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I was just wondering if there was a relationship between pet type, gender and nursing specialty....Post your responses...... Read More

  1. by   Chaoticdreams33
    Female, starting new Psych job tomorrow, love both cats and dogs.
    Have 2 cats, 1 pit bull, and all 3 are grey and super adorable.
  2. by   LovesGreyhounds
    Nursing student here.
    Own 2 ex-racing greyhounds. ADORE them. They seem very grateful to have been rescued. They are the sweetest things alive. Make you feel good to hug them after a bad day.
  3. by   jojotoo
    ER charge nurse - female - two cats.

    I don't dislike dogs, but they are definitely too emotionally needy for me to have fulltime. Another poster mentioned how dogs love unconditionally. Mmmm, this sounds kind of dysfunctional to me. If you iritate cats, they let you know it. I like that. Very direct.
  4. by   jahra
    Retired nurse-female-dog

    Private duty currently waiting hand and foot on my Old English Sheepdog.

    He is elegant, kind and very affectionate. Loves to play and
    loves people. Nice temperment. He is 3 1/2 years old and
    our goal is to train him as a therapy dog.

    jojotoo-whats emotionally needy?:smilecoffeecup:
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  5. by   KrisMis
    Female LPN, LTC We have 1 German Shepherd female, 3.5 year old rehome, 2 Groenendal (Belgian Shepherds/Belgian Sheepdog) half sisters, 10 & 9 years old & waiting on the nephew to the Groens to be born in January. Hopefully will get to see the ultrasound photos next week! My dogs are my lifeline, companions, helpers & partners. The Belgian girls are also therapy dogs & show dogs. We do obedience, conformation, rally, freestyle and we dabble in agility. The oldest girl is also trained as a cadaver dog & is our local kennel club's canine ambassador that visits schools.
  6. by   callmekipling
    CNA / student here. Male. Ortho/med surg/stepdown.

    Mine's a shih tzou - bichon friese mix (and I'm betting i didn't spell it right!)

    When I left hospice for the hospital, my exboss told me I was welcome to leave though I had to bring the dog around once in a while. So he's a pet therapist, I'm a chauffer. Really, he brightens everyone's day.

    He's boisterous, but seems really good at picking up on moods - esp. with terminal pts and family, he doesn't disrupt. Many's the day I'll pick him up and put in him someone's bed only to have him curl up in their lap.

    Oh, and he's hypoallergenic. Very important.
  7. by   vetnrse
    currently, 2 dogs male lab mixes. They dont ever argue with you or tell you your faults( I think I know that already) Love unconditionally, even when youre in a bad mood. all they want to do is please you. I used to bring my best dog (that has since passed away) into the nursing home where I worked to visit residents. They loved the visits and would remenise (sp) about their own long lost pets that they used to have. It really brightened their day.
  8. by   bekindtokittens
    I just had to resurrect this thread.

    Female nursing student here, and obvious cat lover.

    My cats greet me at the door every time I walk in, even if I've been gone 5 minutes. They come running if I am crying and bump their heads against mine. They even come running if my husband and I are raising our voices (even if we're just talking to each other from different rooms) and watch us with concerned, tennis match faces. They are 13 and 8, and are my furry children.

    Both my cats came from shelters, and if I am ever brave enough to get a dog and take on the training that comes with it, the dog would come from a shelter too.
  9. by   Babs0512
    I grew up with dogs, all my life.

    As an adult on my own, I had a yellow lab mix Sandy, and added a chocolate lab pure bred "Cappuccino". I had Sandy 9 years, and Cappy 6 years.

    Long story short, we LOVED our dogs. Our grandson became allergic to our dogs. Started with watery eyes, but progressed to hives and wheezing minutes after coming through the door.

    It was a tough choice, but we had to get rid of the dogs. I found good homes for them both, and keep in contact with their new owners. They've been gone going on 3 years now, still miss them.

    Interesting side note to the story: After we got rid of the dogs, all of my "seasonal allergies" went away. Seems I was allergic to them as well, and never knew it.

    So, now we have two cats. We love them. But they don't give you the loving and adoration a dog does.
  10. by   elizabeth8503RN
    Right now I have a calico named Tinkerbell, and a German Shephard, Bandit. Since I was little I have always had some kind of animal, cat, dog, reptile, amphibian, bird, horse, sheep, goats, you name it, we've (as in my sisters and I) have probably either owned one, or played with one. So animals in general make good friends, except snapping turtles......they don't make such good pets....they tend to want to bite your fingers off.....literally.
  11. by   trippinwitchu
    Female, critical care/dialysis, a border collie, 3 cats.
  12. by   TopazLover
    We now have a Whippet who had been a mama dog in a puppy mill, taken in a drug raid. We got her from the shelter and know little about her previous life except what we have put together. This is one sweet and funny dog. She has brightened our lives so much. She sleeps more than any cat I ever had but that is an advantage when you know she can run 35 mph. Unfortunately she is too high strung to take to a LTC but I did try and the residents loved her. She just could not handle that much love, she can only dish it out.
    I loved my cats, I loved my dogs and this one is even higher on the love meter than all but our last dog who died almost 2 years ago. I still mourn her as one of the family, gone but not forgotten. Best friends are not easily made but in every animal I have ever had, it is worth the effort as they give back so much for so little.
  13. by   Caseydog
    I am a nursing student, hoping to work in the ER...I have a male pug who sleeps in my bed...When I have a bad day, I find myself looking forward to going home and curling up on the couch with him...He is a cuddlebug!!

    Oh, Yeah, and I am a female....