Who else here really loves precepting? I do!!

  1. Hi. I just wanted to say that I've been an RN for two years now on a med/surg/tele unit, and am also now an acute/critical care NP student (half done with the program!!!) and I have now precepted probably about 10 different brand new RNs & senior nursing students at work, and I really, really love it! I love combining nursing with teaching-it's such a great combination. I love it when the orientee I'm with starts putting things together, and I know it's because I helped. My goal is to become a hospital based NP (which will happen next year when I graduate) but I also would like to do some clinical teaching on the side in the near future. I was just wondering if anyone else who loves precepting wanted to chime in and talk about it too, and to see how many years experience you really need before you can become like an adjunct clinical instructor. Can I teach with an MSN, even if my concentration is in acute/critical care and not nursing education? Thanks!
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  3. by   I_am_Julia
    very positive post. this is excellent. i wish could duplicate you many times over.
  4. by   RN28MD
    hello there, I loved to precept too. I was a new nurse when I started precepting about 6mos new and I loved it. I currently am a SAHM but do miss it a lot. I just found out a friend of mine is a clinical instructor with just a BSN in CT for a associated degree program. I am know at UCONN in CT you only need a MSN and I don't think you need to be a nurse educator. I believe it would be perferred.
  5. by   jetsetter
    I will begin precepting a new employee very soon, my first time. Would apprecitate any advice on getting off on the right foot!
  6. by   Deb123j
    I'm not a preceptor...I'm a student. However I will be working with a preceptor next semester (my last). Do you have any tips for me, for when I work with my preceptor???
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    christvs. . .it's been a long time since I've seen a post from you, but I tend to hang out on the nursing student forums, if you remember. I've looked into teaching. You should be able to teach nursing with an MSN. What you need to do is get in contact with schools of nursing and talk with them as to what they require to become an instructor. They will tell you if you need to take any extra courses in education. I thought that most Master's programs had students not only specialize in a clinical area of nursing, but also to focus on an administration or education component as well.

    Do you ever think about coming back and hanging out on the student forums to answer questions now that you're a seasoned nurse? You are one of the few people I know that started as a new grad on stepdown (telemetry) and survived. You are unique.
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    I tried the powerpoint link, but it won't open. Could you check it, it sounds awesome!
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    I love to precept. I am not one of the new employees favorites but that is because I do not give them all the answers. I make them utilize resources on the unit, Policy and Procedure, IV manuals and computer. I never let them hang but I am not always going to be there, so as they move along in orientation I make them more accountable.
    ln the end they all come back and thank me but in the beginning they are not too fond of me. I figure someday they will be taking care of me and I want them to stand on their own and not depend on someone else to give them the answers, what if it is the wrong answer!
  10. by   gdelrosa
    I just started precepting a student nurse yesterday in fact and I was a bit worried because I've only been a nurse for about 9 months. I worried that I wouldn't have very much to teach her. She says that she had a good day w/ me and I'll be precepting her again. How do I give her good experiences? I'll request light assignments until I can really get a good idea of her skills. Her school hasn't given her a password to our charting system so I can't really have her doing that. And I'll have her do procedures as appropriate. What is the best thing I can pass on to my student?
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    Quote from jetsetter
    I tried the powerpoint link, but it won't open. Could you check it, it sounds awesome!
    Ah! I can't get it to open either. They must have pulled it off the Internet. I'll edit my post. I've sent you an PM.
  12. by   meownsmile
    Yep i do a lot of precepting, senior students, new RN's, new employees and i love it. We have a lot of students in various stages of their clinicals and love them on the unit too. So nice to see the enthusiasm and foster that in newbies or nearbies.
  13. by   HisHands
    Most of our professors were not MSN in Nurse Education. Actually, most of ours were NPs that worked in clinics in the summer, and taught us during the school year. So, with a NP, you are definitely NOT limiting yourself.
  14. by   christvs
    Thanks for all the responses everyone! Daytonite-thanks for your kind words. I remember all the advice you gave me as a new nurse when I would come on to the student/first year RN page a while ago. I try to go on the student/first year nursing posts to see if I can help anyone with my responses, when I remember to. I'm happy to see that I can probably teach with a clinicallly based MSN in the future. Not that I dont like getting additional education of course!! I think I'm the poster child for going back to school.