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YO!! AUSSIE NURSES!! (part deux)

  1. thought i'd post this here as well as off-topic, in hopes of getting more visibility......

    hey y'all!!! my hubby and i are planning exotic vacation #5, and want to go to australia for a couple of weeks next year.

    i know your seasons are reversed there, so what's the weather like in, oh, say july? is that like april in the states?

    he and i loooooooooooove scuba/snorkeling, and it is my
    fantasy to snorkel/scuba on the great barrier reef!!!

    i know so little about your country other than the obvious 'touristy' stuff like sydney and the reef.....can you please educate a po' ignunt southern belle and make some suggestions as to where to go in your lovely country??

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  3. by   nursing aussie
    hi shay, well july is our winter but this winter our days are like been about roughly 19-20C and christmas time in december is our summer which gets to about 40C some days (bloody hot i know). there are heaps of lovely places in australia. if there is something in particular you would like to know i can either answer myself or find it our for u.
  4. by   Tookie
    July where l am is cold and currently wet - the snow fields - about an hour from where l live are full of snow and the winerys about 15 mins drive and getting ready to harvest (I think) where l live we have reall seasons - however Australia has heaps to offer
    A lot depends upon the ytpe of holiday you want. Great barrier reef - fantastic - l would love to see it too.

    I noted that you really only have a limited time and therefore would really only see a little bit of Australia as such - wet your appetite - pick what you really want to do and then go for it - you may then want to see more next time

    Have looked up a few sites for you on the net - however if you type in tourism australia or travel etc you will get a failry good lot of choice - I use google

    Some l found were
    - these arent linked - as l dont know how to do that yet - but hope they are of some use

    splash - http://www.australia.com
    Australian tourism commisson - http://www.atc.net.au
    Walkabout-Australian travel guide http://www.walkabout.com.au

    Happy travelling


    Addit - l noted that when l posted this the sites came up as 'blue' so maybe the magic Brian automatically organises this - or the computer - does my computer technology is limited really
    So l though l would edit my comments
    hope it helps
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    Ahhhhhhh you planning a visit to the sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains.......GLORIOUS beaches, amazing outback, vast open plains and deserts, rugged coastline... I could go on and on....

    Our weather here is wonderful, and as posted above it gets hot bloody hot in our summer season which runs from December to Febuary but quite often the heat is burning up enough to go swimming way into March!

    How much time are you giving yoursleves? Which coastl region do you wish you see? East Coast by the sounds of it, the drive between Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne is fantastic......Geographically Australia and North America are the same size but not populated all the way through for obvious reasons!

    Great Barrier Reef HIGHLY recommended but can get a little expensive but with the Greenback against the Aussie dollar you should be sweet. Also take into consideration the Whitsundays, Cairns (Although can be a little monsoonal type weather towards the end of summer)........You say you are a southern Bell, you would appreciate Townsville for a great Aussie Experience, they have a huge annual Country music Festival up there, not certain of those dates though.....

    Theres Brisbane affectionately dubbed 'Brizvegas' for its delightful tackiness (No offence to any Brisbanites out there! .......Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast, all fun places to wine, dine, party, shop and hang out........

    Sydney and N.S.W are a must, Sydney a very cosmopolitan and multi cultural city, the Sydney Beaches bountiful and glorious dotted all up and down the coasts and suburbs, not all offer scuba diving but great surf! ........

    Melbourne also very cosmopolitan offers great food, wine (also must pop into the Hunter valley, a few hours out of Sydney for a fantastic day out!) and also shopping, live music, but not sure of the water sports available down there!

    Forget Canberra unless you fancy Military Meuseums and Government galore....

    You HAVE to experience the top end, Northern Territory-Alice Springs, and try to conquer climbing Uluru formely known as Ayers Rock, the Aboriginal Dreamtime magic is powerful..

    Buy that map and travel book and happy planning.......I am certain that you will be seduced by our beautiful country as are many other thousands of visitors.......

    If you would like any specifics feel free to ask!
  6. by   Tookie
    Great post Socrates soul
    Very eloquant - there are the snow fields and the mountain country too, the bushranging areas and the old gold mining towns like Beechworth with the world best Bakery

    Melbourne too has the horse racing - season - ie the Melbourne cup - stops the nation - thats if you like the horses.

