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Just for fun lets just pretend the starting wage for an RN (regardless of education just RN) started at $11.00 hr. Would you still be a nurse? Also, what would be an acceptable starting pay for you... Read More

  1. by   pghfoxfan
    (We all know that we could make more money that $11)
    Since this thread started as "just for fun, would you be a nurse for $11 an hour". If I had the choice of doing a job that I had no interest in, such as being a waitress, I would pick the job that I was passionate for.
  2. by   IKSONAK
    I have been a nurse since 1963.My best times in my career was when I was making $4/hour. Yes, that was top pay back then.Guess what?We didn't have all the rules/regs/JCAHO standards,IDPH rules,CMS rules,DRGs. It was pure, unadulterated nursing care. I'd go back there in a minute!
  3. by   kidznurse
    Emotionally and spiritually I could nurse for nothing. I am drawn to nursing because of my need to care. Yes, I am aware this can be seen in negative terms or positive terms and I won't go into the psychology of Martyr Vs Saint delusions. I get the greatest personal satisfacion when I nurse for nothing when I look after friends and family 24/7 when they have babies or are sick or dying. I take time off from paid employment and move in with them. Today is my day off and I'm off to do the housework for a friend who's exhausted from Chemo. This is what drives me and is part of my personal makeup, criticise it if you like but I am comfortable in my own skin. I would love to spend some time working for a charity nursing children affected by war or natural disaster.

    However, politically and economically I am driven by market forces to sell my desire to help people. My nursing skills are a marketable commodity. I had no compunction about being a "mercenary" nurse. When I bought my first house in NZ and needed to make more money I travelled to the US and earned more, was frugal, and with the then exchange rate, paid off my house loan. I ratify and support our Nursing unions pay rise deals with the government . I believe in pay parity and believe that the job we do is on par with other social professions such as police, fire, teaching. I don't believe that as a predominantly female profession we deserve less. I have children to educate, a household to run and ongoing education to fund. Realistically nursing is my source of revenue .
  4. by   RN4NICU
    Quote from yajaira
    absolutely not. I shouldn't have to justify that answer knowing what skills and knowledge are required for those who choose to join the prefoession of nursing. That is completely ridiculous. Just ridiculous. Can I ask what the basis of this question is?
    I can understand where the question came from (although it was probably not the OP's intent). I, too, have wanted to ask a question like this to all the Martyr Marys out there who criticize nurses who are "in it for the money".

    You know the ones I am talking about - the ones who are always saying/posting "I can't believe all these students/nurses talking about how much they are going to get PAID" or "Nurses who are in it for the money should go do something else" or "we should be worrying about the paaaaatients, not about money" etc, etc. etc., ad nauseum. I have often wondered if these Martyr Marys would work for a ridiculously low wage (like $11/hr) since they insist that they are in nursing for the "caring" not the "cash" and since they seem to have such disdain for those who look at nursing as a career opportunity - just like any other college major - rather than some sort of spiritual experience.
  5. by   janzenz
    hi, i am an new Grad Nurse in Australia and am earning (australian) $21.33 an hour... We get loadings for late shifts and weekends... Your starting wages at $27 (American) an hour seem fantastic!!!
    But i used to be in child care, so what i am earning now is great!!!

    Ps... $21.33 is equivalent to US $16.50 hour!!!
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  6. by   lavarn
    i think student nurses on clinicals should be getting paid...$11.00 an hour sounds good for that!!

    lava rn
  7. by   woundhealer2
    I made that much money putting myself through nursing school as a private sitter many years ago! One sitting job I had, was to make sure my client only had 2 scotch on the rocks before I assisted her to bed!
  8. by   ksnr
    After 23 years in nursing - med-surg,oncology,office,clinic,private duty...I now work in a not-for-profit respite care center for medically fragile children where the starting pay for RNs is $15/hour. All of us are here for the mission of the organization and for the ministry and service we provide to the families of the special children. BUT, not everyone can have this privilege - to work at a relatively low pay, doing something we love, and still pay the bills. We just don't live extravagantly! It all depends on your individual needs and personal interests.
  9. by   foxyhill21
    HECK NO....... When I finish BSN school in December, I personally dont even want to work for 20.00 buck, BSN school is so much work and time and studying. That I think that new Grads should start at 35.00, the nursing salary is too Low as it is.
  10. by   Janice R.N.
    If I had a choice today, I would not be a nurse for $50/hr. I started at $11.17/hr in 1984...now in my province we are at $29/hr. Still not much job satisfaction...working short and can't get any time off unless we apply a week in advance.

    Look at your stub and you lose half in taxes.

    Shift work means you miss half of the important events in your children's lives.

    I love the post by ISONAK stating she would go back to $4/hr for pure nursing...not the crap we put up with today. Soon the next Memo to come out will say..."good job saving a life today, but you did it wrong...according to policy it states....blah blah blah"

    Where has nursing gone?
  11. by   deb75855
    I am right sheepish about this b/c when I started in 1970 we were paid 2.25! I worked for 20 years got MRSAm nearly died and now have no career. Try getting benifets for OJT illness!
  12. by   purplemania
    Well, I have worked for $11/hr but never again. I am worth more than that and think almost every nurse is too. Lots more.
  13. by   Dfortin8
    $11.00/hr not acceptable at all! Especially being the fact that we hold so much responsibility for our pts. and keeping our license. I do think our CNAs should start off way more than they do. They work their butts off. The type of work and salary doesn't match.