Why I decided to subscribe to nursing magazine

  1. I just recently sent in a check to Nursing 2002 for the first time in years. I had subscribed to that magazine since the late 60's no kidding, I believe I may still have some of them. I dropped all nursing magazine because a few years ago when job conditions started to get really bad the magazines did not seem to be in step with the realities of nursing. I had started to take a stand about certain things at work and I needed someone to tell me it was OK. That sort of thing just was not addressed in any magazine at that time. I was expericing things that were really wrong and in my gut I knew the people who published these magazine were particially responsible for my distress and isolation. For the last 2 years my only nursing magazine has been Revolution and now the little PASNAP publication. However, Nursing 2002 is offering a free drug manual with a years subscription so that along with the fact that I would like to see if these people have got with the program caused me to send in my check.
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  3. by   SharonH, RN
    Where can I get "Revolution"? It sounds like my type of mag!
  4. by   oramar
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    Chuckling here...just droped Nursing magazine last year (got since 70's) as found very little new clinical info in it not obtained other sources. I get ton's of indepth clinical info off of weekly www.medscape.com posts. Along with news here at allnurses, nurseweek.com, healthleaders.co, CNA + ANA wesites and magazines Nursing Spectrum and Advance for Nurses (better publication) no time to read NURSING anymore!!!
  6. by   Andy S.
    If you would like to influence change in your hospital, try a nursing journal. Nursing 2002 is great, but they don't have the studies with hard numnbers. We all know about the "sacred cows" in medicine (alcohol swabs on diabetic fingers, etc.) it takes numbers to make changes. American Journal of Nursing in good (AJN) is good, but there are a ton that offer statistics (ugly word i know).
    Good Luck!
  7. by   RNforLongTime
    Since I don't live in a large metropolitan area such as Philly, Cleveland, NYC, etc. I can't get Nursing Spectrum or Advance for Nurses for free as I live outside the "free subscription areas". I refuse to pay 40 bucks/year for Nursing Spectrum. I have always found Nursing to be an excellent magazine. I also subscribe to RN and AJN. Those too are excellent journals. Well everybody's different!
  8. by   Jenny P
    I get the "big 3" (AJN, Nursing 2002, and RN) plus Nursing Spectrum, and Critical Care Nurse; and I used to get Nursing Minnesota (but I haven't seen it this year-- I think it died ), Heart and Lung, and Focus on Critical Care.
    Why do I get so many different ones? Part of it is the clinical info, but another part is because I love to read the nursing input from the readers and also the different "slant" on how each magazine interprets current health and nursing news and research. Each one is different from the others and that is what I like. I have found over the years that RN is very good at focasting the "future of nursing"-- they have been right on in predicting that hospitals would be huge conglomerates with fewer nurses caring for high acuity patients and patients would be turned out into the community much sicker than we were used to (the article was predicting 10 years into the future about 10 years ago). They were a little off in their prediction that residents and MD's would be at the bedside, caring and personally managing those high acuity pts. however. Nursing 2002 seems to avoid the whole political side of nursing; while AJN is full of politics. You want statistics? They are in the critical care magazines, and they can be very DRY! But they are necessary, too. Each year when my subscriptions are up for renewal, I think that I should drop one or another of these magazines, but then I can't decide which one and I renew them all anyway.
  9. by   GPatty
    I'm still yet a student, but I get AJN and Nursing 2000. I enjoy reading them both, and I get a wealth of information from them!