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  1. Ex130Load

    Morphine doses while dying?

    My post doesn’t address the OP’s question, but addresses high morphine doses. A sister-in-law (SIS) elected to receive hospice care in a local hospital due to family convenience. Staff nurses engaged in, for them, non-routine care by tending to a ...
  2. Ex130Load

    Hospital to charge employees who smoke

    Grab 100 smokers and 100 non-smokers off the street. Focusing solely on smoking as a discriminator, the smokers are more expensive because they lose productivity attributed to missing work due to a host smoking related illnesses. Treating those ill...
  3. Ex130Load

    Study Habbits

    jaylynn67--You threw me regarding your suggestion to check spelling. Your response contained a quote and I thought a spelling error was hidden within it. I back-tracked and noticed "habbits' misspelled by the original poster. Depending on your lear...
  4. Postings have swung through how the ATI exam is used, does its use comply with the company's intent and board of nursing requirements, are students aware or requirements to matriculate to gradation and sitting for NCLEX, and making RN a more exclusiv...
  5. Jolie, Sometimes there isn't a problem until there is a problem. During my grad year, I think my school had 100+ grads. Statistically, 94% or so, for argumentative purposes, passed NCLEX first time out. I say argumentative because I don't know ...
  6. Jolie, Split away on hairs. Each state's nursing board determines prerequisites for NCLEX eligibility. Each school determines how they'll meet the nursing board's mandates. My information came out of a pointed discussion with one of our associ...
  7. My school requires HESI exams, one to get from junior to senior status and one in the senior year after studies are completed. Students have three attempts for each round. We lost two students in my junior year. In the senior year, passing HESI al...
  8. Ex130Load

    Tell all about Arkansas!

    Am a retiree in the Little Rock area. Yeah, there are a lot of nice things to be said of AR. Same's true of other things too. Have kids? This is considered one of the most backward states regarding education. There's a raging debate going on ab...
  9. Ex130Load

    Nursing with a Southern Accent

    Years ago in another life, a co-workers' heavy southern accent was held against him before even showing up for his first day of work. The label of being a "loser" was assigned when the individual called several weeks prior just to check-in with his ...
  10. Ex130Load

    Cats and babies

    Some other gee-wiz to consider, ran across the following article from MedPage. I did a cut and paste as the link wouldn't open for friend to whom I tried to forward the article. MedPage Today Action Points *Explain to interested patients that this s...
  11. Ex130Load

    C'Mere & Play a New Game: "GIVE OR HOLD"?

    Really like the flow of this thread. Dusting off a lot of cobwebs. Just sittin' back, watchin', thinking, and sucking it up like a dry sponge...
  12. Ex130Load

    Phasing out of Master's for NPs???

    Beach Nurse, The topic of transitioning to NP PhDs came up during my senior year. Several classmates considering follow-ons to NPs commented that if they were gonna become NPs, they were gonna do it before PhDs became the norm. Like me, they wonder...
  13. Ex130Load

    Phasing out of Master's for NPs???

    I've read the National Council of Nursing or some other body is advocating NPs become PhDs so that they can more effectively integrate with other healthcare providers. Those aren't the exact words, but pretty close. That rationale is also part of wh...
  14. Ex130Load

    University changing cirriculum mid year HELP!!

    My school requires students to pass HESI at the end of the junior year in order to matriculate to senior status. We had three attempts. To be eligible to sit for NCLEX, we had to take HESI (after we graduated) and pass within three attempts. HESI...
  15. Ex130Load


    Cheating, a subject that POed me in school. In my school, each test has a statement on the cover page that a student won't cheat or tolerate others cheating, etc., words to that effect. Students sign twice to ackowledge the pledge. Still, I'm sur...