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  1. by   HM2VikingRN
    I enjoy Psych/ED. My definite no list is LTC/OB/MS.
  2. by   DhornRN
    recently i was pulled to the er holding area. basically its like walking into 4 new admits
    first thing in the morning....only it lasts for 12 hours.
  3. by   Nurseismade RN
    labor and delivery no way jose.......listening to women screaming 32 hours a week ....no thanks.
  4. by   mybelle3221
    L&D... it's just not for me (or maybe i am just too young and really dont like dealing with that stuff!)
  5. by   sofaraway04
    it's not on the list, but respiratory is what I would hate. People not being able to breathe kinda scares me. Also I have a really hard time looking after COPD patients. i don't like traccys and sputum. I dislike it when we get resp patient's on my ward so couldn't work on a whole ward full of them.
  6. by   yfloridanurse

    I worked there for five months and hate it. The patient lying there for four months, not getting better, or worse, every day a different hole, a different machine, a rotorest bed and so many machines to deal, so many lines and every single dot in the paperwork has to be in the same exact place and it has to be done this way not that way and at this time and not this other, and very task oriented, no support whatsoever form other disciplines, it was a really bad experience. It did killed me to see every day was the same, for months until the patient gets moved, dies or something happen, I was used to ER environment, something new, use the nursing process to the fullest extent.
  7. by   andeam
    For someone who wants to be a nurse, I cannot handle bodily fluids other than urine and stool. Drainage and phlegm just make me gag, and once I get started, there is no stopping me!
  8. by   HazelLPN
    LTC...at my age they would mistake me for a resident.
  9. by   Sydangle2
    I picked Peds not my favorite by far.
  10. by   Missy BSN
    LTC. I can't help but stop and wonder will this me 50 years later? It's so depressing.
  11. by   P_RN
    Family planning-abortion clinic, close second oncologey general unit, though hospice would be a dream is that contradictory? Sorry touch tuping eyes all fuzzy.
  12. by   DreamyEyes
    Loooooove Geriatrics and Psych. Put the two together...even better! I'm surprised how many people hate psych...or maybe I'm just a weirdo!

    I could NEVER work in oncology. My dad, grandfather, & grandmother all died from cancer. It would just hit home for me too much.
  13. by   Mission
    Not on the list but for me it would be any type of inpatient setting. Hospital/LTC/etc politics are not for me. Went into nursing with no intention of doing anything but community/public health and research.