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Ours last year was a Walmart card for $50. Probably the same this year.... Read More

  1. by   Mulan
    Quote from emmycRN
    I've got a good one. Last year administration put together a large box full of things like beef jerky, canned tuna, crackers, ect. They put it in the break room with a card that said Merry Christmas... use these items for days you can't take a lunch break. :icon_sad:
    You should have packaged it back up and given it right back to them with the same card. :roll
  2. by   Ilove2bRN
    i work for a hospice non profit...last year was a great year we got over 2k for our bonus...this year we had no extra due to a new hospice facility opening....so no bonus this year.....when they have extra they show their appreciation....my other job all employees staff and nurses got $250...and a party........
  3. by   cookie102
    i got a christmas card!!
  4. by   MoosePond
    What's a holiday bonus....In the past 14 years of nusing I have never received one. The most our OR receives is the left over cheese cake that the surgeons bring in from the parties they have @ their private offices. talk about cheap.
  5. by   dfurbee
    You have got to be kidding!!!!!
  6. by   RN4NICU
    My holiday bonus is not having to work the holidays (I'm per diem).
  7. by   julep33
    At my place we get store bought cookies that are frozen to be kept "fresh"
  8. by   worldtraveler
    The Nurses I have worked with(myself included) never received ANY type of Bonus. I always worked for the Federal Govt so no one received a Bonus of any type. That said, I gave myself a Bonus Daily(I made sure of that). That is, almost every evening at Suppertime, we had an Extra Meal Tray or Two so I grabbed one for my supper. And the Extra Desert off the other tray, Thank You. My Bonus LOL I got mine! HO HO HO

    At $3 approx for a meal I figure 500 meals(days worked)=$1500 Bonus LOL
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  9. by   alisunshine9
    Quote from clee1
    None, that I know of.

    However, I don't expect one, either. All I expect from my employer is to be treated fairly, a safe working environment, and the agreed-upon pay and benefits for hours worked.

    Any bonus I get is just that - a bonus - whether it is a holiday turkey or a whopping check.
    You are in the wrong profession! fftopic:
  10. by   Bicycleboy
    When I worked in retail we would get profit sharing and defered profit sharing, it turned out to be between 5-8K, you would usually take home about half of that. After working there for 11 years, I quit to go to nursing school, I had 15k in the deffered account. The nice thing was that we would get the bonus at tax time, so you would get you profit sharing and tax return at the same time.
  11. by   cwernc
    Well, a $10 gift card for our Christmas dinner to a local grocery store and a company coffe cup with a broken handle.
  12. by   Medic15251
    $1000 and a $250 gift certificate from giftcertificates.com:spin:
  13. by   mercyteapot
    Some of these are so pathetic, I think it is probably better not to get one! It reminds me of being a waittress and having people leave miniscule tips. It felt like an insult. OTOH, some of you get great bonuses!
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