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jackleg27 has 2 years experience and specializes in ER,GI.

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  1. RN-BSN bridge in ATL

    Can anyone recommend an RN-BSN bridge program in the Atlanta area? I was in the process of a program in AL when we had to move to ATL for my husbands job. Thanks
  2. Poll for those who have already taken NCLEX..

    1. 75 2. Kaplan CD and book 3. Medspublishing 4. 11 days 5. confident I passed 6. yes first attempt
  3. Anyone nervous about NCLEX?!

    Yep I am nervous too. I am taking KAPLAN review next week and using my Saunders book/CD to study.
  4. suggestions on a EKG BOOK!

    Understanding EKG's A Practical Approach
  5. Classes

    We used Mosby Paramedic books.
  6. I'll be starting the RN-BSN bridge program in the Fall, but that probably doesn't help you any.
  7. emergency dept staffing with paramedics/emts

  8. No She/he Did Not!!!

    No she did not raise her hand and ask (during a Pharm test) "How many cc's are in a ml?"
  9. On the Job training, in Georgia??

    What about Excelsior? If you are already an EMT you can get your RN that way. I know several medics who have gone that route.
  10. textbooks for medsurg and mental health

    Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.com
  11. We make as much as maids

    Yes that is a great book. It will really open your eyes.
  12. pay in north alabama

    I live in Huntsville and the starting rate for a new grad is 16-17.25/hr
  13. How many hours do you go school each week?

    I am in my fourth semester out of five and I only go one day a week from 8-3, but the first year we did go more than that.
  14. How far/long is your drive to school/clinicals?

    I drive an hour to school. I only go 1 day a week, as this is my second to last semester. The first semester I had to go to school 4 days a week. I have racked up 33,000 miles on my car in a year. I only drive 30 minutes for clinicals, but this is...
  15. nursing school survival kit

    Highlighters, mini stapler