    So much to see - just 'Come on Down"

    Socrates said it better l think
    Awwwwwwwww thanks TOOKIE!

    But how do you tell a person how to fit it all into 2 weeks in our glorious country??!!!!!

    I really think that you should stay a month Shay, 2 weeks is far too short considering the flight.....it takes a day just to fly here! The L.A to Sydney flight is the longest flight NON STOP in the world, a cool 14 hours suspended.......you go KOOKOO......I have conquered it 3 times! Mind you I remember on one flight home with United Airlines and having met a whole group of Aussies home bound...we all drank the plane dry I am ashamed to say ( I rarely drink too!).......and we lost one of our mates, we could have sworn he went looking for a place to 'step outside' for a breath of fresh air....... .:chuckle ...14 hour flights will do that to a soul....hehehe............

    But if you are pressed for time Shay, and they wont give you more time off, resign!! :chuckle

    Quick Question, how many weeks paid annual leave do they give the nurse's in the States?? Public Hospital's here grant an average 4 weeks paid annual leave here, and it can be accrued.. 4 weeks not too bad huh!!!!
  8. by   mattsmom81
    I'm enjoying this thread...it's a dream of mine to 'come down under' for a visit too. Someday.......

    My hospital calls it PTO or paid time off. I accrue a day off a month...so 12 days a year. Sounds like you do a bit better in your public hospitals!! 4 weeks is a nice bit of vacation!!

    Have a GREAT visit Shay and of course you'll have to tell us nosy Allnurses all about it!
  9. by   Mary Dover
    .....can you please educate a po' ignunt southern belle

    My husband and I have been talking about doing the same thing, only in about 2 years from now.
    I've got lots of the inside scoop on Australia from my very dear friend, Aus Nurse. In fact the whole idea is mostly because I want to meet her. Can't talk her into coming here....still not enough money in the jar....LOL.
  10. by   shay
    Thanks, y'all!!!!!

    Okay, well, that means we'll either have to buy really good wet suits to snorkel/scuba in, or we'll have to change the time of year we visit.

    I'm not necessarily limited per se due to work, but planning on being preggers sometime next year, and can't be too far along when we go on vacation overseas.

    Well, I'm off to go hit those websites and I'll be back with more questions, I'm sure!!

    P.s., Mary.....you can ride in my suitcase.
  11. by   Q.

    what about Yellowstone????
  12. by   aus nurse
    I felt the need to copy this over here too...shay did a double thread to catch attention and of course I picked the nonactive one to reply too...didn't wanna look like this aussie nurse was ignoring anyone lol
    Shay and Mary you too are both booked in to stay don't forget.......I am too much of a chicken to get on a plane and come visit you guys

    YO SHAY me old mate!!

    Come on down my friend...great place to holiday if I say so myself lol

    July is in our winter season but it does depend where you go. The Queensland states have a much milder winter and the further north you go the warmer you get. Once you are up around Townsville/Cairns area the winter temperatures are actually like the summer weather in the more southern areas, like Melbourne. Great Barrier Reef lies off the coast of Queensland so from what you say is the place to go.

    By next month i will be living in Queensland so you are more than welcome to come stay with us. Great lifestyle. I will be in a major city but you can use it as a starting or stopping off place.
  13. by   bubby
    Shay i'm from sydney and yes there is heaps to do whether its the city life or go to the blue mountains. If in sydney do the bridge climb the best months are from say oct to april very warm weather. Melbourne is good I adore Brisbane and let me say WA is also great go to monkey mia and swim with the dolphins!!! its fantastic. Also Rottnest island and see our native quokkas. I also noticed someone wrote about holidays for Australian nurses. As I said I am in sydney and because i work a rotating roster as well as public holidays we get 7 weeks annual leave a year plus 12 rostered days off. Anyway Shay you will have a ball down here its a great place heaps and heaps to do !!!!
  14. by   shay
    Originally posted by Susy K

    what about Yellowstone????
    Decided to skip it and go for the big bucks blow out vacation this year, and save Yellowstone for when we have rugrats in tow.

    It's our last-vacation-before-parental-lockdown....:chuckle