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They only reason I'm starting this thread is b/c where I was on this date will forever be memoriable to my nursing career. Just 1 or 2 phrases to tell where u were at the time of the attacks.... I... Read More

  1. by   burn out
    I had just gotten home from working 7p-7a and had taken the kids to school, numb sitting in front of the tv half asleep in my rocking chair when my mother said "look the wtc is on fire", then came news of the pentagon bombing, and then to see that horrific scene when the second plane flew into the wtc. I knew we were under attack. Local news started reporting that the third plane was flying over our state-right over our heads- all the city buildings went on lock down, schools were going to shelter in place. It was one of the scariest days of my life.
  2. by   Lizzy6
    Quote from Suesquatch
    On the Staten Island Ferry, 8:45 am boat, on my way to work. I watched the second plane strike.
    That must have been horrific Suesquatch!! I was living overseas in Turkey. I will never forget that day either.
  3. by   chadash
    Quote from suzy253
    I was about 27 miles away from ground zero.

    America Attacked 9 1 1

    the sheer horror of it all...I will never forget.
    Thanks for the website...the news just does not cover this any more.
    I was on my way to a home health patient and the local new station said a plane had hit the world train center, and then they said another. I remember the chill of realizing this was no accident.
    The sadness for the victums and the family remains.
  4. by   SuesquatchRN
    Quote from Lizzy6
    That must have been horrific Suesquatch!! I was living overseas in Turkey. I will never forget that day either.
    It was a wild boat ride, lemme tell ya!

    I saw the north tower smoldering and was watching the harbor when this jet came down next to the boat. The Statue of Liberty was just on the other side of it. It kind of hovered and I remember thinking that I'd never seen anything flying so low. I wondered if the plane was in distress and was going to try to land in the Hudson river because to crash in downtown Manhattan would be disastrous. Then I heard the engines rev, saw it disappear into the grey skyline, and then saw the huge fireball.

    I couldn't believe my own eyes. Everyone was yelling, "What happened?" "A plane crashed into the tower!" "What kind of a plane?" "A plane plane!"

    The boat just turned around and went back to the island. Had I been on time for work I'd have been stuck downtown - the 8:30 boat unloaded.

    I asked a cop if I should try to get into the office later - the ferry terminal was swarming with policemen - and the guy answered, "Don't try to go into the city today." We still had no idea what was happening.

    My brother is with USAID and was in the State Dep't offices a block from the Pentagon when that plane went in.

    I still freeze when a plane flies low.

    We lost a lot of friends, acquaintances, and my husband, a cousin.

    I don't think I'll ever forget that morning.
  5. by   SuesquatchRN
  6. by   JeanettePNP
    Nobody remembers this but 9/11/01 was a primary election in New York. I dropped my kids off in school, went to vote, then went home. I called dh at work and I was put on hold with the radio in the background. I heard something about the tower crashing but I was sure it was something sticking out of the tower that crashed, not the tower itself. Then my dh got on line and confirmed what actually happened.

    I did not see the towers falling but I remember the smoke and haze that covered the entire city. There was a sense of unreality in the air, the feeling that life would not be the same, yet we somehow had to keep going and stick to routine as much as possible. I also remember that they weren't exactly sure what the next target might be and many roads were blocked off and police stations were barricaded.

    My SIL lost her brother in the WTC. She has not been the same since. She recently had twin boys and named one of them for her brother; I think that gave her some solace.
  7. by   RNOTODAY
    I was at clinical, in nsg school, during my ob rotation...I was assisting for the first time with a vaginal delivery... baby was born *just as* the newscast came on the tv.....I'll never forget it...
  8. by   RunningWithScissors
    I was at work, was doing an assessment on a post-op CABG patient; he was watching one of the morning news shows.

    I asked him what was going on, he said a plane had crashed into the WTC...at that time, it was reported to be a small plane.

    I said something like "wow, that was a big oops!"
  9. by   Cherish
    I was in Ft. Hood, Tx. I was in the Army and was going thru drivers training. At the time I was in the back of a LMTV, when someone told us, we all were joking and saying it was impossible and didn't believe the other soldier. When we got back to the motorpool for lunch our instructors told us what happened. I think everyone of us thought ok...we are going to be preparing for war.

    The post was on lockdown. In Killeen the town thats outside Ft. Hood, it was basically a ghost town.
  10. by   RN 4 U
    I hadn't started nursing school yet. I was a my first job out of college, first degree.
  11. by   nservice
    I was working my first shift (nocs) as a travel nurse in California. The day shift nurses came in and told us about it. We all went to an empty room and turned on the news. I stood there with my head in my hands and cried. When I got home, I called my mom in Mississippi and we "watched" the news together for hours. Thankfully I was off that night because there was no sleeping that day. I'm crying now, just remembering.
  12. by   navynurse06
    I was a SR in high school, and it was 1st peroid Government/Econ. class. This guy in our class runs in the room and says someone just flew a plane into the world trade center. So we turned on the TVs in th classroom and that's all we watched all day at school.
    We were hoping they would let school out for it, but that didn't happen. But the colleges in the area closed that day for security reasons.
  13. by   shippoRN
    I was still in collge at the time and I was working in the library. It was a language center that housed all resources for the foreign language department, in a pretty isolated part of the library. I use to listen to the radio, and that morning i turned it on and heard an announcement about it midsentence and then it was repeated. I not knowing what was going on, thought it was a "today in history" segment. SO i went out to my boss and asked her if planes had once hit the towers. She said no, and i was sorta confused by her answer since she was big into history.
    I went back to the radio and they were still talking about it and announced the same thing again, so i went back out to her and said "are you sure?? cause they are talking about planes hitting the twin towers on the radio right now" she followed me to the radio to listen and at that moment they announce the pentagon she just looked at me, walked to her desk, sat down and said "oh my god we are under attack" I had no idea what she was talking about for a good minute or so but then i understood.

    My school was based really far out in long island NY, you looked up in the sky that day you would have never known anything was going on.