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Ours last year was a Walmart card for $50. Probably the same this year.... Read More

  1. by   bhopmanager
    Our hospital has a gain share program (technically not a bonus) but it comes at the holidays. It is based on meeting financial and patient satisfaction goals. Everyone in the org gets the same amount based on FT/PT status. The FT employees received $400 and the PT received $200 gross. We also are served an employee Christmas meal and each receive a ham or a turkey.
  2. by   SharonH, RN
    I received a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble from the Chief of our division. I also received a $25 gift card to Target from the University. The place I was working for the past 4 years gave NOTHING so I guess I should be happy with this. In fact, this is probably the most I have ever received in bonuses, gifts or whatever. No scratch that, there's no probably about it. It IS the most I've ever received.
  3. by   nurseinlimbo
    He he he, funny posts.

    I want one of those jobs where they pay based on service, maybe they could give me $1 for every hour of unpaid OT I worked this year (365).

    But seriously, from my hospital job we get nothing, have to pay $17.50 per person for the priveledge of attending the Christmas party (I didn't), and they have a potluck lunch one day in December.

    My LTC job, staff holds a party that staff fund pays for with a nice meal and entertainment, they also have a secret santa stocking where you buy a gift for your mystery recipient and get one from a secret santa, every friday the month of December. On Christmas there is a big "reveal". They also do a cookie exchange.

    As far as from the LTC management, our administrator goes around with his little box of day planners with the company name on it, for us to keep track of our shifts in, he acts like he's handing you a $100 bonus, one girl shook hers upside down and asked where the money was. I don't use mine, it's too small, one nurse said she peels the label off and gives it as a stocking stuffer to someone else, LOL.

    We are supposed to take turns working Christmas, but have to find our own replacement if we are scheduled, good luck with that! and if we work Christmas we are supposed to get new years eve off. I had to fight for that one this year. We are given Christmas dinner if we work and nights gets the leftovers. I'm working nights this year.
  4. by   Lenap
    No bonuses, ever. Actually, I do recall getting something at my first job out of school : $1 gift certificate to McDonald's..I kept it for show and tell, otherwise no one believes me
  5. by   nurseinlimbo
    Oh, I forgot, Hubby got $100 gift certificate for Costco, $100 for Marks Work Warehouse and a nice dinner out to Tony Romas and tickets to the WHL Teddy Bear Toss Hockey Game. It was a nice night out, but my dad owns the company, Ha Ha!
  6. by   General E. Speaking, RN
    My Dh (non-nursing/private company) got $500 and a nice fleece jacket w/ company logo. Also, his Christmas party was at the beach in a very elegant hotel. The company paid for our rooms there so we could stay the night. They had a nice sit down dinner and served prime rib, salmon and had tons of yummy-looking desserts.

    I work at the hospital and will get time and a half for my Christmas Day shift (7a-7p). No present or bonus (yet?) Not sure if they are feeding us- we always do a potluck ourselves on Med Surg with a Secret Santa gift exchange.
  7. by   Derinda Claflin
    Bonus, what bonus. We only get 8 hours holiday pay (or time and a half) for working the 12 hour shift on the holiday
  8. by   chaoticnme
    I work two hospitals...One gave us a 25 dollar gift card to Winn Dixie and the other gave a 10 dollar one
  9. by   Al Stephens
    for the pat 5 years, I had received a bonus of over 800 each year, but this year, due to the low number of patients, we did not get one, but we know that when the census goes back up, then next year, there will be bonuses again...when I worked in both of the local hospitals, well, at one, we got approx 100, and at the other, we go the chance at at turkey..if we were quick enough....
  10. by   Agnus
    Bonus??!! Would that be the fudge my manager brought in yesterday?

    No celebration no bonus. Oh, they are patting themselves on the back for giving those working on the holiday a "free meal" in the cafateria. Thank you I will pass.

    No gift exchange, nothing. It is like we are not even suposed to pretend it is anything other than business as usual.
  11. by   flea
    (PRN Hospice)
  12. by   Roseyposey
    Well, I think my bosses take the cake this year! I guess in the past, they did give a Christmas bonus...this year, there's been speculation that there will be no bonuses - even though business is up... and of course, no one will confirm or deny the rumor and put it to rest. Well, the best part of all of this is we aren't even getting paid today like we're supposed to (always paid every other Friday)! So, let's analyze this...not only are we maybe or maybe not (probably not) getting any sort of bonus, they aren't paying us the weekend before Christmas!:angryfire
  13. by   joyflnoyz
    hmmm, the multistate company I hired in to was bought out for 1.2 BILLION dollars by the largest retirement services company in the nation (probably the world).
    the residents donate, and "they" split that up among the employees. it is NOT from the company.

    What did the company give to all the hardworking employees- everyone from nursing to dietary to maintainance and everything in between received a 10 dollar gift card to Target.

    And the managers? Probably got the gift card on top of the THOUSANDS of dollar "bonuses" for cutting the budget (read: not enough help, supplies, horrible food<which, by the way, comes from the exact same kitchen that serves WONDERFUL meals to those in independent living apartments paying 3, 4 or5 thousand dollars a month. Private pay LTC residents pay about 3K/month. Think they ought to get the same treatment???>

    Oh, I don't shop Target...can never find anything I like there...

    well, maybe I can use this to buy a HUGE bottle of tylenol for the headaches created at work....
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