1. Took my HESI exam yesterday...(sort of "practice boards" used by WVU-P) and scored a 984!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...Acording to the print-out...This equals an 88%. I graduate this Friday (LORD willing) and will be taking the boards soon.
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    way to go!!!!
  4. by   msnursealot
    Congrats to you!!!---Taking my HESI friday..I'm very nervous!
    You did it!
  5. by   Vailgang

    Congrats!! My instructor said that the HESI is a good indicator if you are going to pass your boards or not. I have not taken it yet but should soon. I am studying like crazy!

    Graduation(Pinning) was last night for me!
  6. by   Tweety
    Awesome! Good luck and congratulations!
  7. by   Ex130Load
    My school informed us that the HESI grading format has changed which the original poster seems to have verified. I've read literature that HESI has a 98%+ accuracy rate in predicting the likelihood of passing NCLEX... if one scores 90% or better, I believe. Score less than 90%, a person could have a "bad" or "good" day. I know of several "borderline" students in my class that passed HESI in the junior year, but failed it during the senior year and vice verse.

    Congratulations to all for having completed a degree or certificate program. Good luck on the HESI and/or NCLEX.
  8. by   nursemike
    Woo-hoo, indeed! So, people really do graduate? I was thinking maybe it was all a dream... Good luck with your boards.
  9. by   aruray
    question for u guys...

    im taking my final hesi next week. is it gonna be peds, OB, psych and med-surg? or is it purely med-surg? im hearing different things. please someone let me know so i could prepare somehow. thanks.