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:p I am very worried that I will not be able to get a job after graduating lpn school in may of this year. The reason being is that I have had 12 jobs within 10 years in the past. I was a cashier,... Read More

  1. by   emily_mom
    I agree with everyone! Don't lie! And don't worry! You'll get a job lickety-split....

    Good luck!
  2. by   Tweety
    Don't worry. When I applied for a nursing job I put nothing on my resume but nursing school. What did they care that I worked at Pizza Hut?

    Oh, I worked as a nurse aide for six months and put that on there.

    All they are interested in is that degree from school.
  3. by   Sourdough
    They will only care about your nursing experience. Just get 2 of your instructors to give you a letter of reference. Forget about the jobs you had before...you will get a nursing job, and if you have the references from your instructor's, they will be more than happy with that.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I can't see why not. Quit worrying and get a hunting. Good luck. It's a mobile community and benefits are harder and harder to find. Most employers know this and won't blink at your varied job experiences. I think you are sweating nothing.
  5. by   whipping girl in 07
    Originally posted by indianamomx2
    I am very worried that I will not be able to get a job after graduating lpn school in may of this year. The reason being is that I have had 12 jobs within 10 years in the past.
    :chuckle I wish I could say I've only had 12 jobs in the past 10 years. At one point I'd had more jobs than I was years old and my husband used to make fun of me all the time.

    It didn't hurt me a bit when it came to getting a job once I graduated from nursing school. My boss didn't care what I'd done before I became a nurse.

    Good luck to you.
  6. by   angelbear
    My first job I was hired on the spot. Went into NH to apply and they paged the DON. She talked to me briefly, checked my license status online, told me the pay rate and the minute I said yes( I mean that literally) she handed me the stack of paper work and I started that night. Around here anyway NH's are so desperate that if you are breathing you are hired.
  7. by   mattsmom81
    If you don't want to list ALL the jobs, don't....you could list the last few, and explain truthfully that you were raising your family and worked sporadically at odd jobs trying to make ends meet. Tell them you'll provide more info if requested, but they probably won't care because its not relevant to NURSING. Nurses understand many of us have raised our families THEN gone back to school...it's fairly common out there.

    I agree with the other posters...it's great to get letters of recommendation from your instructors...that is what they want to see anyway.

    I think you're worrying too much about this too....bet you do just fine. Best wishes and welcome to the profession.
  8. by   indianamomx2
    Thank you all for your replies. You were all so supportive. I will let you all know when I do get hired. Angie
  9. by   catrn10
    Don't fret. I had many jobs, a stay at home husband who couldn't work, and creditors barking at the door. Go to a FREE credit councilor first to see if they can help you, do it now. If they can't, file a chapter 13 bankruptcy if you own things you want to keep, a chapter 7 if you don't. That will effectively end the garnishments. As fot job applications, see the good advice you've been given above. They aren't going to care about every nit-picking job you ever had, only the nursing ones.Contact zuchRN, she's a DON and has said she will help you. Good Luck!
  10. by   indianamomx2
    ZuchRN Sorry I have been busy with school. next week is my spring break, we can talk then about helping me get a job when I get out in 6 weeks and graduate. Talk to you soon!