Would love some advice!

  1. From all of you wonderful, seasoned nurses!:spin: A little background.. I was more then 1/2 way through my BA in Elementary Education when I decided to throw caution to the wind and do what I TRULY want to do!

    Here is my predicament... My husband, kids and I currently live overseas in Japan, and will for the next 12 months. My husband is in the Air Force.
    There are a few colleges here where I could complete my prerequisites so that I am prepared to apply for Nursing School. The thing is... we will not get our orders until Jan./Feb. time frame. My plan was to research colleges around our next base the second we get those orders, and start applying for the Fall 2008 semester (to colleges whom are still accepting apps., that is.) So basically..I have to complete the pre-req's without having any clue in the world what college I may be applying for. We could literally get sent to about 35 different states..and have no idea which one it might be. Researching online I have realized that a lot of different colleges require different pre-req's...
    I guess what I'm asking is.. I'd like to hear different people's opinions on what you think I should take to ensure I'd be in good standing to apply at most nursing schools. Thanks so much for your time. Also, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong area... very new to this!!
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  3. by   GingerSue
    would anatomy and physiology be suitable?
  4. by   Kat0430
    I think the most basic pre-requisites are usually A&P I&II with labs, microbiology, general chemistry and human growth and development. If you have these, you should be sitting pretty nicely. I am assuming you already have things like English Comp, General Psych and such from your previous classes for your BA in Childhood education. Considering how tough A&P, Microbio and Gen Chem can be, these are best taken prior to entrance into a program regardless of if they are "required". I have many classmates who are taking A&P in conjunction with our nursing classes and they have a much harder time (and certainly NO life outside school). Good luck and congratulations for taking the leap and following your heart!
  5. by   sam027000
    I'd think you'd be safe taking Anatomy & Physiology and Microbiology. There are a number of other courses that most schools require, but you'd need to look into the specific school. That's going to be hard b/c of your situation. My school's prereqs were A & P 1 & 2, Micro, Chem, Psychology, Human Growth & Dev, Sociology, Statistics, and Intro to Computers. Those courses were in addition to the University core requirements like english, history, government, art, algebra, etc. I opted for a BSN program, but I think a lot of the prereqs may be the same for ADN programs, although I bet they will require less core classes.

    Good Luck to you!!
  6. by   Mommy TeleRN
    Are you planning on an ADN or BSN program? If ADN then many only require A&P I/II for sciences..if BSN then you will most definitely need Micro and "maybe" Chem (In my area chem isn't required, I have it anyway because I was like you..had no idea what school I was applying to)

    Other gen ed you probably already have: Humanities, Speech, English Comp I, General Psychology, also a Growth & Development Psych class...those are pretty much for sure gonna be givens... If you are going for a BSN then one-two history classes and a lit class and another humanities. Again you may already have most of this.
  7. by   crissrn27
    For my ADN I had to have A and P I and II, micro, and chem. So for ADN or BSN I would feel "safe" taking these. Also, a lot of places are offering a math for nurses as a separate class, even if that didn't transfer, it sure would come in handy!
  8. by   CaitRN2be
    Thank you everyone! I'm going to research this a little more.
    Also, I forgot to mention I will be going for my ADN, not BSN. So if more people could respond who got an ADN I would appreciate it so much, thank you!
  9. by   fultzymom
    I would say start with the basic classes required for the majority of the colleges. Your A&P, Pathiophysiology, biologies, ect that way you have them out of the way et you know they are required for nursing.
  10. by   traumaRUs
    Hi there! Fellow military wife here. Our first assignment (I was active duty USN) was at Yokota in 1979 (I know I'm old - lol). We got married at the chapel and had our first son there too - loved it.

    Anyway, back to the subject at hand - I was in the same boat - wanted to get pre-reqs out of the way. I'm going to give a little bit different advice - finish your bachelors degree in ANYTHING now. Than...apply once you get stateside to an accelerated program.

    Don't take your pre-reqs overseas because it is not worth the effort. I had to repeat too many classes. Believe me, micro and A&P must be taken with a lab and usually must be fairly recent too.

    If you have a bachelors degree in anything, (even gen ed), you can then apply for an accelerated program and go from there.

    Good luck.
  11. by   CaitRN2be
    Thanks all!!
    We have a friend at Yokota!
    I don't have any problems getting the pre-req's done. We have two colleges on our base, Central Texas college and University of Maryland. Both are regionally accredited and offer all the classes I'll need including A&P I&II w/ lab. I just don't want to end up going overboard and taking a bunch of classes that won't be required for admission.
  12. by   traumaRUs
    Hi again - I actually have an associates degree from CTC (from when we were stationed in Alaska - lol). Again - it is best to find out what nursing school you will be attending prior to doing pre-reqs. One of the schools I went to required 4 hours of A&P while another required 5 hours, the same with micro - usually a 3 hour micro class isn't enough.
  13. by   EGKB
    I am doing my prerequisites (for an accelerated BSN program) at my local community college. The prerequisites for my BSN program are A&P I&II, Chemistry I&II, Micro (all with lab), Intro Psych, Intro Sociology, Ethics, Statistics and Intro to Computers (this last one is subject to waiver).

    The prerequisites for the Associate's Degree program at this community college are A&P I and Medical Terminology (which is extremely helpful whether or not you need it - I find that I'm often at an advantage in A&P thanks to Med Term!). This college also allows you to take the non-nursing course requirements (English, Humanities, etc.) before you start the program, since there is a 2-year waiting list.

    Keep in mind that if you DO end up taking classes you don't need for the Associate's degree, like Chemistry and Statistics, they ARE required if you decide at some point to continue your education to get your BSN... so it's not a loss by any means! Good luck!
  14. by   MB37
    Some schools just have weird requirements too - I had to take American Government and Sociology to apply to LSU, despite the fact that my previous degree was a double major in history and psych. Now, I'm taking freshman English at 27, b/c my first university required one "intensive" 4 credit comp class, while here in FL my CON wants 6 credits of English, no exceptions. Yes, I've only applied to BSN programs, but I would be surprised if some ADN programs didn't have strange requirements too. A coworker of mine needs A&P I/II, Micro, English, Algebra, and Sociology at the CC she goes to, and must have completed them all before she can apply. I would take A&P I and Micro this semester, if you have time, since almost all schools seem to want those. Maybe take psych/soci/developmental if you don't have all three, or a math class if you haven't already with them? Two sciences are a lot, but people do it all the time. You can too, as long as you don't have to work over there. Then next semester see what all the quirky requirements are for schools in your assigned area, and and take those with A&P II.