Work from home RNs?

  1. Anyone know of type of nursing positions from home?
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  3. by   ShandyLynnRN
    nope, but if you find out, plz let me know!!!! Although I must say I would really miss the patient interaction.
  4. by   BMS4
    Can you do those nursing phone lines from home?
  5. by   Agnus
    It depends. What do you have in mind? What is your vision? What do YOU define as working from home. Go to the Nurse Entrapeneur foum.
    An office in your home is a good start to do diabetic counseling for example.
    Would you consider leaving your home and just using your home as a base? If so there are a lot of things come to the above forum and look around.
    Are you interesed in teaching, speaking, or consulting? If so I am looking for someone to team up with.

    I have an RN friend who fosters special needs kids. I have known RNs who had a board and care in thier home even ones who took care or bedridden chronic patients in her home.
    If you did not want a 24 hr operation you could do day care for special needs or adult day care.
    Child and often adult day care will generally not take sick clients. So the parent or primary care giver is stuck when ones of these gets sick and the primary has to go to work. You could fill that gap, taking care of Tommy who can't go to school or day care today because he has a bug, while mom and dad go to thier jobs.
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  7. by   SeptSue
    One of my RN friends does foot care as her own private service.
  8. by   renerian
    I am a sales rep and I work from home. Most of the time I love it but sometimes the kids drive me nuts.

  9. by   June55Baby
    RN friend of mine did transcription from home when her kids were little. She really liked it and after she got used to typing, was fast and accurate and made fair money.
  10. by   Q.
    I recently saw and applied for a job as an e-nurse for a health insurance company.....
  11. by   ?burntout
    I have actually wondered about this myself.....
    One idea I have thought of IS a day care center in my home.....particularly one for SICK ones who could not go to school...although hubby ain't to enthusiastic about it :spin: (he is afraid of germs )
  12. by   hoolahan
    I am doing workers comp case management. I work out of a home office, but I travel a lot, locally, never overnight. Working from home is not always what it's cracked up to be, it is really hard to be able to shut down when all that paperwork is waiting to be filed, etc... Frankly, I am looking to get back into an office again!
  13. by   LoisJean
    Like Sue's friend, I provide foot care as an independently employed nurse. And like Agnus sez--go over and see what's shakin' on the Entrepreneural Board--by the way, I'm an LPN-

    Peace and Brightest Blessings of the Season
    Lois Jean
  14. by   Agnus
    Have you considered writing for publication? Or perhaps a regular column. Or even publishing a new letter.
    Doing insurance physicals?
    Providing CE for nurses or CNAs.