Would anyone know....

  1. Im trying to get a copy of my shot records.I had a copy,but I went to the store and back and my car caught on fire.My purse was in the car.I got my kids out ,left my purse since I thought I could replace everything in it. My problem is my mom died in 98 and I have no clue where I got any of my shots.My dad worked all the time and has no clue where my mom took me.What Im asking if this was you where would you start looking or asking? Any advice I will start with it! Thanks so much,Missy
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  3. by   bhaysRNinKS
    Contact the school's you attended as a child. Immunization records are required for new students to enter school. Goodluck!
  4. by   caroladybelle
    Originally posted by bhaysRNinKS
    Contact the school's you attended as a child. Immunization records are required for new students to enter school. Goodluck!
    It depends on the years that you attended school. Some of us from the stone age, didn't have to.

    Check with your family MD/pediatrician from when you were a child.

    As alot of things as a nurse require a titer, check titers. I got re-vaccinated for many things as my records were military and not easily available, or I titered neg.
  5. by   Hartmissy
    I cant remember my family doctor.Last time I have been to a doctor was when I had my last kid in 97.Would they have a record of my shots still or did I even have to give them my shot records? I really dont know.Im afraid to start over with my shots,because the only thing I remember about my record is I was allergic to one of the shots, and almost died. Thanks, Missy
  6. by   Berta
    They can't find any of my immunization records, so they just did titre's. Don't worry.. Sorry to hear about your fire. Thank God you and your kids are safe. Berta
  7. by   twarlik
    I'm in a similar situation. I've been trying to track down my shot records for the last six months and haven't had any luck. I was told by my nursing school that I shouldn't stress about it because my doctor should be able to do titres for everything.
    Talk to your physician and see what they can do. You're certainly not the first person who's been in this situation, so I'm sure that they will be able to get everything taken care of.

    Good luck!
  8. by   Hartmissy
    Thanks,that gave me some relief.I didnot want to take all those shots again not knowing what I was allergic too.Thanks awhole bunch!
  9. by   renerian
    I got all my shots at school from the public health nurse so I think it is a good suggestion to start there.

  10. by   LeesieBug
    OOPS! never mind....I was going to mention titers, then noticed someone already beat me to it!:imbar
  11. by   colleen10
    Hi Missy,

    It's no biggie. Lots of students have a hard time pinning down immunization records. Tell your doctor about it when you go to get your physical done and they can write up an order to have Titre's done at the lab.

    If you do need any vaccinations check with your health insurance company and see if they will cover them. I know mine covers all vaccinations for free. If they don't, ask your doctor how much they charge for them and then compare that price to your local Health Department. Often your local Health Department can give you what you need at quite a discount. My doctor's office would have charged me well over $300.00 for all of my Hepatitis vaccinations had I not been covered. Local Health Department was much cheaper.

    Good Luck and congrats on starting school!