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i often wondered why some people choose to become an lpn verses an rn, or why go for a 2 year program and just not go for 2 more years to get your bs? especially with the threatened lpn layoffs, the... Read More

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    Susy my friend, I answered you question, and actually have been following this reborn thread. It has been interesting to see how people came to where they are now. And why. But if it starts getting back to the whiney stuff.....Im outta here!! Come on guys. This really has been an interesting thread.
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    Originally posted by baseline
    But if it starts getting back to the whiney stuff.....Im outta here!! Come on guys. This really has been an interesting thread.
    Ahhh my lovey. :kiss
    You and me both, hon.
  3. by   RNConnieF
    I just found this thread. I even read most of the posts (OK as soon as it gets nasty I skip to the next post). I started my career as an LPN. I knew that with my last child starting school in 2 years I needed to have something to look forward to. I went to nursing school because people kept telling me I would make a good nurse. I went to LPN school because they had a part time nights and weekend program. Oddly enough, the folks who told me I would make a good nurse where right, I am a good nurse. As time went on I decided to go to RN school for no other reason than to expand my knowledge within my now, chosen profession. I went into the ADN program because there where very few diploma programs left around here. I have just started the BSN program for the same reason I started the RN program, there is still so much I want to learn about ALL aspects of nursing. Some of us need to go slowly, succeed, and then advance. While I was working as an LPN in PA I was unable to do INITIAL assessments, hang blood, push IV meds, or take verbal orders. I also had to have my assessments and notes countersigned by the RN who was covering me; in PA LPN's have dependent licenses, RN's have independent ones. One of the LPNs I work with now has the most professional way of involving me when I cover her patients that I have ever seen; she gives me a copy of her working care cardex noted, in writing, with anything that I have to do i.e. if blood is ordered. She also gives me a cover sheet that includes the pt's VS, IVF, access, current labs and all the information I need to know about the pt. to cover her. I wish all the RN's I work with did this before signing off to me for lunch or meetings. Nursing is not a matter of individual tasks, nursing is all about competent pt. care. We all do the same THINGS, I clean poop and so does the LPN. It's time we accept each other (and NAs) as the pt. care professionals we all are.
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    Originally posted by NsgTiger
    Call me stupid but...what are the limitations of a LPN? I've heard they can't do IV push meds but what else? I can not tell the difference on the floor.
    I'm an LVN of almost 13 years now and we can do IV push meds, I think it might be either a state thing or hospital policies that dictate that LVN's can't. There are numerous things that I can't do as an LVN that RN's do but to be honest I don't want to do them without the proper training and education for them. To answer why I became an LVN, well hell I don't know, I was stupid and listened to my dictating husband (ex now) who told me I needed to, and I was young and dumb and didn't know any better. But I am happy with it (for the time being anyway) I do plan to get my RN but the financial aspect is what's holding me back right now. But yeah I'll admit it "I like the being under an RN, in the responsibility factor". I don't do anything I repeat I don't do anything out of my scope of education and give my charge nurses full respect for not only the title they hold, but more for the type of person they are. Secondly I have not found LVN's to be a dwindling species in this area, the hospital I'm employeed by basically got rid of their cna's and replaced them with LVN's, yeah I'm doing the dirty work but I'm getting $20/hour for that and if they want me to scrub toilets I'll do it. Everybody wants the LVN vs. RN feuds to stop but they won't let's be honest it's like families (or so I would hope) we can say anything we want about each other and it's ok but let somebody from the outside do it and the preverbial poop hits the fan........
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    I completed a 2-year RN degree. Why? I already had a four-year degree (and a limited time to complete the RN), not to mention half a Master's in English and half a Master's in counseling.

    The university I worked for made it well-nigh impossible to join their BSN program without almost accumulating another 4 years.

    So I'm a BA RN (I get a kick out of that, guess I'm just a dork).

    I'll probably do yet more school (after I finish this hynotherapy degree) but the next round of classes will probably be in art.
  6. by   nurse2002
    I became an LPN due to the program being convennient at that time of my life. I will get my rn, sometime in the future, if its con venient for me. I have always done hospital work. I have worked med surg, ob, pcu, icc and other units. The facility I work for trusts me to float to these units, I also know that Im just as big of an asset to them as any rn they have. When it comes to work quality, work ethics and just good nursing skills ....well here I am, and they know it.
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    I realize this thread is 2 years old. So, All I have to say is why not? I know there are plentyof LPN jobs here in the NW and most of the dr. office jobs are for LPN's ( I would love dr office hours myself). If that is what one wants, and he/she is aiming for that, I say why not. LPNs have a valuable role in all aspect of healthcare, if you ask me.

    As for the 2nd question: I have a 2 year RN degree. WHY? I have said it before; the 4 year BSN was 90 miles away and with a military husband and a child, I did not have the where-with-all to commute 90 miles each way 5 days a week. (not counting making trips for clincal rotations even further away than the university was). So, Makes sense to me. I see NO inferiority w/2 year versus 4 year RN's. 4 year BSN RN's are NO threat to me whatsoever. I am working on an online RN-BSN anyhow.

    But we have been down this road before so I will NOT belabor this point further. Just suffice it to say this: Not everyone has access to the 4 year RN programs; it is not a matter of lack of ambition but lack of access for so many of us. Simple as that.
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    I work in a acute care hospital and the only thing we cant do is hang TPN and lipids.Thank god.It is so sad to hear all the animosity between lps and rns.Not a whole lot of difference where i work...except in pay!!!!!!!!!!!They are begging for lpns
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    originally posted by susy k
    hey jude,
    again, the thread is two years old - going on three. when i posted the thread, lpns were being eliminated and there were not many job opportunities.
    hi susy k i didn't even realize the date on the original posts...........sorry, lol.........good advice though to keep that in mind when responding to posts. we all know how quickly things change especially in the medical field. thanks for bringing up the date thing.

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    Originally posted by Susy K
    I often wondered why some people choose to become an LPN verses an RN, or why go for a 2 year program and just not go for 2 more years to get your BS? Especially with the threatened LPN layoffs, the lower pay, the limited employment choices. Is it money? Is it wanting to get your ability to work sooner? Please enlighten me. Thanks.
    The ONLY comment that seems appropriate to this question is this....


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    Originally posted by NurseAngie
    The ONLY comment that seems appropriate to this question is this....


    Hey Angie!
    Yes talk about kicking a dead horse. READ THE THREAD AND NOTE THE DATES BEFORE YOU RESPOND.

    Open mouth, insert foot.
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    LOL. Looks like all the advice to use search is turning up some old threads!
    LMAO! I'll quote Reb.... SSDD.
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    To all posters who are making it apparent that they don't read entire threads before drumming up their own "witty" response, I will call you on it without fail because this thread is