Write your congressman and more...

  1. State and federal legislators are bombarded with lobbist from the AMA, American Hospital Ass. and everyother health related organization on the planet. If we nurses do not speak up we are going to continue to get crushed. Actually the orginal legislation that brought the house down on our heads was the balanced budget act. If it was not for the changes that brought about I probably would be out there working in acute care to this day. I write and email my legislator frequently. My state legislator has a office very near my home, when they see me coming they lock the door, turn out the lights and pretend they are not home. That is my way of saying I have been over there in person quite a few times. What is wrong with advocating at several levels anyway?
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  3. by   SchmalRN
    I will actually be composing a letter to my state rep within the next few days. I don't see what it could hurt.
  4. by   natalie

    Absolutely. It's easy to compose one letter and mail it to your US House of Rep., but also to your 2 US senators AND, in fact, more importantly, your STATE reps. It is at this level that most legislation will originate and effect nurses. The federal government may or may not follow.

    I also take the liberty to email state governments OUTSIDE of my own, as the issues arise. They don't know where I'm from and it's another nursing voice adding to the cause.

    Thanks for the posting.
  5. by   JennieBSN
    Yes, write your representative.....AND VOTE LIBERTARIAN!!!
  6. by   kjmta57
    Better yet fax them if you can.We just won a victory on SB396 in CALIF.And the statement made by a senator is they had to turn their fax machine off we were hitting them for several days straight and there are only 1000 of us in the state so I know with all the nurses out there we can make a diffrence but EVERYONE has to make a effort.Dont assume someone else is fighting your battle for you.
  7. by   CEN35
    Unfortunately, I know as a fact I will get blasted for this thread. there are clearly those that feel the goverment is NOT the answer. However, there is absolutely no way for all the nurses in this country to organize a uniform walk out. Besides the unethical part of a walk out, you know they would offer unbeleievable amounts of money to get some to come in to work.

    CURRENTLY: the thing attracting a lot of public attention across the country, is when hospitals divert. One of the misconceptions is it is due to no available beds and/or rooms. Many are unaware of the nursing shortage. Hosppitals do go on diversion for staffing reasons.

    WHAT I WANT: Here is the address to write your state representative.

    Write them, let them know whats going on right now. Let them know how staffing and conditions are for you at your hospital.

    Thanks Rick

    P.S. _ I will not respond to any attacks on me for this post. Anybody that does use the address and write, please post that you did here.
  8. by   CEN35
    Good Idea KJ!

  9. by   PeggyOhio
    You are right, Rick, and they are listening.
    Did you see this?

    Kucinich Holds Emergency Health Care Summit

    Keep those letters, faxes and calls going!
  10. by   CEN35
    That is what brought it to mind Peggy.

    Peggy?????? where in Ohio?

  11. by   CEN35
    I think you misperceived what I meant by "offering huge amounts of money".

    I just don't see how you can organize a country wide walk out. That has got to be something that is:
    a) Planned out very well to even attempt it.
    b) Everybody has to agree on the plan.
    c) Countrywide would take at least a year to coordinate.
    d) There will be those that cross the line regardless.

    The money aspect? I am saying hospitals will offer ungodly amounts of money, temporarily. They will do this to suck in those who would normally walk out. Enough money, and they could get anyone to work. then when the "strike" is over, the money goes back to the same as it was before.

    One other note: Somebody said in a post, "Only blue collar workers strike". They said by striking it defines us as blue collar and not professional. In reply to that response, the #1 unionized "Proffesion" in the country are teachers. Does that make them "blue collar workers".

    Enough said........out

  12. by   Ann4
    kday: You mean to say Jesse Helms just isn't doing it for ya over there in North Carolina?? Go Libertarians!

    Yes I am going to start e-mailing and/or writing my representatives. Can't hurt.
  13. by   RNforLongTime
    Hi Rick,

    I just wanted to let you know that our nursing union organized a letter writing campaign to our local State Senator and Representative in regards to the Bill that's pending in the Ohio State Legislature!

  14. by   PeggyOhio

    Good for you! I'm so glad to hear nurses somewhere in Ohio are being proactive! I was beginning to thing they all suffered from terminal apathy!

    Thank you,
    Thank you,
    Thank you!