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Okay, yes this is a complaining thread...:angryfire Here are my reasons that I am considering at least cutting way back on my hours, once I simplify my life this year. 1) I'm very disenchanted... Read More

  1. by   Midwest4me
    Quote from NurseCherlove
    Oh, and you gotta hear this one....we also have started wearing pedometers this week - no joke. And rumor has it that the purpose of such is to make sure that we are doing those hourly rounds and not just sitting on our butts.
    Make mine one of those lobsteritas from Red Lobster and give me a jumbo straw too!:spin: Pedometers? What a bunch of crap---sounds like management has a trust issue; so who do you suppose is paying for those pedometers? That's just terrible; I really feel for you! Overall, it seems that management in most places has one focal point---itself. What it fails to understand is that it HAS to take more money to hire and train new employees than it would to revamp current policies, grant the much-needed vacations and thereby make current employees happier.
  2. by   GardenDove
    That is more absolute F-ing nonsense to demean nurses by treating them like prisoners and making them wear pedometers. What is wrong with those morons? They drive us all away, then cry that they need to bring in foreign nurses, like strikebreakers.(No offense to our most excellent foreign born nurses, who are our sisters and brothers in the cause)

    I say we are due to rise up in revolt! We need a Nurse Power movement, with a leader like Martin Luther King!
  3. by   psalm
    What if we refuse the pedometers (not at my facility) and the "do you need anything else? I have the time." script? I don't script unless I have the time. We're talking about the extra pillow here.
  4. by   GardenDove
    They'd better not try to force any canned comments on me. They do that at Safeway, I hate that! I won't do it, period, and they'd better not start a secret patient program.I'm so sick of management! What a bunch are controlling jerks!!!! :angryfire
  5. by   UM Review RN
    I'll just have a Mai Tai and some Hunan beef with pork fried rice and sit back and listen for now, because I'm too tired after working a few doubles over the past week to argue with anyone and I really really need some Chinese to get me straight.

    I've been in this business since I was a kid. It's been like this forever--actually, it's getting worse, what with the pedometers and cell phones and tracking devices--and while I don't long for the days of nurses sitting up at the nurse's station smoking cigarettes, I think some places have just gone too far.

    The pedometer thing is over the top. Honestly. Mine would probably break too, especially if I had a working pedometer but couldn't find a pulse ox or a working BP cuff to save my life.
  6. by   tridil2000
    re: pedometers
    contact the american civil liberties union
  7. by   Ginger35
    Take the d@#n pedometer and throw it in a centrofudge in the lab for a whirl. Perhaps that will make these idiots happy.

    We are having it bad in this small little ER that I'm at now. Another nurse just called me at home tonight and she needed to "debrief" about her evening & etc. - I can't blame her.....

    Something has got to give - everyone in the ER is about to have a meltdown.

    Bring on the "Perfect Margaritas" from Applebys - Jose Cuervo and I will debrief a bit
  8. by   stillpressingon
    Quote from GardenDove
    One guy in ER loves to use that phrase to describe our chief of nursing. I prefer 'little Hitler'
    OMG!!! We call our senior mgr and the "underlings" Hitler and the SS!! So sad
  9. by   stillpressingon
    Quote from NurseCherlove
    Oh, and you gotta hear this one....we also have started wearing pedometers this week - no joke. And rumor has it that the purpose of such is to make sure that we are doing those hourly rounds and not just sitting on our butts. That is so insane. Even the laziest nurse alive could not work on my floor without walking at least a mile a day. By the way, my pedometer broke on the first day and hasn't worked since - I'm so sad....I'll have a beer actually
    You're gonna need WAAAAY more than a beer for this one!
  10. by   withasmilelpn
    Quote from Bluehair
    Okay, I'm hormonal. I'm in.
    I have a little different perspective right now. I am in the process of leaving a management position. I DO give my staff any time off they request, haven't denied a vacation or weekend off ever. Have gone in to cover night shifts (and weekend shifts)when there was a sick call or they were getting slammed hard with admits, even tho I just finished putting in a 10 hour day shift. Lots of pressures from upper management to 'staff to your stat's', meaning make sure your manhours meet up with your requirements according to census, 'or else'. In the last 1 1/2 years in my current position doing everything I could think of to make the staff happier, working on average 50 hours a week plus on call 24/7, lotsa atta boys and girls, telling some committee they can't add another thing to charting requirements unless they take something else out, intervening when some MD is being a piss ant, always a smile on my face and cheering every one on, handing out chocolate on busy days, on and on and on..... NOT ONE THANK YOU FROM ANYONE IN THE PLACE! No friends 'cuz the middle management team is too competitive with each other to be friends with each other. Lord knows you can't confide in your staff about a lot of things going on. I have definately learned a lot in the a lot year and a half, and I know this experience will look great on my resume. But, NEVER AGAIN WILL I TAKE ANY SORT OF THANKLESS MANAGEMENT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's no wonder more than half the managers out there are such pains in the butt. The good ones go insane trying to do the job right. All I want now is some sort of my life back.

    There. That feels a little better. Thank you.
    They will probably miss you when your gone.
  11. by   Cmariehart
    Straight up please with a jumbo straw and make another and stick it next to me just in case.... This is what has happened in the past month where I work...

    The 3-11 RN for my unit got fired! (long time in coming)
    Her replacment got fired after 2 days of orientation!
    one of our CNA's walked out in the middle of her shift

    Now there's only 2 full time orderly's left M-F
    3 CNA's on weekends only.
    I do the horrible med pass everynight (we're not going there.. I hate it)
    There is a brand new nurse that started this week, who I don't like very much (Can I do a hoyer lift on so-so by myself--- let me think-- NO!!!!!)

    The only day I have ever requested off was this coming saturday because it's out St. Patrick's Day Parade- and I really need a break from working, not mention sleep and I was told NOPE, sorry the unit you work on is too short staffed... But feel free to switch with someone.... I asked 7 people they all looked at me and laughed and then I found one person that would and when I asked the night supervisor she said NO! Because she couldn't do the med pass... People hate our unit!!!!!

    I use the phrase piss ant and little hitler.......

    So after my marg, can I have a shot of Jack tooo.... PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. by   CaLLaCoDe
    Dear Garden Dove,

    Have you ever thought about working for an agency. Just per diem at first and then perhaps bridging the gap. Heck, if you go to an assignment and they just don't like you or the work environment is too stifling, you can just walk away! Anyway, don't just flat out quit; try something new: you've got plenty of diverse opportunities: homehealth, hospice, or perhaps rehab besides agency. Let them weep when they realize what a great nurse you are; you don't deserve such piss poor treatment@!
    Or you could try school nursing and summers off! And nice benefits too!
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  13. by   GardenDove
    I'm not going to flat out quit, but definately move towards reducing my FTE.