Why do nursng students HAVE to have health insurance b/4 they strart cliniclas? - page 3

:uhoh21: I was informed recently that I have to have health insurance b/4 I start my clinicals and I can not afford that not even if the school gives it to me for $400.00 a month. My husband owns his... Read More

  1. by   Havin' A Party!
    That sounds more like it.

    Thought the original statement on this was way off.

    Good luck!
  2. by   NannaNurse
    This was never a discussion when I went.........lots of good advise here tho'.......good luck!!!!
  3. by   KibbsRNstudent
    Quote from NannaNurse
    This was never a discussion when I went.........lots of good advise here tho'.......good luck!!!!
    I have a feeling that our "Sue-happy" generation has made this a nessesity all of a sudden.
  4. by   LauraLou
    You can get health insurance through the National Student Nurse Association. I think it costs $40 to join the NSNA. Then you can get insurance for $843-1195 a year if you're under 30 or $1144-1641 a year if you're over 30. You can paid quarterly, so you don't have to come up will all the money at once.

    http://www.student-resources.net/ (insurance)

    Good luck!
  5. by   Kyriaka
    Quote from KibbsRNstudent
    wow, i feel for you. I am so sorry, I hope you do get the ins. that is required. it is a shame some of us may have to leave school b/c we don't have health ins. and we can't afford it.

    What is worse is that I actually have a GPA of 103!!

    But I am sure things will work out. They always do! I have the utmost confidence that a way will be found.
  6. by   tmiller027
    I start in the fall, and my school hasn't said anything about health insurance, though I do have to have a physical and provide records of certain vaccinations before I start.
  7. by   dansamy
    he is supportive as long as he gets what he wants out of it
    Butting in here.......That's not a trait of a man who is a marriage partner. That's selfish. ONLY if it benefits him too is he willing to be minimally supportive. I'd suggest a few counseling sessions to determine if marriage is really a concept he has a good understanding of.
  8. by   wannabee
    Quote from KibbsRNstudent
    Just wanted to thank yu for telling me about this plna. that was very sweet. Unfortunately I can not do it b/c it is not offered in my state. I went to the website and tried to get a quote and it said it is not offered in NH. Fooey!
    Call your local State Farm agent and ask about student insurance. I work for State Farm in Okla and we have Fortis, but the name just recently changed to Assurant, so maybe that's why you can't find it. Anyway, your agent should have something for you, even if it's not Fortis or Assurant. Good luck!