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You know your shift will be a hot mess when your patient is on a PEEP of 25, Fio2 100, PaO2 50, febrile @ 40 degrees Celsius, maxed pressors, white count < 100, and bleeding from every orifice. ... Read More

  1. by   AtLeastMyDogLovesMe
    You know your shift will be a hot mess when...

    -Before you even woke up there was a text message sent by management begging for extra help because we're holding admissions in the ED
    -You are down the street from the hospital and see EMS fly by you with lights and sirens
    -The nearest trauma center's helicopter is landing on your helipad while you are looking for parking
    -You walk up the the ambulance bay and you see at least 3 ambulances
    -The charge nurse says there is no pre shift meeting today, go to the floor and find your assignment on the board
    -Your report consists of, "I haven't even met the other 3 patients yet"
    -You read the MD line up and ask yourself if its too late to call out
    -By the time you get caught up on those other 3 patients, your coffee is cold
  2. by   Linka
    When as a novice nurse you crossed your name off from the assignment and you return to see you have been assigned to that patient, floor nurse that gets along with charge says "I think since you know the patient and all, you'll be fine. Why are you scared, just because he is a DNR?"
    It did end up being my worst shift yet.
  3. by   WKShadowRN
    Quote from BeckyESRN
    School nurse here: When it's the first day back after a 3 day weekend. Ugh.

    When I worked cardio: when you smell c. diff, GI bleed, and DKA as you exit the stairwell
    When the only staff you pass in hallway says "welcome to Hell" or "welcome to the detox unit"
    When you hear the supervisor say "I know he's unstable and should be in the unit, but (your name) can handle them" **cringe**
    When you log in and realize that you have 3 empty beds, the only empty beds on the floor
    Maybe it's the fever I have right now, but I almost threw up with that because I know that smell too well.

    I can usually handle it and eat a bowl of spaghetti at the desk.

  4. by   DWelly14
    Labor & delivery nurse here ... I know it's going to be a crazy night when it's raining and it's a full moon and I walk in and triage is full with more patient's being seen in our NST room and the waiting room is full ... sounds like a night where people will be getting epidurals in triage and probably birthing there too!

    Or the other night when I get to the board for report feeling pretty good as there's only 5 patients admitted only to find out we have no scrub tech and the ORs are all down because they're doing maintenence on our air flow system and the off going charge says "don't worry! we've never had to do a c section off this floor." sure enough, not only do we get a contracting repeat section come in not an hour later but also a hemorrhaging 30 week previa. It was a mess!
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  5. by   RNikkiF
    When the off going nurse runs up to you before you're even ready to start the shift and says "Are you so and so?? Do you have the patient in 3?!"... aww crap!
  6. by   justavolunteer
    Obviously not the same when you're 'justavolunteer', but I have walked in to have charge nurse & clerk both say "thank goodness you're here". It will busy for me & probably a day from hell for the staff. Other times I've come in to see a whole crowd in a room, the crash cart looks like it was ransacked (everything open) and the room looks like a bomb went off because of all the debris on the floor. The night shift is going to be late getting to report, the day shift is late getting out of report. That has a snowball effect for a good part of the shift.
  7. by   Hweyp
    When you aren't even clocked in but you arrive with your patient being coded for 3rd time in that evening because family is en route 2 hrs away and just want to get there before he "dies". Lose patient as family arrives in parking lot. Blood/stool/equipment everywhere. Rapidly trying to do some touch spot postmortem care before family walks into that scene and pregnant nurse uneasy stomach pukes all over pt bed and floor. Has to leave me by myself. Always have to give her hard time about it every time I see her-have to laugh about it because was just so bad.. The timing so lame
  8. by   Nurse_
    I know my shift will be a hot mess when...

    - trauma patient with clamshell thoracotomy, open abdomen, multiple drips, level 1 rapid infuser and crrt at the bedside
    - alcohol/substance withdrawal patient
    - getting a patient from certain hot mess nurses
    - getting a patient who's being rotated because they are agitated/verbally abusive or demanding family