When was the last time higher management gave you a sincere Thank you.

  1. this is the winter season, snow, illness, etc. for the most part nurses do make an effort to make it to their jobs. what gets me is higher management. nurses, that wears heels ,sit at a desk. in a shortage of nurses when there is staff shortage, how many of those heels come off and nursing shoes are put on? director of nursing should be the first in my opinion to do just that. they carry licenses to give out meds. do wound rounds, and yes clean butts. what are your thoughts.? how is your director of nursing do? is he or she keeps their nice shoes on ? a little thank you from them should be coming out of their mouths to us that work our butts off.
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  3. by   Sparrowhawk
    If my DON wore heels I'd be very concerned about him...as we all we all would.
    In all seriousness..he does his duty, runs interference, is the diplomat and has his nurses/aides backs.
    No he doesn't say thank you a lot, but his actions show more then his words.
    A lot of times I think if management would just DO some things....we'd feel a lot more appreciated.
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  4. by   eriksoln
    I consider myself a realist and an honest man so, gotta give credit where it is due:

    The week of Christmas, there was a dinner party for ALL hospital workers. Admin. and management worked in the kitchen to serve the employees dinner. Stayed there till 7am the next morning to make sure night shift got part of it too.

    There was turkey, ham, veggies, mashed or scalloped potatoes, salad, free drinks (as much as you wanted, the bottled 20oz pops even).

    I was having a busy night, was tired as all heck, hadn't had time to pack lunch. Went in, and oh...............its the night of the dinner party. I won a white poinsettia and gave it to my mom. She loved it. I couldn't keep it, my cats would have eaten it and............well.

    Made my night. I rode the wave of youthful enthusiasm it provoked in me for a very long time.
  5. by   GHGoonette
    To give credit where it is due, our NSM has indeed jumped in and helped out in departments where necessary. I have even seen her escorting patients when there was insufficient staff. She would probably prefer to have a couple of teeth drawn without anaesthetic, but she does gird up her loins when necessary

    As for "sincere thanks", I don't think our top management knows the meaning of the term.
  6. by   phattass
    Sadly, I've been nursing for over ten years and have never heard a sincere thank you from management....and only heard two insincere "Thank you's" in all that time.
  7. by   Popwhizbangz
    It seems to me that the higher the management, the less the sincere. Rising in management equals taking care of oneself and pleasing other managers - interactions with line staff are more distraction than anything, except as a likely place to lay blame... thusly serving oneself and other managers
  8. by   Tait
    We received lots of praise (and apparently a "Snow Days of 2011" t-shirt) for working over the dreaded southern snowstorm a few weeks back. Management/big wigs were on the floors filling ice, getting supplies and helping out any way they could while we were all trapped for three days. We got meals and pay for every hour we were at the hospital.

    For a 20+ unit hospital with thousands of employees I would say this was a pretty big thank you!
  9. by   pielęgniarka
    You have to remember that Nurse managers, well, we have to answer to our own bosses too. There is a shortage of managers out there because really, what's attractive about working 60+ hours a week, managing a group of demanding, lawsuit-happy employees and patients and putting up with top management's demands along with keeping up on state and federal rules and regulations? I'm a Director of Nursing and I still wear scrubs and tennis shoes. I do rounds daily and help out away from my desk when I can. I stop in on some of the weekends, evening and nights to make sure things are going OK. We had some employees that got stuck at work during severe weather, I gave them gift certificates and thank you cards for doing double shifts on top of the overtime-- for going above and beyond and showing good teamwork. I got gift bags and distributed them to all the nursing staff during the holidays, just to say thanks for being here. Me, I'm just happy to be working hard and getting a paycheck, which is good because I don't get thank you's for doing my management job.
  10. by   time4meRN
    Mostly coin phrases, don't know about you but I hate them at work or even at MacDonalds. when someone says , " It was a pleasure serving you " etc.... it just makes me think , what ever. If the person complimenting you says something in their own words it means much more to me.
  11. by   TonyaM73
    I got a wonderful "Thank you" from our CEO of the hospital and the DON on Monday, when they were passing out bags of candy bars to each unit.( At 8:30pm at that!) I got lucky with the hospital that I work for. I really needed it that day too. BAD, BAD DAY!
  12. by   Mudder
    My D.O.N. jumps in if she's needed. Don't think she'd have a problem at all wiping a butt or two. She's awesome! And yes, there's even the occasional "thank you"
  13. by   itsmejuli
    When you learn to expect little gratitude and help from management you will never be disappointed.
  14. by   CoffeeRTC
    I get a thank you from the DON and ADM and I do see them pitching in to help and I totally respect it BUT what I'd really like to see a solution to the problem or at least an attempt to fix it. (some of the innappropriate admissions etc)