working in a hostile environment.

  1. I work in a specialized unit I started as a new grad and have suffered for months with hostile coworkers. I love being a critical care nurse, but need a change.
    I like the unit because I feel very close to my patients and their families I can be investigative.
    Does any one absolutely love where they work and are not so bogged down that they rally can focus on pt. care?
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  3. by   UM Review RN
    It sounds more like the people you're working with on that unit, not that area.

    Is there any chance you might transfer to another ICU?

    Please let us know. A lot of us have had to work in that type of environment and can give you good advice.
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  4. by   happytobehere
    I am just about done with my orientation on my unit... I have been working in a severe hostile environment. I found some things out that my preceptor said about me which makes me very uncomfortable. she is also the main charge and makes the schedule.... I told her honestly I was unhappy and asked for a transfer to another unit. I need some support and advice on what I should, and should not do while waiting for a spot in another unit to open up. I feel so uncomfortable that I do not speak other than hello or good morning to anyone, I get butterflies in my stomach and feel like I can not be comfortable! I have plans to stay a critical care nurse, I love it and would like to stay in that setting, so I feel stuck!
    Does anyone have advice?
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Hi there - so...are you still on orientation or just marking time waiting for another job in a different critical care unit? Sorry this is happening. This is very frustrating, I agree. I think you are doing the right thing...just remain calm, do what you can and don't engage in gossip or much chit chat.
  6. by   happytobehere
    i am off orientation but still in a monitor position where I have my preceptor as my resource, but am viewed as a staff member
  7. by   happytobehere
    I would love to transfer to another ICU but am unsure on how to do it, who do I ask without stepping on toes?
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I rode it out in a similar environment, and was glad I did. Eventually, I learned not to let them pick on me, nor get me down. 9 years later, no regrets. Just grow the thickest skin you can, keep your nose to the grindstone, learning what you can, and if this all fails, there are other positions out there to try.

    Good luck.
  9. by   GardenDove
    You have to prove yourself, once you have you'll be accepted. You might want to give it more time.
  10. by   happytobehere
    I absolutely agree, but my concern is the amount of anxiety these people cause me, and the fear of being set up for failure. I honestly worry about not getting any help when I truly need it. That is a very scarry feeling when patients are the ones who will suffer.
  11. by   banditrn
    Happy - I had the same type of situation in an ambulatory surgery area - I loved the job, but there were some tyrannical and hostile people that worked there, and I finally quit after 3 years. These same people drove many of us off, management knew it and did nothing to stop it. I don't know what the answer is.
  12. by   happytobehere
    I love my unit but may need to leave because of hostility from coworkers. Does it look bad on my resume to transfer from CCU to a tele or med surg floor?
    How hard is it to get into a unit if you work as a floor nurse?
  13. by   psalm this by chance a union hospital?
  14. by   happytobehere
    I have spoken with the management a few times and even they are aware of the problems... do you know the best way to transfer without causing hostility because I ma positive I ma going to leave