the point where she was needing suctioning every shift. Was so upsetting and terrible to have to do.
  6. by   imisscoco
    Wow! I can remember all of these and more. How about choosing the nursing school based on whether you liked the cap or not!?!? And whoever said something about not wearing gloves b/c you would make the patient feel like they were untouchable had the mindset of the day pegged perfectly. And those awful preop enemas, in the 1500 cc bags. How many abs did we perforate doing those even for abdominal surgery. Probably caused a lot of perotonitis ya think. I still have my nursing uniform I graduated in over 30 years ago, and the shoes, which I should have bronzed. Remember the white shoe polish and if your shoes weren't spotless you got reamed out. And for you psych nurses out there, remember Thorazine 100 mg. IM for prns. And you didn't need a Rogers guardian to give it. Well, my long term memory still seems to be pretty good. It's recalling what I had for breakfast that is problematic now!

  7. by   imisscoco
    I took my boards in Pennsylvania in July 1976. 2 days of written tests and you had to wait at least 6 weeks for the results. And you got scores for all the specialties, not one meshed score. We were allowed to work as Graduate nurses then b/c there was such a long wait for the results. I just finished NP school and took the boards this summer. Took them on computer and got the results within one week. I passed by the way. Well, it's funny reminiscing about the good ole days. And remember there was no such thing as the Baylor program, or 12 hr shifts. Much less flexibility back then.
  8. by   twotrees2
    Quote from SandraJean
    I remember eating my lunch in the parking ramp between test sections. Those were two very stressful days! Also, checking the mailbox every day for three months until I found out that I had passed the boards.
    lol i hink ill take theh 2 dyasa as stresfull as it was - i am NO good at this computer after all these yrs and i would be dying trying to type anything - especially if there were essays - then itd take me 2 days anyhow roflam
  9. by   allantiques4me
    Thanks Sonnyjohn for the interesting info on nurses caps.I kinda miss them although only wore them in nursing school.I know a few guys think thier HOT.
  10. by   trishie
    rofl!! i havent thought of many of these in years...
    milk and molasses enemas slowly heated on the stove...and administered to the patient
    bath thermometers
    your hair had to be off the collar
    no socks allowed........white hose only!
    the shift supervisor on nights had to approve any phone calls made to md's..even if the patient was coding!
    those werent the days my friend!
  11. by   nocalmomo
    I was a student in 1973! We HAD to wear caps, white hose & clinic "nursing " shoes. I remember carring metal "tubexes," so we could find one,for "htpos", glass meniscus cups, for titrating all your meds, ekg's that burned your fingers, if the needle burned the paper, & got stuck, AND bedsore/ decubitus treatment of "sugar" put directly into the wound , with a heat lamp, apparently it would not grow some bacteria, I don't remember, BUT it did work! I am 58 yrs. old. Go OLD nurses!
  12. by   nocalmomo
    Before plastic tubing , they used red rubber tubing , for everything! .
  13. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from RNstudentBrian
    In 1991 when my DW was sitting for her exams, I made a tailgate lunch on both days for her and her buddies. I could see the strain on her and am so glad that I was able to test on the computer in just 1 hour and ten minutes. And only had to answer 75 questions,AND knew the results in just 48 hours.
    What a sweetie you were!

    So now you are an RN? You can probably request a name change? I think...