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Hey all, Yes If you look at my profile I am a Nurse Recruiter for the Army. I am also an Army Nurse. I joined back in 1987 to get out of my home state and to see the world. I have done that, but... Read More

  1. by   ameritow
    Yes, I would, and have. I commissioned into the Army Reserve Nurse Corp (I only have an ADN) on September 11th. Reasons? I have always wanted to serve my country. When I was young, I planned to enlist after high school. However, I got pregnant & obviously, could not. I have always regretted "missing my chance". When I was nearing graduation from nursing school, I attended a career fair. There I met the Army recruiter and discovered that I had a "second chance". I think it would be the greatest possible honor to care for the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect me and my family.
  2. by   LilQueen CMA
    Quote from wtbcrna
    Here is the Army's CRNA program information. http://www.dns.amedd.army.mil/crna/
    I definitely want to become a CRNA, but was considering it the civilian route. I had no clue that the army has this program.
  3. by   dreamon
    As a former soldier, I only wish I had joined the nurse corps so I could have had a career to fall back on when I got out instead of doing a job that was only available in the military.

    I hope my daughter does not want to join the military, I did not have the best experience. Sexist superiors (saying things like "You young women need to get on birth control")- if he felt that way he could have spoken to us privately in a group as opposed to the whole platoon. I doubt the female soldiers are having intercourse by themselves, and if they are they don't need birth control for that!

    The cover-up or at least ineffective methods to deal with assault being swept under the rug, power-tripping supervisors, etc. Yes I know all this happens in the private sector, but at least you can walk away from that situation. There is no walking away from the Army/military.

    Out of all the services I know people in the Air Force have had the least complaints. I don't know what it is they do differently, but if my children wanted to join- I would steer them that way if I could.

    My Army experience wasn't completely terrible, and I know people who have a good time while serving but I wouldn't feel comfortable encouraging others without offering my perspective.
  4. by   Iam46yearsold
    if I was younger, yes. However the way I am now. I only work 2 days a week. I really am not willing to work more in my life.

    Also before I would really look at it now. I would have to say. It is time to get us out of these illegal wars that the Bush and Cheney Clans have gotten us into.
  5. by   dreamon
    I wanted to add I *may* join the ANC, but I will only make that decision later on down the road. Since I was on the enlisted side, I always assumed things were different as an officer. I knew a few soldiers who worked in the hospitals and their experiences were usually very different from mine- they were as 'civilian' as soldiers could possibly be if that made any sense.

    I only plan on going BSN all the way if I am waitlisted for an associates degree. If I have to do it that way I will give it more thought.
  6. by   egv08
    I've not even been accepted into my college's Nursing School yet but I do have a strong interest in joining the Army as a nurse once I graduate. I would definitely consider it to have my education paid for and to gain that experience. My boyfriend has joined the Army to become a Ranger Medic and I find myself envious that he will be gaining more experience in a couple of months than I will in my years at school.
  7. by   Carletta

    I am planning to submit my packet for this upcoming board, if you have any suggestions please feel free to email me.

  8. by   fins
    I'd join tomorrow, but I've had a hip replacement, which I was told was non-waiverable
  9. by   tv012081
  10. by   PostOpPrincess
    I actually looked into it when I was younger and was told that I was "too nice too look at" and would end up probably harassed all the time.

    This from a friend who was in the army at the time.
  11. by   Midwest4me
    Doesn't one have to be an RN to join the Army Nurse Corps? I'm an LPN and though I have a BS in another field and therefore would be in officer training, it seems to me that the Army most likely only hires RNs.anyone know any different? That said, I would imagine that I'm too old (at nearly 51) to join even if I wanted to....isn't there an age limit also?
  12. by   WalkieTalkie
    I would love to join the Army and apply to their anesthesia program. However, they will not accept me because I have AD/HD and I am medicated. Too bad, because I am otherwise healthy... guess I would probably run off and set off a land mine or something since I can't focus (being facetious). Their loss.