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I am hearing that there are shortages in some areas while some are cutting back jobs. Can anyone tell me for sure where thet know there are nursing shortages in the U.S or Canada. Thanks... Read More

  1. by   jenn18soccer
    Spring Branch, Tx...it's in the Houston area.
  2. by   RN34TX
    Quote from elleon
    I'm not from that area....could you give me more information on that? i'm planning to get my ADN in Houston...is there a shortage there too?
    The front page of the Houston Chronicle this past sunday Feb. 20th healthcare jobs section was the headline: "Critical Care Nurses Needed."
    If you could get a copy of it and looked through the want ads I think you'd be quite impressed. Ads for every type of nursing you'd want to do, a lot of them offer internships for new grads or experienced wishing to change specialties. You might be able to see it online, I think it's houstonchronicle.com
  3. by   peeps79
    Providence RI. Small State with BIG Shortage. Opportunity to work mucho overtime.
  4. by   KRVRN
    Oh yes, there's a shortage in So Cal. I'm sure some of it is the high population density around here. I also believe part of the problem (well, it's not a problem actually) is the mandatory staffing ratios that we have now. You need more nurses to cover the ratios. Sure we make do sometimes by violating the ratios, but the question wasn't "are y'all making do?" it was "where are the shortages?"
  5. by   SwtiePie14
    Quote from ast9378
    Minnesota, they are everywhere
    No shortage in Duluth, MN took 3 months to get a job!
  6. by   Accolay
    Where can one find hard statistics to back a nursing shortage up? Where are the people saying there is a nursing shortage getting their numbers from?
  7. by   Butterfly03
    Is there a shortage in the Carolinas??
  8. by   KPOP
    Quote from jenago
    I am hearing that there are shortages in some areas while some are cutting back jobs.

    Can anyone tell me for sure where thet know there are nursing shortages in the U.S or Canada.

  9. by   NancyJo
    Central Illinois. While administration has printed on several occasions that we aren't affected by the nursing shortage in the local newspaper, those of us working the floor know differently. I happen to work for a nurse manager who has been hiring like crazy,however the other managers in our facility aren't. So we don't see the benefits of increased staff as we are floated all over to make up staffing on other units. We have had several new hires and my workload has actually increased. I have heard from other nurses in our area that they too are short staffed.
  10. by   fallonrn
    Texas pays crap especially in Houston. They want to pay travelers less than $30/hr which is an insult!!! The traffic and at will killings in the Houston area make it definitely not worth it. As far as Minnesota not having much of a shortage I see very good pay rates in Minnesota as compared to what I was making in South Dakota and I believe that is why they do not have a shortage. I have yet to be able to find a traveling position in Minnesota.
  11. by   Duveed
    I have a question for ya'all. I'm just out of Highschool getting ready to go into college for a BSN in Nursing... I've always wanted to do something in the Medical Field, and was lured to nursing by the fact that there are so many "nursing shortages" or so I've heard. Should I continue with my route and become an RN or do something else? Admin told me the shortages will only get worse as time goes by... but I'm beginning to wonder. It's hard enough to find a good job without a college degree... spending all that time to get and one and not being able to find work would be a HUGE slap in the face....

  12. by   kenni
    check out any hospital website in houston and you will find pages of open positions for registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, certified nurse assistants, and patient care techs. I overheard some of the graduating seniors talking about difficulty finding placement. I think the shortage is there, as is the need, but the funds may not necessarily be.
  13. by   LoriRN911
    Boston (and surrounding aresa) also have a nursing shortage. We have alot of travlers because we can't hire nurses. The pay is good and hospitals are good as well.